Photos from Washington, D. C. Healthcare Rally

Some pictures are beginning to show up on the web from the Kill the Bill Rally on the Capitol grounds today.

dc rally in nov2

dc rally in nov

dc rally in nov.

dc rally in nov3

This could be one of those signs Andrea Mitchell was so sour about. 🙂

Posted:  11.05.o9


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17 responses to “Photos from Washington, D. C. Healthcare Rally

  1. Mel

    Great turnout for something planned in a couple of days, during the work week and with no media coverage except Hannity.


  2. Mel

    I have to tune into O’Reilly to hear how he spins it…probably say it was hundreds vs. the tens of thousands.


  3. bellalu0

    He’s dead. No, he’s alive.

    What in the world is going on? Why would they say he is dead when he’s not?

    It is disgusting they want to say he was so stressed out and has post traumatic stress disorder. Give. Me. A. Break. He has never been in combat. He’s a Major for God’s sake and a psychiatrist. The worst thing ever happened to him is listening to those who have been in comat and who really do have PTSD.

    He’s a coward and a traitor. Slime.


  4. bellalu0

    hmmm, this is going to be worse than the grassy knoll.

    ..shooter was dead then alive
    ..shooter’s shooter was dead then alive
    ..there were 12 dead when they were dead, there are still 12 dead
    ..shooter’s cousin says he was not a convert but has been muslim all his life
    ..his parents are American, but both are deceased
    ..shooter’s neighbor says he lived with his “brother” and wrote allah in arabic on his door.
    ..was an officer and a doctor (medical education in the Army paid for by the American taxpayers)
    ..a single shooter but then maybe not, too many down
    ..and did I say coward and traitor?


  5. Mel

    Obama’s Frightening Insensitivity Following Shooting

    A bad week for Democrats compounded by an awful moment for Barack Obama.


  6. bellalu0

    That was exactly my reaction to our leader. They have edited his little speech and cut out the part where he was giving a shout out to somebody and jibbering about something else.

    Here’s the full thing:

    And if I hear one more word about this coward’s effing ptsd I am going to be sick. We should be worried about the ptsd of the survivors of being shot down by an army major.

    Well, now he’s speaking again. I just can’t even talk about this.

    He should just SHUT UP.


  7. Mel

    I hear MSNBC is making excuses for the bastard already – you know, we drove him to slaughter 13…shouldn’t rush to judgment.

    I really am worried how he’d handle another attack on the US.

    Good news today is the rumor is Pelosi doesn’t have the votes tomorrow…but the day is still young for her to work her black magic.


  8. Mel

    Unemployment 10.2% (real numbers close to 20%)!! Did Obama promise unemployment would remain under 8% if the Stimulus was passed? You know what’s going to happen now…holidays are coming and most of us will spend even if we shouldn’t for our loved ones and there will be temporary holiday jobs so they’ll say the economy is on the upswing in Jan and by late Jan, unemployment will be 12% (over 20%).

    $1.3 trillion for Obama’s healthcare that will kill even more jobs…what is wrong w/ these people?


  9. bellalu0

    shooting in Orlando. 8 shot, injured.

    Gateway Center.


  10. We are really in deep sh1t when the media is making excuses for a Murderer because of his religion NOT being christian. They are excusing murderous behavior as in he thought it was Justifiable Murder? These same P.O.S. liberal commentators condemned the Killer of Dr Tiller for the same defense. What did the media state about Dr Tiller’s murderer? NO EXCUSES for his behavior and actions, he is a domestic terrorist. What does that make Hasan than?



    Thank You Kimberly, and God Bless you, I pray for your full recovery. I am taking some consolation that it was a WOMAN that took this P.O.S. down.


  12. Mel

    Now, now…Obama says don’t jump to conclusions …


  13. Mel

    Bad-A$$ woman cop! We women aren’t surprised, are we? I don’t understand why they didn’t have MPs on site, only civilian police.
    Munley, who had been trained in active-response tactics, rushed into the building and confronted the shooter as he was turning a corner, Cone said. …


  14. Bella

    That was just too funny, I don’t care what nobody sayz that thar’s funny.

    Somebody who knew we all needed a good laugh bless them whoever it was.



  15. bellalu0

    Ree, that’s what I thought, too. I hope Imus picks up on that. lol.


  16. Bernadette Walton

    Glad to see my sign…..12 months from FUNDAMENTALLY changing Congress was noticed. Thanks whoever took it. B


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