Baucus committee recesses until next Tuesday

Senate Finance Cmte. concludes first week of health care debate

Click Here to see video of what took place today.

Debate in the Senate Finance Cmte. has concluded for the week. Today, they discussed and voted on amendments to the legislation. Chairman Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT), announced that when the committee returns on Tuesday they will bring up several amendments which include a public option.

To watch a live feed of the Finance committee markup click here or here.

Posted:  09.25.09


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4 responses to “Baucus committee recesses until next Tuesday

  1. Update More Photos from the G20 Pittsburgh Protest. Guest Blogger “Terrible Towel”


  2. bellalu0

    Thanks, Ginger. Looks like Glenn Beck has pushed Rush to the mainstream. LOL. They are both great.


  3. bellalu0

    OMG did you see where the government put a cease and desist order on Humana for telling the truth about the cuts?

    I also saw where the FCC director has ordered that the Obama channel HAS to be on all cable lineups.

    They want to tell lies and have nobody dispute them. But thank God they are going to have a tough time doing that. But if they could get the internet, which they want to do, they would have made a big dent in freedom.


  4. Ginger

    if you would like to contribute to hannah giles’ defense fund, please click below.

    hannah – one of the two courageous young investigators who exposed Acorn.


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