Wild turkey attack in New Jersey (video)

This is hilarious.  Revenge of the turkeys.

Posted:  09.24.09


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23 responses to “Wild turkey attack in New Jersey (video)

  1. Ginger

    Speaking of turkeys, we’ve got a bunch of them in the White House.

    Netanyahu is my new hero, a true man of courage. Obama is disgraceful and pathetic. God Bless Israel and God HELP “US”.


  2. Mel

    I hope Israel takes out Iran’s nukes because the USA doesn’t have the backbone to do it. Israel is a peaceful country full of productive, good people and these liberals don’t seem to care if they are all erased. Netanyahu said it right when he said they had a right to exist.

    Can you believe the NJ school children chanting Barack Hussein Obama? You guys know I have young kids and you can imagine how that would go over with me!


  3. Mel

    I wish I were in Montana…almost 90 and humid here.

    One of my favorite authors books were set in Montana, James Crumley. Read his Last Good Kiss if you like a hard-boiled PI book…or not.


  4. bellalu0

    I think our country is in danger from within and from without with this weak leadership we have. What is ironic is that the blinded far left will be in danger as well as anyone else. They won’t stop to check to see what anybody’s beliefs are or how they vote before they blow them to dust.


  5. Mel

    Obama is either naive or evil or both and yes, our country is in mortal danger. At least we know McCain loves our country, not so sure about this guy.


  6. Photos from the G20 Pittsburgh Protest, from the scene guest blogger “Terrible Towel. I am going to try and update through the day as I get the pics.



  7. bellalu0

    It does has a certain ring to it, doesn’t it? Barack Hussein Obama.

    Rhymes real well with Osama bin Ladin.

    I really liked the part where they say red and yellow black and white they are equal in his sight and singing to the tune of the battle hymn of the repupblic to honor a man who has so much trouble even saluting the flag of the United States.


  8. Mel

    Americans had better wake up for it’s going to be too late. I heard last night where Obama and the Dems are going to pass his healthcare bill in some form no matter what and that Americans just don’t get it.

    It’s like the blind eye to the illegal immigration from Mexico. I was sitting in traffic at the Middle School today watching cars streaming in and it was majority hispanic. I grew up on this Island and there were no hispanics, no crime, etc. It’s so sad what’s happening here.


  9. Mel

    And no, I am not a racist. The majority of the Mexicans are hard working but don’t cause trouble but it’s everything else that is affected. Crime is way, way up, car insurance rates are nuts because the liklihood to get in a wreck with an uninsured, schools are over-crowded. These kids get free meals all day at school and the parents are on food stamps, gov’t assistance for everything. The hospital ER could be out of Tijuana. I hear Spanish spoken as often as English. Okay, you get the picture but I’m really concerned.


  10. bellalu0

    Look at all the high level people who don’t pay their taxes – Geithner, Rangel, Sabelius, just to name a few.

    I was reading yesterday that this executive in Chrysler has a tax lien on one of his four homes. He gets 2.4 million a year from Chrysler plus a $50 million compensation package when he joined Chrysler.


    I do think everybody should stop payroll deductions of taxes. Why give them money to use all year long when you don’t even owe it until April 15th.


  11. Ginger

    Mel, that book sounds like a good one.

    Did yall see Rush on Jay last night?….dummy me, I knew he was going to be on and planned to watch at 10:35..(tonight show time.. ha..forgot that Jay had a new show at 9:00 central)…anyway it is on youtube. Rush was great and gots lots of applause.

    Netanyahu’s full speech is on youtube.

    The children singing to obama to the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic is so creepy and disturbing, and you know Obama loves it and that fact is even more creepy and disturbing.

    I am sickened by what is going on right now in this country.

    Palin wrote a very nice facebook note with well wishes for the Jewish Holy Days, and also a strong jab at Ah My Dinner Jacket’s holocaust denial speech.

    I am so thankful for her voice right now.


  12. Mel

    I watched Rush – never watch Leno so the ratings should have picked up. The crowd was good to Rush, lots of applause.

    Ginger, I was saying Palin is looking really good to me. She needs to stay really tough, keep a low profile but keep bashing the Dems and BO at every opportunity


  13. Ms. M

    tune into Glenn Beck!


  14. Ms. M

    Glenn Beck interrupted for the One at the G20 summit….however, Beck’s show today is audience participation with MOTHERS….pretty damn good prior to cut to the President…..


  15. bellalu0

    A pox on Fox for interrupting the program for G20.


  16. Ms. M

    I can’t believe he is on tv again….Becks show was devoted to women just like US…..devoted to teaching American history in schools, demanding better representation of our elected public servants, you know…..”teabaggers”……Christ on a cross….have I stated I don’t believe in coincidence?


  17. Ginger

    I missed Beck, but will catch him later. I haven’t really been watching him that much. I was confused by his “rather have Obama that McCain as president” remark, but overall I appreciate Glenn Beck. I love Mark Levin but he does not like Beck, and it really bothers me when these conservative media voices can’t get along because we need them desperately right now. They can argue later, when we’ve defeated this madness that is going on, –as far as I’m concerned.

    Ms. M, I don’t believe in coincidence either.

    Mel, I agree. Sarah Plain is playing her cards right as of now, I believe, and those little Facebook bullets are powerful.


  18. bellalu0

    Ginger and MsM: I was confused by that comment, too, Ginger. I thought that maybe Couric had edited it to leave something out that would explain it. You know how they do. But I heard Glenn Beck begin to explain the comment the other day, but got distracted and didn’t hear all of what he said. So I am totally disagreeing with him on that one. I also heard Mark Levin state something about how could he say that after exposing all that Obama represents and is doing. I would say at this point I wonder, too?

    But for the most part I think Beck is great and is really doing us a service. They cut the guts right out of that program today. It was an important one, too, because these are ordinary people, not the mobs they are trying to portray us as. So it is a shame that Obama got played instead. Maybe he’ll replay the whole thing on another day, that is, if he knows they cut him.

    Do you think Fox did it intentionally? Maybe Bill OReilly did it. lol.


  19. Ms. M

    Ginger if I recall correctly the Beck remark was also somewhat clarified by he (beck) hoped he was wrong about Barack Hussien Obama hmm hmm hmm…..

    I believe the world wanted this guy elected, my friend has a theory that the Clintons wanted him elected too….what is on the agenda of force feeding….HEALTHCARE….

    now we are seeing how we all need to act globally, ah BULLSHIT I don’t buy any of it….you know I cannot even articulate my thoughts…..

    Beck is on later? when & where it was a good one from what I saw….woman organizers in 9-12 efforts

    NO I DO NOT BELIEVE IN COINCIDENCE….anybody having computer problems? not my normal ones either…

    Ginger some of these pundits got pretty swelled heads…..& that is another thing that happens when you have opiners & not FACT PRESENTERS…..Nope I am into Beck….he is connecting the dots & laying all the dirty laundry out there….like Levin too, was listening to him in NY…don’t get him here tho…..


  20. Ms. M

    Bella, I am trying to remember what he said but if I got it right it was something like McCain was too middle of the road was not a conservative & wouldn’t have done anything too much different & that he (beck) hoped he was wrong about hmm hmm hmm Barack Hussein Obama….computer whiz it has got to be somewhere for you to find hehehe


  21. bellalu0

    hmmm hmmm hmmm Barack Hussein Obama. LOL. That’s what we’ll have to say every time we repeat his name. Pretty funny that Hussein is quite all right to say NOW.


  22. Mel

    When I moved South from Boston 6 years ago, I found Beck whom I’d never heard of before. He was nobody then but he’s stayed true enough to himself as he’s hit the big time. He’s a former drunk and being married to someone sober for 6 years, I know how much character and strength this takes (Imus too).

    Savage hates Beck too – says he steals everyone’s ideas and everyone knows it but he’s getting people motivated so I don’t care. He’s wrong about McCain – at least we know McCain loves our country and wouldn’t let our soldiers fight w/ one hand tied behind their back.


  23. Mel

    I had lunch w/ my Mom today and am amazed at how the media has brainwashed people. If you’re not online, not watching Fox or listening to talk radio, you have no clue about anything going on. She watches CNN in the morning that is it. I think she thinks I’ve become unhinged but you know what, I don’t care. Evil flourishes when good men (and women) do nothing. I am going to volunteer as much as possible next year before the elections.


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