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Overload. What are we doing?


Obama goes on an Asian tour, bowing to Emperor Hu.  Why is he in Asia anyway?

Holder announces he will bring 9/11 terrorists to Manhattan  for trial, right on the heels of a massacre at Ft. Hood by an Army Major with terrorists ties.

We have a panel hired by the federal government, the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality – U.S. Preventive Services Task Force announce that mammograms should not be administered until age 50 and recommending against self-examination. (A death panel?)  Because it was so all over the media yesterday, it makes me wonder just what the agenda is here.  Maybe it was just time filler to avoid reporting too much how embarrassing the Asian tour is.

The vicious attacks on Sarah Palin that I observed yesterday on MSNBC, CNN, etcetera.  And what did she do?  She wrote a book.  Almost everybody who draws breath writes a book these days.  And that outrageous cover on Newsweek, stolen I understand from another magazine, sport magazine- up close and clearly meant to demean and sexualize.  Who is Jon Meachem and what kind of person is he really?  MSNBC actually photoshopped a picture, something we wouldn’t even accept from a rag tabloid, Chris Matthews called her “daffy” among other things.  Rick on CNN called her dishonest.  On the Barbara Walters interview, they pulled the camera in for an ultra closeup of her face, which I understand is designed to make someone look suspicious or maybe dishonest.    There are many, many more examples.

Lies by the administration reporting jobs saved in places that don’t even exist.

And to top it off I just heard President Obama say he is sure Sheik Mohammad will be convicted and executed and than everybody will settle down.  A good defense attorney will probably get the case dismissed on that one alone.  I am just hearing that comment again!!  Plus, any confession will probably be thrown out due to the “torture” of waterboarding.  Were they given their Miranda Rights?  A First Appearance?  Assigned a lawyer?  (Ha, Rush is just now asking the same questions that I have! )  Can he get a fair trial at the scene of the crime, so to speak, an act with more publicity than any act in history?  Change of venue?  But where will it go?  Maybe Cuba would be a good place for it?  A jury of their peers?  Who would be their peers in the USA, given they are not even citizens?

Why are we giving Constitutional Rights to war criminals and terrorists who are not citizens of the United States?

These are just some topics for discussion.  They are all in a jumble in my mind right now, so maybe I’ll have more to say a little later.

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