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CNN: Chicago is out? Chicago is out?

CNN really believes in the world they have built.  How difficult it is when reality smacks them in the face.

I know, I think it’s time to move on but I had not seen this and it’s just too good to ignore.  That little bubble they are living in just popped and is nothing but a wet spot on the floor.  Now we know just how much they actually believe in the fictional world they have created.  I guess there was no question in their minds…no question at all that Chicago would get this just because Obama had willed it.  I just read that the New York Times has scrubbed the bragging of Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, et al, prior to the vote.  It’s just that embarrassing.

Welcome to the world, a world in which Barack Hussein Obama is not bigger than God.

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Monument to be erected to honor Letterman

Have they begun the construction of the image yet?  They could put it out right next to the Statue of Liberty.  She can hold her torch and he can hold his, uh, …..

He is so cute, making a joke about doing his female employees – not employee, but employees. Forget about workplace sexual harrassment.  All you bosses, you just go for it.  Don’t worry about a thing, certainly not from the National Organization “for” Women.  Being in a position of power, hey, that just makes it easier for you.  But nobody in their right mind would have worried about that anyway, not since a president of the United States got it on with an intern in the Oval Office. Nothing could ever top that one.

Just don’t forget the Number One Rule, in fact the Only Rule:  You have to be a liberal/progressive/democrat.

Thumbs up, Dave.

Oh, and maybe there will be enough room for a memorial to Roman Pelanski, just so everybody will know it’s all right to drug and sodomize a minor and then run from justice.  Might as well release that guy who kidnapped the little 11 year old girl and kept her in the backyard all these years.  Give the man a medal.

UPDATE:  Interesting.  CBS has removed all You Tube clips of the Letterman “explanation” and has not issued an official version.

Copies of the segment were uploaded almost immediately to YouTube by users, but many of them were flagged by CBS for removal, citing copyright claims. The network did not provide an official copy.

“It’s incredibly odd to see CBS sitting on viral gold like that, especially when you consider how they spew out dozens of official clips a day,” said David Burch, a marketing director at TubeMogul, which tracks online viewership of videos.


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