Record viewer numbers for Glenn Beck – D. C. March Today!!

Neilsen ratings from Thursday, September 10, 2009:

5PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)

Glenn Beck– 3,340,000 viewers (958,000) (1,630,000)

Situation Room—725,000 viewers (145,000) (253,000)

Hardball w/ Chris Matthews—650,000 viewers (184,000) (346,000)

Fast Money—166,000 viewers (a scratch w/ 43,000) (68,000)

Prime News–288,000 viewers (99,000) (157,000)

Take a look at the entire ratings list at Chickaboomer.


What: 9/12 March on D.C.

When: Saturday, September 12, 2009

Time: 10am – Noon PDT

Glenn Beck and Fox News will be broadcasting a special “9/12” and “March on Washington DC” show on Saturday, September 12.

Glenn will broadcast 9-12 coverage LIVE on the Fox News Channel on Saturday, September 12th from 1pm-3pm ET.

Posted: 09.12.09


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10 responses to “Record viewer numbers for Glenn Beck – D. C. March Today!!

  1. Ms. M

    Hey girls! today is the day! flash on tv, can’t see down the Mall for all the people protesting BIG gov, BIG taxes, & virtually NO VOICE IN THE PROCESS! Now we are seeing DEMOCRACY IN ACTION & I can only believe the movement will only pick up more steam…..


  2. Ms. M

    Bella, you computer whiz you! THANKS for the BIGGER FONT! & the GREAT SITE! & Iho’s thanks for the MEMORIES!


  3. Mel

    I posted on the earlier thread…my sister just called. Her husband left from Winston-Salem at 2 am on one of 8 buses heading to DC. This is a guy who hated George Bush but is fed up with the spending, who doesn’t have time to do this but is putting his money where his mouth cool!


  4. Look at the photos those are Average Folks taking time off of their jobs to march on Washington not Professional Protesters…2010! 2010! 2010!
    They project 2 million have gathered.


  5. Ms. M

    Iho’s CSPAN is covering the whole movement LIVE! GREAT COVERAGE!


  6. Mel

    Huge crowds, awesome sight.


  7. Ms. M

    what a wonderfully patriotic event! & I wasn’t even there! great speakers, DeMint was great! great music, orderly, well organized & planned & as one organizer said, this is not an event, it is the beginning of taking our country back!


  8. Mel

    I just saw an Obmaa hack on Fox saying it was nothing, not important and was simply filled with KKK signs..racists, etc. It was so juvenile for Obama to plan his ‘Rally’ today at the same time. It would have been great if he’d showed up or commented on the hundreds of thousands who showed up in DC. I believe he really hates anyone with a different opinion, as most liberals seem to…he will not engage any alternatives ever.


  9. Mel

    I saw the same woman and she was smiling and saying the nastiest things she could think of to call American Citizens. I guess Baghdad Bob wasn’t available 🙂


  10. Catherine from Cohoctah, Michigan

    I really want to know for certain if our president is actually American Born. Apparently, every one in Kenya, Africa knows he was born there and that his religion was listed as Muslim. I believe this is why he ignored the 80 year old tradion of National Day of Prayer, yet had a celebration at the White House for Muslims and their Ramadam holiday. Did he attend college as a foreign student…who paid for all of his very expensive college education? I am afraid that not only is our present NOT American born, but that he may also be an illegal imagrant! There is the saying that the best way to attack and destroy something is to do it from the inside! Too bad that people didn’t use this march to force the issue of whether our Comaander in Chief is actually an American!


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