Rep. Michele Bachmann is calling all Americans to join her on the steps of the Capital Building in Washington DC on Thursday November 5th

Rep Michele Bachmann, R-MN has just announced a “storm the capitol” next Thursday, November 5th at 12:00 Noon.

This appears to be in conjunction with Vets for Freedom on the same day.

Any and everyone that can make it to the US Capitol, Washington, DC to meet Rep Bachmann on the Capitol steps at 12:00 noon is desperately needed.

Watch Rep Bachman on Hannity Friday night:

Pass this on.  Any and everyone who can make it , GO TO WASHINGTON  DC.  On November 5th, 2009.

They don’t think they have to listen, they are still not listening, but just go along their merry way with lies and deceptions.  That in itself is enough reason to storm the halls of Congress.  They have not been honest about this bill.  Some in Congress should be in jail right along with Bernie Madoff.  They are no less criminals, they just use tax money, which actually makes them lower than Bernie Madoff.


See what Ms. Pelosi has to say about it.  Not much.  She just says, “Are you serious?” when asked about the constitutionality.

Posted:  10.31.09


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  2. Mel

    Obama’s White House now an outhouse!
    (MSNBC) Obama names 110 White House visitors: Includes Ayers, Soros, Wright, Gingrich, Sharpton, Malik Shabazz of the Black Panther Party, et al. – All the president’s men? From the people’s house to outhouse in one election …


  3. Mel

    I hope millions turn out on Thursday…not that the media will cover the story.


  4. Bella

    Finally scozzafava drops out it’s really past time for her to throw in the towel.

    It reminds me of that Justin Timberlake song “the damage is done so I guess I’ll be going..Cry Me A River GRIN.

    Think of the head start Hoffman could have had?


  5. Ms. M

    right on Ree, a very late withdrawal with NO ENDORSEMENT, but the action does tell which way the wind is blowing! Going to saddle up & head to Denver on teusday for a TEA PARTY, & then I think will head south to Lubbock for another cup……….this is HISTORY re-visited & I’m going to get me a mit full of pink slips LOL


  6. bellalu0

    I turned on the tv and just heard some woman say that one thing the democrat party does not tolerate is hypocrites. HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Not any liars either.


  7. bellalu0

    Wouldn’t it be great if as many or more show up in DC on Thursday as did on 9/12? Can you imagine the irritation that would be. lol.


  8. MsM

    Dede stated the only reason she pulled out was because of MONEY they outspent her. If she could have leveraged her run, she would have and split the vote. There is a difference between selfless public servants and self serving politicians. They don’t get we can tell the difference?


  9. Bella

    I watched the Rush clip on newsbusters. Where is the third branch of our Government the Judicial -Supreme Court? Where are all the Constitutional Lawyers? Where are all the Tenthers?

    Time to get loud.


  10. bellalu0

    Trick or Treat at the White House. Obama is dressed as the president.


  11. bellalu0

    Huh? They just said the Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, et cetera on the WH visitor list are not THE real ones.

    How many are there?

    This sh!t ain’t right.


  12. bellalu0 – sneak preview Chris Wallace interviews Rush Limbaugh


  13. Ms. M

    Ree, no they don’t get it………….imHO that’s exactly the definition of self-serving, & throw in a good self-entitled too………what gets me in a lather is the voters that don’t get the difference….but the winds of CHANGE they are a blowing! LOL!

    Bella, good one, masquerading as the president LOL! would that be of the free world? hehehe or a global consortium? hehehe…

    Copenhagen anyone?


  14. bellalu0

    “Skuzzybaba” endorses the democrat. Wow.


  15. Ms. M

    dede endorses dem……………guess the RNC did get it wrong………& concerned citizens got it correct………….


  16. Ms. M

    you know dede’s endorsement is absolute confirmation for me that Denver teusday tparty & lubbuck on thursday is exactly where I should be………….this confirms much of what a lot of what many of us have been saying for a long time…………what a (doublecrossing) douche LOL LOL LOL the sad part is just how many more are just like her…………tea anyone? I can’t wait to be a part of this! NO MORE TAXATION WITHOUT SOME ACCOUNTIBLE TRANSPARENT REPRESENTATION


  17. Mel

    I doubt the turnout Thursday will be as big since it’s on a weekday and many are working to pay for all the Dem entitlement programs.

    I’m nervous about tomorrow – really want to win VA, NY & NJ…at least 2 of 3 or the media will gloat and carry on.


  18. Mel

    Rush made some great points on Fox yesterday:

    “I think he’s got an out-of-this-world ego. He’s very narcissistic. And he’s able to focus all attention on him all the time. That description is simply a way to cut through the noise and say he’s immature, inexperienced, in over his head,” Limbaugh said.


  19. Selling the Drama, Who’s Competing For Your Attention?

    I added a link to Rob’s Blog he put up everyone’s top 5 favorite books.

    I can come up with 2 so far 🙂


  20. Ms. M

    you know I am really wondering if the majority of Americans like to be catered too?…….I mean (& here I go again!) we have an alledged 2 pty system, of which both have so compromised their political beliefs & platforms, for quite some time, imHO, there really isn’t a dimes worth of difference between them……..both are so power hungery, in which they use our funds to empower themselves into life long careers & enslave US to their system & that they troll for special interest groups, promising entitlements NEVER envisioned by the founding fathers. & for at least the last 20 years nobody much has questioned any of it………..I am really heartened that people are starting to wake up & question the system. I am excited about tomorrow & thrusday! I joining the rank & file of real everyday citizens who have had enough of the melding of red & blue into purple & Americas’ ruling class version of ROYALTY……….self-interests, self-entitlement not endearing qualities for PUBLIC SERVANTS!

    Here is a real good one I read today on American Thinker……..DIABLO, democrats in label only! really good site with well written articles……..check it out all!


  21. MsM

    We have had either a Bush or a Clinton running the white house now for a very long time they are like ruling families. Barack Obama filled his White House with Clinton people so they are an extension of the same old same old. I thought the whole idea about not electing Hillary Clinton was so we wouldn’t have Dynasty in the White House?

    Although, I think Hillary has more cajones than the present resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    It was Thaddeus McCotter who said, the reason that Barack H Obama was elected was because Hillary wasn’t far enough to left….now there is a world – planet, swinging wide on it’s axis. These folks don’t care how much social shock they cause as long as they can grab the power hold on to it and gorge themselves on tax payer’s money till the cows come home.

    Over in Europe Daniel Hannan says ,the argument for them is Fascism or Socialism…wow what a choice, and that’s what the Progressives think we DESERVE. We have a better chance than the Europeans because the concepts they are trying to adopt for us, go so far against our grain our…for the Europeans not so much, they are used to the ideas. They don’t know anything much better than bondage to the state. Remember we were having revolutions but they weren’t it’s slow steady pace for them. Not like us we are being thrown into it the excuse they give is Crisis. The Sky is Falling. Uh No the Sky still isn’t falling.

    George W Bush was right about the Atlantic Ocean, it doesn’t protect us from foreign assault anymore.

    I had my Sunday Morning ponderings up awhile back, one of the questions that never get answered by the media. “have foreign governments been meddling in our domestic politics mpw and in the recent past…I know the answer but I would like to see some mention of it in the news cycle. In fact I liked to see someone address any of these questions in the news cycle.


  22. Anonymous

    have foreign governments been meddling in our domestic politics now and in the recent past”


  23. Ms. M

    Ree, always like your posts! thoughtful & thought provoking…… a word about foreign govn’t s YES, I believe so….you know how I feel about NAFTA/GATT………same applies to transcontinental highways, Ameros, paying thru the butt to UN, sending billions to cover their crisises, back door arms deals, drug wars, saturated borders, trade deficits, tariffs, recognizing dictators as statesmen, oh jeez just to mention a few…………..hehehe

    you going to be doing any teabagging? I’m as giddy as my very first STRIKE! hehehe


  24. bellalu0

    “Land of the greed and Home of the slave”

    From Obama’s favorite “pastor” (from his 10,000 square foot mansion on a golf course in an exclusive “white” neighborhood in Chicago.)

    Ain’t it a shame.

    Reminds me of Valerie Jarrett declaring they will speak “truth to power.” It’s a joke, right? THEY ARE THE POWER.

    Is it a mental illness or what?


  25. bellalu0

    I think Imus looks like he has a life jacket on. lol.

    I am feeling a strong force pulling me to D. C. We’ve checked out flights and Amtrak – all over our budget. I wonder if Biden could get us a ticket? lol.


  26. Mel

    Bella, you must go! I heard Michelle B on Hannity’s radio show last night and she made a powerful argument that this is our last chance. I’ll see if I can find it on Utube.

    I was swtiching between Imus and F&F and heard the guy from Wall Street Journal talking about all the absentee ballots that have suddenly been turned in NJ towns where Obama was last week – said they’ve tripled and there’s no real way to find out if they’re even real. The Dems will cheat to win, we know that.


  27. Mel

    Obama sat in Wright’s church for 20 years, 20 years and called him his mentor, father figure and we’re not supposed to care that he says things like

    “You dispel all the negative images we have been programmed to conjure up with just the mention of that word socialism or Marxism.” and describes America as the “Land of the greed and home of the slave.”

    Obama governing (dictating) from the far left is no surprise to those of us who knew Wright was his mentor, Ayers a buddy, Rezko a close friend…guess the left isn’t judged by the company they keep.


  28. Even in New Jersey there are checks and balances. And Chris Christie is a crime fighter, he has an excellent record for the last 7 years so if they try, and pull any ballot box stuffing, Guess who would know better than anyone where to look, the protocol to take, and who to contact to challenge any voter fraud. I Imagine Christie has contacts in and outside of D.C.

    Corzine already has the smell of political graft on him…it wouldn’t take much to push him over the line in the public’s eyes. If anything is going on like this it’s just a sign of DESPERATION.

    MsM, I can’t go to Washington D.C. but if they hold anything local here – I will go. I will take my child, I am teaching her civics 🙂 Since you know it’s not so important to teach civics in school anymore- See TARP 1 and 2 and Porkulus ect… she will have to learn civics in the streets LOL!


  29. Mel

    Civics, they don’t teach anything! My husband and I do as much teaching as the Middle School here. We were talking about something recently and realized our son hasn’t been taught any Geography! They aren’t made to learn our states and capitals. Last night I was asking him about prepositions and he wasn’t sure. The kids are being dumbed down…of course, he has to take Health and be shown videos of drunk drivers and about global warming at 12 years old.


  30. Mel

    I really hope Christine can pull off the win in NJ, be so huge…no pun intended.

    I wish I could get to DC too but there’s no way. Bella, if you go, take lots of pictures!


  31. Ms. M

    well America is land of the greed (ruling class & their cronies) & home of the slave. (TAXPAYERS)…….& the govn’t (ruling class) is what got US there! what I really HOPE this teaparty movement brings out are qualified everyday Joes to run for ofc at every level & do it for all the right reasons…….because they LOVE their country, believe in PUBLIC SERVICE to enrich it, not themselves or their monied contributors………..I have maintained for the longest time if you want to make any difference at all, ya got start in your own communities & work UP…………..from dog catcher, school board, city councils, cty boards, sheriff, state legislation…..cause what I have experienced in any level of service I have had the great honor to have helped campaign for qualified candidates is this ONE simple rule: SH*T FLOWS DOWNHILL……..


  32. Mel,

    I really am lucky we are in Texas because although they are calling Halloween, Christmas and Easter parties, the following Fall, Winter, and Spring parties. The basics are still being taught but so far no Civics. Geography has been really prominent here since about 4th grade, they hold geography bees just like spelling bees. But I think the reason is because Texas is like a hold out against the Progressive Agenda.

    There is this populist wave coming out of Texas, and I don’t know that the rest of the country knows just how strong it is down here. People are pissed off. La Raza is big down here but I think the border fence is starting to effect their popularity- strength -influence. A lot of illegals down here started going to the Mexican Consulate (Dallas) to get visas for their American born Children so they all could return to Mexico because there is no work. Construction Work is in the toilet across the country and in Texas. So if they can find the Mexican Consulate here in the U.S.A. to make sure they follow Mexico’s laws, why can’t they do the same on the other side of the border before they come into our country? Does anyone see the hypocrisy in this “Oh these poor people they are too poor, and illiterate to play by the rules” but when they need to get into Mexico, that enforces “its” immigration rules they actually comply. Huh imagine that.


  33. Ms. M

    Ree, I am thinking of migrating there myself LOL…………no joke, 1000 a day going to the LONE STAR STATE…….be in Lubbock on thrusday for Tea! yes I get reports from brother that in Texas they are “fired up & ready to go” LOL! I’ll be yapping at you ho’s later! got to dress in layers for tonights Denver tea party


  34. Mel

    Ms. M – good for you, getting out there! I feel like I need to do more than beyatch & moan on the computer.

    I hear great things about Texas, only been through the Dallas airport. My uncle’s wife (sounds weird as she’s only 45, close to my age) is at the Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and I’m trying to find a way to get out and see her as she’s all alone. She enjoys visitors on weekends who will take her to San Antonio and/or Austin.


  35. Mel

    Can’t say we didn’t warn them but they were drunk on the koolaid

    In Iowa, second thoughts on Obama
    (New York Times) “All my Republican friends — and independents — are sitting back saying, ‘Oh, what did we do? I’m not to that point yet, but a lot of people are” …


  36. Mel

    Love to see Sarah Palin in DC on Thursday….



    Mel they bought up the odd occurrence of absentee ballots showing up in heavily populated African American Districts today, on Your World Today With Neil Cavuto I really think if they try something illegal right now in this political atmosphere. It’s going to get ugly.


  38. bellalu0

    attorney general, governor, lt. governor – republican sweep in Virginia. From CNN governor 63 percent I believe they said. landslide/sweep?

    And Obama is not watching the returns, he is not at all interested. ha. (He’s just gotta’ have another cigarette.)


  39. bellalu0

    50/44 – Christie wins – projected by FOX.

    Blitzer is “going to continue to count these votes before we project a winner.” (I think CNN is heartbroken.) Maybe he’s waiting on those absentees??

    Ha. Looks like a lot of the astroturf was able to find their way to the polls.


  40. bellalu0

    Oops. CNN projects Christie now.

    Corzine spent millions of dollars and Obama made I think 5 visits for him. Boo Hoo.

    Well, Christie said he was going to be a big, fat winner.


  41. Mel

    I watched Imus on Cavuto last night…good coverage. Awesome night even though the Repubs botched up NY by giving the turncoat $1 million to destroy the conservative accountant and he only lost by 3 pts.


  42. Ms. M

    Mel, & botch it they did…….NOW is Steele listening?

    For anybody who can make it to a TeaParty Express event DO IT!!!! a great exercise in CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY & a very entertaining program! These persons hosting this venue imHO are the REAL DEAL! The one lady organizer will NOT be in Lubbock on thrusday because she is going to Washington to deliver about 10 lbs of hand written letters to our Colorado Reps & garbage bags of hand shredded Healthcare bill………I imagine they are doing this exercise in the Peoples’ Expression on every stop! The Denver crowd was over 2 thousand….about 20 to 25 organized pro healthcare with the Obama website signs showed up but didn’t stay long…at first they kept their distance shouting “what do we want? Healthcare. when do we want it? Now” & they seemed to be enjoying the show & were quiet at the beginning but when the military mom was addressing the crowd they moved in & started shouting…the crowd basically turned away from the speaker & started chanting USA….many older men got right in their faces (younger males & females) & one older gentleman went right up to them telling them to back off, he didn’t like what they were doing & he was backed up let me tell you…very shortly after that they left & some of the songs & stories were very inspiring…..the singers are excellent & the wife of the husband & wife duo is a rip! The tribute to the military is esp inspiring but saved for the very last where crowd had thinned down considerably because it got very cold (as it does here in the Rockies) very fast…….the little guy who got assaulted by the SEIU for selling his “don’t tread on me” flags was great to listen to too….everyday stories by everyday folks………gives me HOPE! can’t wait for Lubbock!


  43. bellalu0

    MsM, that is so exciting to hear. It’s a very real movement and Washington better listen up. I’d like to hear the discussions this morning about the elections yesterday. They tried to wish the tea parties and town halls away and insult Americans to get them to shut up, but it’s been a long time since that American spirit has come alive and I don’t think we are ready to shut up just yet. And as far as I’m concerned it’s the same spirit and strength that has made this country great and we have taken too much for granted. Taking it to the streets and, more importantly, to the ballot box.

    We found a charter bus going to Washington tomorrow but we didn’t make the cut. All sold out. They are trying to get a second one filled but something else has come up anyway to keep us from going. But at least one bus load will be on the way – leaving about 7:00 p.m. tonight. Talk about fired up and ready to go!!


  44. Mel

    he Top Ten Republican Moderate Moments.

    Number ten: Newt Gingrich does a PSA on global warming with Nancy Pelosi in 2008. Number nine moderate moment in GOP history: Bush-Quayle ’92. The number eight moderate moment GOP history: Dole-Kemp ’96. The number seven most moderate moment in Republican history: Ford-Dole ’76. Do you see a pattern here? Top ten moderate moments in Republican history number six: Jumpin’ Jim Jeffords jumps from the Republican Party. Top ten moderate moments in Republican history number five: Arlen Specter switches parties. Top ten moderate moments in Republican history. Number four: Richard Nixon resigns in disgrace. Top ten moderate moments Republican history number three: Dede Scozzafava endorses the Democrat, Owens, in New York-23. Top ten moderate moments in Republican history number two: The McCain campaign of 2008.

    And — dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut! — The number one top ten moderate moment in Republican history: Colin Powell endorsing Barack Obama, the Democrat, for president in 2008! If you want to talk about moderates and you want to look at great moderate moments in Republican history — and I’m sure you can add to this list, and we can come up with a thousand of these. But these are the top ten. And every one of them got us where? Every one of them took us where? Backwards! Every damned one of them. These are the people and these are the things that should define the Republican Party. You know, I hear David Plouffe and yesterday was Axelrod wringing their hands over losing moderates and independents and the Republican Party, it’s just horrible! Oh, they’re losing them.

    And, you know, I then remember them saying that Colin Powell, General Powell, the ideal future Republican. And people like David Brooks said the same thing. The ideal! If the Republican Party loses people like Colin Powell, it’s over. And so General Powell, in a strategic moment of timing, endorses the Democrat candidate. After we’re told that he is the epitome, he is the prototype Republican, and the endorsed the Democrat. And I’m sitting there saying, “Why do people in our party allow themselves to be defined, manipulated, flaked, formed, shaped, whatever, by these Democrats?” ‘Cause they appease them. They want to be liked. They want to be accepted where they live, in Washington, DC, and in New York.

    By definition, folks, moderates cannot be governed by principle. They can’t be. Moderates don’t have principles. If they had principles, they’d be one thing or the other. Moderates like to think, “Well, you know, we’re smarter than the average person. We’re a cut above. We examine things issue by issue. We’re not narrow-minded. We’re not narrowly locked into a single narrow set of agenda items. No, no, no, no! We are far more sophisticated and nuanced (sniff) than the ideologues in our party. We see the right way on abortion, these social, cultural issues. Yes, yes, yes.” And they’re just a bunch of arrogant, conceited — and at the same time ignorant — people.


  45. Ms. M

    oh & did I mention I got to hug Lloyd Marcus getting off the bus?! Joe the plumber was a featured speaker too……..I am flying pretty high let me tell you!


  46. Ms. M

    History is being made people & I am going to be part of it! we are defining who we are & what we want in the name of representation! Gotta love US INDEPENDENTS!


  47. bellalu0

    Mel, that sounds like a Limbaugh rant. lol.


  48. Mel

    Yes, it was, wasn’t his name at the top?

    I am so po’d at Tom Davis, Chairman of something Republican telling Laura Ingraham this morning that the tea partiers are ‘unsophisticated’ and ‘don’t understand politics.’

    Ms. M.. according to the Repub Leaders, you are unsophisticated ant stupid!

    I hear Keith Olbermann was supposed to be on TV live last night but ‘came down w/ something’ right as the results were coming in!


  49. Ms. M

    obermutt probably was sick LOL! yeap ignorant & stupid You got it Mike! LOL imHO what is happening is pretty much what I’ve been saying for the last 20 yrs LOL “STUPID IS FOREVAAAAAR!” LOL MY A$$


  50. bellalu0

    The republican party is about as dead as John McCain’s candidacy was. They want to be so concerned about their “big tent” and yet they want to alienate all the tea party people? They are just all alike. And the dems want all republicans to be “moderate” which only means they will vote with the dems when they need them and play the little games. Somebody, I forgot who it was, explained how that works. The democrats who live in areas where an issue won’t go over very well vote “no” and republicans come in and vote “yes” to give them the votes they need and to give them cover back home.


  51. Ms. M

    OH & imHO if I and the the rest of US INDEPENDENTS are stupid Mike & cartel are in DENIAL……………. LOL & by the way

    what do we want?
    fiscal conservancy &
    less government

    when do we want it?


  52. Ms. M

    oh & Mike I sure am not stupid enough to send the RNC one thin dime brother! LOL


  53. Mel

    Bella, that’s exciting that a bus is going tonight because that means there are buses leaving from all over the country!

    Ms. M – someone called in to Laura’s show saying how great the Denver Tea Party was and the crowd was far from unsophisticated and did understand politics or our Constitution. I wonder if Mike, Newt and the Tom Davis’ think Tea Partiers are racists…just like O’Reilly intimated in September. The Repub Leaders are just what Rush called them above..moderates w/ no real values.


  54. bellalu0

    Oh, that reminds me, I heard Bill O’Rielly making some statements something about wanting opinion commentators OFF the air. I am not sure who he was talking about, but I think he meant on FOX. He is trying real hard to get up Obama’s butt, he is so afraid they will call him out on something. As if he does not give opinions. I was getting so mad, I had to turn the channel on him so I didn’t hear it all. He’s really getting on my bad side when he starts talking about taking people off the air for opinions, especially since the “WAR” started from the WH because he’s just tring to gain favor.

    I’m surprised they haven’t been able to get racism into the losses in Va and NJ. Give them time I guess, they will figure out some way to do it.


  55. Ms. M

    the Denver tea party was GREAT! it was held in an open amphitheater with greecian columns great staging for an exercise in freedom of expression! the performers hit the stage running! the excitement of the minority being USA’d away! The simply profound words of everyday people…no sound bites of paid political consultants…..the great thoughtful songs of modern day renegades who actually sang to MUSIC! It was WONDERFUL in every way! & I am here to tell you this movement is growing & getting stronger stop by stop! I’ll fill you in about Lubbock & who knows I may make more stops myself in Texas…….going for the weekend………going to get my car tidied up & loaded with some antique bridge floor lamps for my brother that were his grandmothers & some other goodies…………….


  56. bellalu0

    Mel, that’s what I was thinking, if one is leaving here, no room left on it, there should be the same thing happening all around. I was reading some comments on a site and they were making arrangements to car pool, with comments like I’ve got room for three, meet me at a certain place if you want to ride along.


  57. bellalu0

    Oh, MsM, I am so excited to hear of all that enthusiasm. So great!!


  58. Ms. M

    Bella, people are pi$$ed & tired of being USed like ATM machines…….& they are esp tired of being LIED TOO by pretty much ALL OF THEM! what does brother me & my little friend, the computer wizzard who went with me is the lack of RON PAUL discussions…………how in blazes could you get anymore CONSERVATIVE than Ron Paul? & I’m telling you if the RNC had picked him instead of Mclame we wouldn’t be having this dialogue today AT ALL! We would be seeing a better economy, an end to war, auditing the fed, probably revisiting NAFTA/GATT….we sure as hell wouldn’t be apologizing & thinking about signing treaty’s with the UN or thinking about crap & trap………Oh no honey….the R’s got one more chance I think to get it right but my fear is if the just capitalize on the citizens discontent to seize back power & do the same thing they are toast……….& I think MIKE knows it, he just wants US to believe being either generic A or B is ok………well its NOT!


  59. Mel

    How many were at the Denver Tea Party? I finally saw my brother-in-law who went to DC on 9/12 in person last weekend and heard how HUGE it really was – people literally filled DC. I still cannot believe the media got away w/ ignoring it, starting w/ putz O’Reilly.

    O’Reilly was rude to John Stossel (spe?) last night – reminds me that I need to email my disgust. He thinks he’s so so perfect and whatever he says is the truth or how it should be, that everyone in America should agree. I turned to Fox Biz who did a good job last night, up until Imus came on w/ Cavuto.


  60. Ms. M

    Mel, I would estimate over 2 thousand, perhaps 2500 & this event was held in DOWNTOWN at 5pm where downtown 4 to 6 pm traffic is a NIGHTMARE! the lady founder (dark hair, has been on tv several times now) stated the official 9/12 number of participants in Washington was 1.7 MILLION ……….(VOTERS……….)

    Oreilly is a gasbag & full of himself imHO…his covering of the 9/12 event was 70 thousand & he adamantly stuck to that figure & downplayed those people as we don’t know who they are, what they stand for etc……..while he might not have been loyal to them or their cause I think many of them are/were viewers of his……I still go with Dobbs & Beck….what happened with Cavuto & Imus? Stossel is Libertarian baby thru & thru……Billy strikes me as a “moderate”….yeap moderates would have won the revolutionary war dontcha think LOL



    This is a good question above.

    Imus still has the juice. I am not surprised it’s why they targeted him in the first place back in April of 2007. If his health holds out we will see a couple more fall besides Corzine. Just Sayin Karmas a Bitch and so am I 😉


  62. bellalu0

    Did anyone catch this morning when Imus made reference to someone in broadcasting to take a fall or something like that?

    I missed Imus and Cavuto yesterday….


  63. bellalu0

    O.M.G. I heard that Obama was watching a documentary on himself last night. I didn’t believe it. But he even invited people over. How much longer can these people live a lie?

    “”More than 1,200 Obama for America staff and guests reunited last night to watch “By the People,” the new HBO documentary on the campaign. “More than watching CNN,” one of the hosts said.””


  64. bellalu0

    oops – maybe Obama wasn’t watching the HBO special about himself after all. I don’t know. Some anonymous person said that’s not what Gibbs said — that Fox got it wrong. But what more can you expect from network that does not have any “real” news anyway. Who knows. But he WAS NOT watching the election returns – he just was not that into it. That much we know. (Lots of cigarette butts to clean out of the rose garden this morning, imo) I should know about cigarette butts, they really can pile up. lol.


  65. Bella,

    They love that echo chamber huh 🙂

    Yes I heard Imus this morning…wait till we get carried by some more cable companies I am pretty sure he means Cablevision.


  66. bellalu0

    Haha, he said he wanted the whole procedure outlined on a blackboard. lol.

    Said I had to go to rehab, I said no, no, no…..
    Just kidding, just kidding.


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