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I want my country back! Tea Party Express II

Rick Sanchez  of CNN had a segment, in August I believe it was, referring to a Town Hall protester who said, “I want my country back.”  Then Ricky asks in ominous tones:  What does that mean?  I want my country back?

What hideous, black heart could be behind a statement like that? Well, Roland Martin explains it.  CNN’s Martin: the “I want my country back” comment means “How is this black guy all of the sudden running the country?”

Now, bear in mind, this was in AUGUST of 2009.  If these paid mouths had any insight or any knowledge of what they were saying, if they did not have a preconceived “perspective” they wanted to promote,  they wold know this comment comes from this little satirical song – copyright 2007.  Take a listen.

At the time, I don’t believe anyone even in their wildest imagination thought that Barack Obama would be elected.  Be honest!

Or it could eeeven harkened  back to some wanting to take the country back–from Bush!

But now suddenly CNN and Mr. Roland says it has some racial connotation against our president.   They are dishonest and corrupt.  And unashamed.

Tea Party Express II

From October 25th to November 11th, 2009, California to Florida.  Tell Congress and the White House: “Enough!”

I just saw a very short flash to a CNN reporter they apparently have covering this tea party express tour.  Very short, indeed.  What kind of perspective will be presented of the tour and those who are a part of it or wish they were?  Guess.

I wonder if the full force and power of the White House will come out with their own perspective?  Axelrod has already declared the movement as “just wrong.”

I also heard a discussion today in which Lanny Davis said that all presidents have had issues with the press, citing the fact that a couple of them cancelled their subscription to a newspaper or two.  I can cancel a newspaper subscription.  That is quite different than the White House coming out in force, even to the point of the president joining in, and declaring a network to be irrelevant and trying to dictact to the other networks whether or not they consider them to be a “real” news network.

This is unprecedented in degree – unprecedented.   If anyone wondered if the charge of socialist lodged against Obama during the campaign was over the top, there should be no doubt at this time.  I think the argument now has moved to something like, “well, is there anything all that wrong with being socialist?”  🙂

I say, “Damn right there is.”

Here’s the CNN clip I was referring to.

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Revealed: Victoria’s Secret $3 million fantasy bra

The 2009 Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra has been revealed –  a $3 million diamond-studded bra created by Damiani.

The 2009 Harlequin Fantasy bra is hand set with over 2,350 white, champagne and cognac-colored diamonds in a harlequin pattern. The bra also has a heart-shaped 16-carat champagne diamond dangling from the front.

Obviously to be worn with no clothes on to obstruct the view.  🙂

The bra will be on display during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on December 1 on CBS.

H/T Luxist

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