Buy a haunted house for Halloween


It seems that nearly every residence of a certain age in New Orleans comes with reports of ghosts and the Lafitte Guest House is no exception. The Bourbon Street boutique hotel is a three-story guest house with 14 restored guest rooms with private baths. says the house is home to several spirits including the ghost of a little girl who died of yellow fever.

haunted house new orleans

ADDRESS: 1003 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70116 | 504.581.2678


Lafitte’s Guest House can be found on the corner of Bourbon St. and St. Philip St., just half a block up from Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Pub and a few blocks from the bar action on Bourbon Street, in the residential area just north of the heart of the entertainment area of New Orleans.


Lafitte’s Guest House probably got its name for being so close to Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Pub. This restored mansion is described as an 1849, 3 storied French-style  luxury boutique hotel, with an attached wing on the back of the mansion.


A baby of one of the previous owners died here.

In Room 21, a little girl died of yellow fever.

Her mother never recovered emotionally, and died in the room some years later.


Entity of an infant –

Sounds of an infant crying are heard in the mansion.

Entity of a little girl, known as Marie ( 8 -10 years old)

She has appeared in the mirror that is found, outside of room 21.

She has appeared and talked with children who are guests of the hotel.

Unhappy entity of a woman –

Sounds of a woman’s sobbing  inside room 21 are heard by the living.

A feeling of sorrow and despair has been felt in room 21.

This female entity has communicated with a guest who stayed in room 21.

This female entity does enjoy walking around Lafitte’s Guest House, and will turn on and off lights.


It seems to be. There are many strong eye-witness experiences that have been reported for many years. Sometmes walls do talk.

See pictures of interior Here.

See more haunted New Orleans Here.

Posted:  10.08.09


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18 responses to “Buy a haunted house for Halloween

  1. Ms. M

    when did words become more important than deeds? isn’t an award ie Nobel Peace Prize based on accomplishment not catch phrases & wishful thinking? Now some pundits are stating this was based on his being elected….I guess that must leave other black leaders scratching their heads….so can I draw the parallel that conversely if black nations elect white/chinese/latinos they could be in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize?


  2. Mel

    Did you guys see this yet?!


  3. bellalu0

    Imus is getting his groove back.

    Thanks Ree for this link on your site!! I have been looking for this song since since, was it yeaterday they played it?

    My sound was broken but it suddenly just healed itself!! I think it’s a miracle.


  4. Bella,

    I think that song is so funny when Imus played it after Bill Whites interview 🙂 I really like Bill White he has a sense of humor.


  5. That Shit Ain’t Right LOL! I did it with my britches on…


  6. Mel

    Another Republican turns coat;
    to vote for ‘cap & trade’ (he’s a trial liar) AND MY FREAKING SENATOR!

    (Reuters) Prospects for climate-change legislation in Congress improved when a Republican senator broke ranks with his party to outline a compromise with a leading Democrat on the issue …


  7. bellalu0

    Islamic justice:

    MOGADISHU, Somalia – Six masked men used machetes to carry out amputations on three men accused of robbery by a Somali Islamist court, a witness said Saturday.


  8. Mel

    Not sure why Obama doesn’t like Fox, what with O’Reilly, Shlep Smith and Geraldo falling over themselves to praise them!! They all expressed their thrill that he got the stupid award.


  9. Mel

    Bella, our guys can’t defend themselves in Afghanistan because the terrorists hide up in Mosques and no, we can’t go near them! Obama is playing golf and bball and can’t make a decision one way or another re the War when our guys are being slaughtered. This story is heartbreaking, our guys had no chance.

    Weapons failed US troops during Afghan firefight

    WASHINGTON (AP) – In the chaos of an early morning assault on a remote U.S. outpost in eastern Afghanistan, Staff Sgt. Erich Phillips’ M4 carbine quit firing as militant forces surrounded the base. The machine gun he grabbed after tossing the rifle aside didn’t work either.


  10. bellalu0

    The Crybabies are at it again. Looks like Roger Ailes may have told Axelrod to stick it at that little luncheon.


  11. bellalu0

    They have every news outlet and network falling all over themselves to promote the Obama administration, and they are jumping up and down because there’s one that actually brings up another point of view.

    Typical leftists, cannot abide any criticism whatsoever. Remind you of Castro or Chavez or some other socialist third world country?

    These people are dangerous. No other way around it. Have they never heard of free speech or is that they just can stand free speech? If they have their way we will all be singing little songs to the dear leader.


  12. Mel

    The only ones who go after Obama on Fox are Beck and Hannity…Greta brings facts. O’Reilly is busy having news bunnies on doing stupid games! He talked all over Laura Ingraham the other night. Geraldo said on Saturday night that he leap for joy when he heard Obama won the Nobel! He said he was giddy. I turned the channel!


  13. bellalu0

    I was just thinking about that – there’s only two, Beck and Hannity. Try watching MSNBC – there’s Olbermann, there’s Ed Schultz (he’s about the worst), Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, they all are rabidly democrat and anti republican and have been for a long time. It’s kind of immature for an administration to go so ballistic over a couple people on Fox.

    I was just reading the late night shows are giving O a hard time over the peace prize. I guess Ms. Dunn will launch an attack on them, too. Maybe CNN can fact check them.

    Here’s something really funny, worthy of a comedy skit. Too funny. lol.

    And this:


  14. SashaMig

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