Glenn Beck’s interrupted Friday show to be aired today!

Fox News Channel’s Glenn Beck hosted moms from across America, part of his 912 Project, on the Friday, September 25 show. The 5:00 p.m. Eastern show was interrupted by POTUS speaking at the G20 in Pittsburgh.

The full pre-taped show will run on Monday, September 28.

Posted:  09.28.09


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20 responses to “Glenn Beck’s interrupted Friday show to be aired today!

  1. Ms. M

    thx Bella! I’ve been thinking about Beck’s statements on McCain being in worse than Obama, & I think what he meant was, that he (Beck) being a conservative, in his opinion, McCain would have been worse….all I know is that listening to him, confirms alot of what I have thought about the last 20 yrs & the “two party” system…..


  2. Ms. M

    Merkel re-elected….group junket to Germany anyone?


  3. CG posted a link to the golf day photos some of them are pretty funny.


  4. Ms. M

    I can’t believe I MISSED BECK grrrrrrrrrrrrr…..errands ran longer than I thought….but today’s list is basically done…got tomorrow’s started….anyway I get anything done….LISTS!


  5. bellalu0

    Did you all see this? Obama’s honey, Howard Fineman, beginning to see the light?

    This past week we have seen a number of sobering things. Our president coming up about fourth in taking a stand on Iran, behind France, Britian, and certainly Israel. And now he’s off to somewhere to promote Chicago getting the Olympics while McCrystals request lies dormant.

    I can’t believe it. Netanyahu is now the Leader of the Free World. And we are not even standing by Israel. Serious. Serious. I just heard that they may have to make a move within weeks. And then that guy, Mikka’s father, without a spine says we may have to intercept the attack??? Dear God.


  6. bellalu0

    What I don’t understand is that Obama had known about the hidden nuclear plant since he’s been elected. He was briefed on it. And yet he is still talking soft to “akmadidajob”. This I can’t get a grip on. Did France and Britian also know or were they taken by surprise?? Something is not smelling good here. Did Iran pull something on him by revealing it when they did? I read somewhere potus was sending letters to Iran even recently. And saying what?


  7. bellalu0

    MsM, sorry you missed the show. They replay his program about 2 am, I think it is.


  8. MsM

    PT is going to help me get a face book page and set up if you want you can sign up and we can all be connected on Face Book.


  9. Ms. M

    Ree, what is facebook exactly & how many nuts would have access to person posting, if you get my drift?

    Bella, caught Beck late last night…boy do we need more of that! Those women were real & in my opinion, intelligent & inspiring! I am dusting off all my signs & going be a part of any events in the nearby area….Huckabee was on some show the other night & addressed the tea parties & stated in regards to what is & what is NOT being taught in schools, that parents should run for school boards…another thing I got out of some of the limited unbiased reporting of the 9-12 project is everyday persons are seriously thinking about running for local offices…..a very good strategy in my “humble” opinion….hehehe taking it to the streets & taking it back people! I have been invited to attend a forum at one of our colleges here by students regarding the direction of the republican party or the formation of a third….was thrilled to be invited & can’t wait to see what comes of it!


  10. MsM,

    I am not sure I think you have to add people to your page and you can set it for only friends you have added? I will check it out and let you know.

    Bury Don Imus Anatomy of a Scapegoat, by Michael Awkward


  11. Ms. M

    Ree, looks like a fascinating read! thx for the info.! can’t wait til the 5th, if I can get my tired dead azz outta bed that early! think they will re broadcast later in evenings? I think that would boost ratings too……


  12. Mel

    Can’t wait for Monday morning…first time I’ve said that in a while. I normally get up at 6:45 but on Monday, I’ll get up early to check out the new set.

    I like Facebook but I don’t post a lot on my feed. I have a mix of family and friends and my friends, some who post stuff day and night about everything and nothing. The problem is everyone who is a friend can see everything on your page. At first I wasn’t going to be political but I don’t care anymore, it’s me and if my friend in California thinks I’m nuts, she can block me! I know they can see when I become a fan of Joe Wilson and Mike Savage, stuff like that. I was on the other day and a guy I went to grade school with popped up to chat which was fun. You can adjust your page setting to only allow people you want to see your page to see it. It’s free and takes literally a minute to join.


  13. Ms. M

    well I have what I consider a very healthy skepticism of the internet & why I asked the other day if anybody was having problems was due to the fact several persons I know have been hacked….these persons are opinionated & pretty much let it fly….I also suspect these hackers are not so much doing it for kicks & my healthy skepticism takes me to grassy knolls….


  14. Mel

    What happens if you get hacked?


  15. Ms. M

    cyber hell…Mel, computer gets locked, everything is gone…basically you can’t do much & lose everything….gotta get somebody to clear problem, most often, having to replace your harddrive or over ride it somehow, don’t know all the technical aspects, in fact I don’t know any…but have people who do, got me back up & running, but no longer thru Mr Gates ,who went to Washington, WINDOWS & isn’t that intereseting…..WINDOWS, what do WINDOWS, do…everybody can see thru them….& in case I never mentioned it, I do NOT believe in coincidence… little computer geek swears by a Mac….very environmental conscience & CEO for smaller gov., so I’ve been told….& when these guys talk, I listen, kinda like EF Hutton….hehehe….does EF still exist since TARP takeover? As well, computer geek was saying something the other day about big brother being in Apples’ shit, similar to Humana…..that’s a BIG HMMMMM………..I keep nothing on the internet I wouldn’t want others to have….ie anything FINANCIAL, do it the old fashioned way, cash in person or checks in the mail… online banking for me……………..


  16. Mel

    Yikes, hope my spyware is working. I like online banking because I can monitor everything as it happens vs. the pokey mail. It ain’t like I have much happening that anyone would want to steal lately anyway! The economy is brutal here and my husband is having a hard time (but on the other hand, it’s great because he’s spending more time with the boys). My brother is out of work, my sister-in-law in Colorado, cousins, nephew in college can’t find a job at a restaurant. Don’t let the govt-run media fool you – unemployment is really, really bad. Real estate here is way, way off only things selling are bank owned or short sales.


    • Dear Mel:
      I understand what you’re going through. I’m going through some financial difficulties myself. So I ask you in kindness; Who are you blaming the way this economy is today?


  17. Ms. M

    Mel, tell me about it….house in NY is listed for 50% or more, less than its value… interest but got a feeling people having trouble getting a loan….weren’t those bank bailouts great?! & I will NOT even consider holding the note…..not that far away from here….thinking about doing it here tho, but gotta sell NY first….

    why doesn’t your husband run for a local office that pays? cty comishes around here make 84K a year, four yr term honey…do the math, not bad sheckels for public service hehehe


  18. Mel

    Mortgage industry basically crashed and burned…deals just do not go through… Bank Bailout, haha. I see Bank of America was in bed w/ ACORN. I’d be willing to move but we can’t sell our house. Public office, not sure if that’s for him. It’s corrupt here – our Mayor is also the biggest builder, stuff like that.

    I hear they’re pushing healthcare and the Cap & Tax Bill today on the hill. If that global warming bill goes through, the economy is done. Companies will not be able to compete w/ overseas cos who don’t have to pay the taxes. How can they even think about doing this right now when the economy is so bad? John Kerry, Mr. Billionaire, doesn’t have to worry about an $100 a month utility bill but most people do.


  19. bellalu0

    Glenn Beck is cracking me up today! LOL


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