White House picks fight with FOX – Lou Dobbs leaving CNN?

But here is the question: Is Lou Dobbs going to FOX? Maybe so.

Buried in Brian Stelter’s story about the battle between Fox News and the Obama Administration is a little nugget: Last month, Lou Dobbs met with Roger Ailes.

Fox Business Network, which recently picked up firebrand Don Imus, is reportedly interested in Dobbs, whose controversial anti-immigration, anti-Administration stance has sat awkwardly with the rest of CNN’s programming of late.

Well, Roger Ailes also met with David Axelrod recently.  If this was to get FOX to back off, looks like it did not work.  That is unless Axelrod is joining FOX or Ailes is headed to the White House.  🙂

This administration is about the most juvenile bunch ever to hold the power of the federal government, making direct attacks from the White House against a news network.  They are worried about the one and only news organization not to kiss Obama’s feet while Americans are dying in Afghanistan.  Shameful.

See Mediaite Story Here.

Related: Anita Dunn’s Profile. (Husband: Robert Bauer Obama campaign attorney/DNC counsel, member of law firm fighting the “birth certificate” issue – $1,337,446.12 in legal fees.)

Posted:  10.12.09


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15 responses to “White House picks fight with FOX – Lou Dobbs leaving CNN?

  1. Bella, Check it out Rupert is thinking about buying NBC….no more tingles up their legs LOL!



  2. bellalu0

    mmm, very interesting.


  3. Mel

    Lou Dobbs is excellent but unfortunately, I miss his show because I’m not home at 5 pm.


  4. bellalu0

    “A new level in pettiness”

    Yep. That’s our president and his lil Anita.

    From the way Neil Cavuto is talking, I think there’s something to Dobbs going to Fox.


  5. Mel

    Felt bad for Foreigner this morning! Poor slugs!
    My husband is loving watching Imus again too but said today that Tony is not funny. Not sure why Rob has to share the stage w/ him every minute.

    Bella, re Lou, he’d be great on at night on Fox Business. Of course, my first choice would be to get rid of Shlep Smith at 7, replace w/ Lou. Lou doesn’t have a phony bone in his body, love him.


  6. Mel

    Joe grew some balls! Good for him. The only thing to like about Mika is her hair…

    Chuck Todd gives me the willies…makes my skin crawl. I bet he has bad breath. Wonder if he ever left his wife for that woman on MTP who left her husband for him? I’ll have to google…


  7. bellalu0

    Why is Chris Matthews on Morning Meeting? Where is “Dillon?”

    Quote for the Day:
    “The most important thing I think, and the reason the book is called I Am Barack Obama, is because I like when children say I am Barack Obama,” Charise Carney-Nunes said. “They understand that there is a little bit of Barack Obama in all of us.”

    mmm, mmm, mmm


  8. Mel

    Bella, you don’t actually watch MSNBC….they do not deserve you


  9. bellalu0

    I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see for myself.


  10. Mel

    Doesn’t look like Chuckles Todd left his wife after all for the Betsy woman at MTP. Guess it wasn’t true love on his part after all.

    Olympia Snowe turn coated as usual. It’s hard to be a proud American right now w/ these cretins in charge who have absolutely no concern for anyone but themselves. My parents’ will be denied healthcare, meds, procedures, etc. to pay for the loser on welfare and illegal aliens.


  11. Mel

    I like Liz Cheney more every time I hear her speak – intelligent, attractive, gutsy, mother.



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