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Rep. Michele Bachmann is calling all Americans to join her on the steps of the Capital Building in Washington DC on Thursday November 5th

Rep Michele Bachmann, R-MN has just announced a “storm the capitol” next Thursday, November 5th at 12:00 Noon.

This appears to be in conjunction with Vets for Freedom on the same day.

Any and everyone that can make it to the US Capitol, Washington, DC to meet Rep Bachmann on the Capitol steps at 12:00 noon is desperately needed.

Watch Rep Bachman on Hannity Friday night:

Pass this on.  Any and everyone who can make it , GO TO WASHINGTON  DC.  On November 5th, 2009.

They don’t think they have to listen, they are still not listening, but just go along their merry way with lies and deceptions.  That in itself is enough reason to storm the halls of Congress.  They have not been honest about this bill.  Some in Congress should be in jail right along with Bernie Madoff.  They are no less criminals, they just use tax money, which actually makes them lower than Bernie Madoff.


See what Ms. Pelosi has to say about it.  Not much.  She just says, “Are you serious?” when asked about the constitutionality.

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The witches are out, they have their torches lit

Joke of the Day.    witchWitch Hunt!  Get out the pitchforks. The torches are lit.  The brew is brewing.

A new website has been launched called Stop the Witch Hunt.  Isn’t it interesting how they turn things around. They are the ones who are on a witch hunt. They have named names – made a list.   So very clever.   And the so called witches they are hunting, are named in the press release below (excerpt):

“”This Halloween, take action against the lies and hate speech that Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs, Paul Brown, and Pat Buchanan have been spewing in a
nationwide witch hunt.””

On their web site it says:

“”Scary. That’s what this mob of right wing ideologues are to most of us. Scarier still, they have a national platform to use code words and race baiting to spread fear and mistrust. It would be sad, even funny, if so many people weren’t hurt by them. Hate crimes are up. False accusations and outright lies have cost good people their jobs and their reputations. And we don’t know who will be next.””

Ah, yes, it is certainly scary – this mob of right wing ideoloques. Especially with all the scary code words and the race baiting that spread fear and mistrust. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid!!

(This song is first released by Bobby (Boris) Pickett in 1962, #1 hit Monster Mash on the original Garpax label. This is a good video – much later, of course.)

Oh, the games people play, the psychological games they play.  They start a black list, go on a witch hunt, and present themselves as if they are the good guys.

I haven’t researched this to a great degree but it was fairly easy to find out who is  behind the website.  An organization called Center for Media Justice. They are basically a community organizing group, and they have on the Board of Directors, such as, an activist and lawyer who is a 2001 Soros Justice Fellow for her work with Grassroots Leadership; another who is connected with the New Orleans Parents Organizing Network,  (a Van Jones organization) and is a cofounder of the League of Pissed Off/Young Voters; another who is a hip hop journalist….

(See RBO for some more details on the origin of this “Witch Hunt” campaign designed to stop freedom of speech and expression.)

It seems they will stop at nothing to stop and stifle freedom of speech. I sure do hope the “dots” don’t connect back to ACORN, or worse, someone in the White House.

And yet I just read that it is Lou Dobbs who has had his house shot at several times. So while these people are trying to demonize those who oppose their agenda, I guess the peaceful and loving left wing are the ones who are actually, in fact, demonstrating the violence.

It’s a good thing they slipped that hate crime legislation in the defense bill, huh?  I think it’s pretty hateful to shoot at someone or their home, but I’m just not sure what the elements of a hate crime would be.

H/T goes to Newsbusters and also Here.

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