Chris Wallace: Obama administration “the biggest bunch of crybabies in my 30 years”

“These guys, they are the biggest bunch of crybabies in my 30 years in Washington.  Everything is personal.”

It is really pathetic how childish they are.  I guess Fox is smarting a bit because they were the only ones left out of the blitz this weekend.  The great uniter is shunning a good portion of the American public.  I thought he was smart.

Freedom’s Lighthouse.

Posted:  09.19.09


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5 responses to “Chris Wallace: Obama administration “the biggest bunch of crybabies in my 30 years”

  1. Fox Business News To Imus Have Gun No Travel.

    I gave you a shout out bella and all the I Hos 😉


  2. bassackwards

    OBAMA team = Desparation

    Let’s see, we’ll ignore the news channel with 5 times as many viewers as any other news channel. So basically, we’ll tell FOX viewers they don’t matter.

    Let’s see how that works for you in 2010 and 2012.


  3. Mel

    And Chris Wallace is a lib…

    I was reading where Michelle O thinks women are victims and we need protection? We don’t get adequate healthcare? That is such bull doo doo.


  4. bellalu0

    We are being crushed. lol

    People have been sounding an alert against Acorn from well before the election. Nobody wanted to listen. They were campaigning and endorsing Obama the whole time, he was a product of Acorn for god’s sake. It’s all a matter of record. There are many, many other shady things in this man’s life and it’s all there, even something as simple as a google search will bring it up. The “fringe” media covers for him until it becomes impossible to do so. A couple of young kids brought down Acorn. Too funny.

    Even if Acorn is above board why does it receive tax money? We are so stupid it’s no wonder we’re broke as a country.


  5. Mel

    Did I hear BO’s doing Letterman for the entire show? All the begging makes him look childish and desperate. He will not take into consideration that overwhelmingly Americans do not want these healthcare reform measures as is…he’s acting like a Dictator. There was was yesterday givng his Pep Rally to kids who are so naive they do not understand they’re the ones who will be burdened paying for all of this.

    I wanted to like and respect this President but he’s made it imposssible.


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