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Playing the race card – Projection and Desperation!

Projection is a defense mechanism in which what is emotionally unacceptable in a person is unconsciously rejected and attributed or projected to others.

So that’s what we have when Ms. Dowd hears “boy” from thin air, a word never spoken but that comes straight from her own mind and prejudices.

And now former president Carter, peanut farmer from Georgia, has made a sweeping statement that opposition to Obama’s policies is certainly racist.  But is he the racist?

Some congressman from Georgia is now on tv saying that surely there will be people in white hoods marching in the streets in short order.

Ridiculous!  All of it is ridiculous.  And it is wearing thin.

Our country has elected a black president, he came into office with about a 70 percent approval rating, he received enormous support from white Americans, but now that he has come under criticism, we are all a bunch of racists.

The MSM is carrying that message with abandon now trying to discredit the march on Washington this past weekend, and trying to discredit the growing pushback on this administration’s trying to cram down our throats drastic changes in a matter of a little over six months, changes that we do not want.

It’s all just a desperate, desperate effort to ignore and marginalize opposition.  It’s not going to work, and God forbid there is ever any real racism, it won’t fly because people will be so sick of hearing about it over nothing.

Just this past week, a black tennis player has told a white judge that she was going to “ram this effing ball down your effing throat.”  And a black man has snatched the microphone from the hands of a teenage white girl on nationwide tv. Now President Obama called this guy a “jackass.”  I suppose that had to be Obama’s white, racist side that said that, huh?   So let’s get real. Charlie Rangel is a tax cheat, he is black.  Tim Geithner is a tax cheat, he is white.  A tax cheat is a tax cheat.  People are people, they do things wrong, whether they are black or white.

But if keeping score is what is called for, we can keep score.

Posted:  09.16.09


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