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Malik Hasan should get no sympathy for murdering U. S. soldiers

There is a lot of discussion about what motivated Hasan in his horrific actions  But…..

Let’s just say that Major Malik Hasan was not a devout Muslim.

Let’s just say he didn’t attend mosque with two of the 9/11 terrorists.

Let’s just say he did not make postings trying to justify Muslim suicide bombings or that he did not consider U. S. forces at war with Islam.

Let’s just say that he didn’t shout “Allahu Akbur” before he began shooting.

Let’s just say that he didn’t tell a neighbor that morning that he was going “to do good work for God,” before he left for work, as was reported by the Washington Post.

All these things most certainly add up to a very good case that he is or was an Islamic terrorist, motivated by his religion and hatred, and that he probably should have been discharged from the Army long ago, but maybe they didn’t want to jump to any conclusions due to his minority status, wanting to give him every chance known to man.  Indeed, if there are those who desire to pity him after he massacred his fellow soldiers, why would these same people not have heaped condemnation of anyone who would have wanted to discharge him.  Lord knows, we wouldn’t want to jump to any conclusions.

But we don’t even have to go there.

Because these things we know without a doubt:

That he was a Major in the U. S. Army, having sworn allegiance to the U. S. Constitution and outranking about 90 percent of soldiers.

That he was a psychiatrist with medical training provided by the military, making him more educated than most and certainly not financially destitute.

That he has a desk job, never seeing any combat.

That he walked into a space filled with fellow soldiers who were unarmed and sitting ducks, in a medical facility on a military base on U. S. soil and fired off I think it was 20 rounds from two weapons, one a pistol and another a semi-automatic pistol, killing 13 and wounding 29 (his own personal weapons).

This makes him a coward.  This makes him a traitor.  This makes him a monster.  And in my mind anybody who wants to try to excuse or minimize his actions are also traitors to this country.

We need to find out if this was a terrorist act, but by damn we don’t need to know that for sure to condemn without equivocation the actions of this lowest of low life, and that goes for all the poor lil Dr. Hasan BS I keep hearing from the dishonest and corrupt media.  We don’t have to jump to any conclusions either to know that he slaughtered U. S. troops and for that he is an enemy of the United States of America and I expect the president to say so.

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Pelosi healthcare bill passes ~ One Republican vote

Rep. Anh “Joseph” Cao

Lone Republican votes in favor of the Pelosi healthcare bill (hr3962).

cao, rep la

The bill passed 220-215, with 39 Democrats voting no and one Republican, Rep. Joseph Cao (R-La.), voting in favor of the landmark bill.

Rep. Cao’s number is: (202) 225-6636 in DC & (504) 483-2325 in New Orleans

In 2009 August Cao announced his intention to vote against the healthcare bill if it provided public funding for abortion.

Cao was one of only seven Republicans to vote in favor of the resolution of disapproval toward South Carolina representative Joe Wilson for his outburst against president Obama.

And when all is said and done, the bill needed 218 votes to pass so it passed by a measly 2 votes, one of which was this republican.  There is a new CNN poll that indicates that only 26 percent of Americans were in favor of the bill in its present form.  Good news – 2010 is just around the corner.

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