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Resignation of Van Jones leaves Big questions

Green Czar, Van Jones, has resigned under cover of night (last night about 12:00 midnight) and he is claiming it is a result of a “smear campaign” against him – get out your crying towel.  It’s not a smear if it’s true.  It’s an expose’.

He had stated earlier that he really didn’t read the Truther Petition he signed in 2004 asking for an examination of 9/11.  There is no doubt he did sign it.

His resignation does not contain any apology either.  And big questions remain about his background and how and why he was picked by the president as Green Czar aka Adviser to oversee over $30 billion dollars (at least).  The most frightening part is he would still be there but for one brave man who has risked his career and probably his life to get this information out.

Jones was founder of STORM, (Standing Together to Organize a Revolution Movement.)  In 2004, a manifesto was written about the history of the organization.

It has been removed from the internet and the site has been taken down, but someone got a screen shot just in time.  I have been reading it and I’d like to just quote a few excerpts directly from the document.

It states in no uncertain terms what STORM thought about 9/11, and it is interesting and telling that they wrote that they were proud of the action they took.  So it doesn’t matter too much what Van Jones signed in 2004.  What he believed in 2001 sure does make it believable that he knew what he was signing and that he agreed with it.

Quoting the STORM manisfesto (Van Jones, Founder):

In 2001, “…..Attendance at meetings was consistently low, low enthusiasm, exhaustion and dwindling morale.

But the exciting exception was STORM’S response to 9/11.

…..on the MORNING OF SEPTEMBER 11, 2001, STORM convened a meeting in oakland…..

“The vigil was to express solidarity with arab and muslim Americans and of mourning for the deceased in NY and Washington. D. C., as well as the victims of U. S. imperilism around the world.”

“That night, STORM and other movement leaders expressed sadness and anger at the deaths…..We were angry first and foremost with the US GOVERNMENT whose worldwide aggression had engendered such hate across the globe that working class people were not safe at home.  We honored those who lost their lives in the attack and and those who would surely lose their lives in subsequent U. S. attacks overseas.”

Some other quotes from the STORM document are as follows:

  • “Our commitment to communist politics didn’t give us any easy answers about what we should do.”

  • “We all still believed that revolutionary cadre organizations are necessary for the development of a viable revolutionary movement in this country.”

  • Among the most pressing challenges for each Marxist generation (and STORM is no exception) is the need to articulate from each unique historical conjecture the revolutionary unity of theory and practice…..

  • “Theory Develpment” also identified STORM’S weaknesses.  Our knowledge of historical Marxist texts and recent critiques of Marxism was shallow.  We tended not to engage critically enough with Marxist theory.  In response, “Theory Develpment” proposed that we engage in deeper study to help us develop as well trained Marxists.  We would then be able to engage critically with Marxism and push Marxist theory and practice to the next level.”

  • “With a growing membership and growing commitment to Marxist politics, STORM began rewiring our points of unity and our constitution.  The resulting document signaled a clear commitment to communist politics drawing primarily from the traditions of the world of Marxism.”

See the entire document, Reclaiming Revolution Here.

See RBO for Jones connections to Apollo (who wrote the stimulus bill and the cap and trade bill) and the Weather Underground.

God, this looks a lot like treason to me.

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