French and American First Couples

The French and American First Couples attending the G20 dinner at the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 24, 2009.

michelle at G22

The FLOTUS is wearing Thakoon.

New York Magazine asks: “Who is the world’s most glamorous presidential spouse?”

More importantly, after this past week, I am wondering, who is the new leader of the free world?

Posted:  09.27.09


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3 responses to “French and American First Couples

  1. Why is she standing awkwardly legs akimbo and to the other side, while the other three are grouped together? Who thought this was a good photo?


  2. bellalu0

    I dunno. It’s an interesting picture. Looks like Sarkosy and Obama are getting ready to dance. lol.


  3. Mel

    Looks like Michelle has been enjoying the White House chefs’ cooking but who can blame her?! Look at how tiny Sarkozy is…you know that marriage to the pop singer won’t last long, I give it 3 years.


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