One Down – Van Jones resigns

Breaking News:  At midnight on Saturday night.  Nothing like the Friday dump becoming the Saturday night dump.

And NBC headline reads:  Obama Aide Van Jones Resigns After GOP Attacks. [They never once covered the story leading up to this]

Now, it couldn’t be because Van Jones is a self-avowed communist, Birther, ex-con, and radical, could it?  And he NEVER should have been chosen as the czar of anything.  Notice the word “aide” when in fact he was officially an adviser aka czar.  But it’s all George Bush’s fault, we know it is. 🙂  Are they saying they want him in the White House?


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Posted:  09.06-09


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11 responses to “One Down – Van Jones resigns

  1. George Soros is the one pulling the strings none of these folks can operate without money. Although now they are using our money “Stimulus” What does George Soros want? All anyone needs to do is look at Black Monday 1992 and what he did to the British Pound. That’s what he has planned for the U.S. dollar…the thing is he isn’t the only guy with money. Rupert Murdoch is a billionaire too. People like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates better be careful, they are going to end up on the wrong side of American History.

    Meanwhile Jones got Becked, and it’s official Glenns a verb 🙂 Jones tried to Imus, Beck. His org color of change got 40 of Glenn Beck’s advertisers to drop him but it didn’t do them any good, Van Jones is gone LOL!

    I think Glenn should be one of Imus’s first guest on FBN.



    Joness got Becked.

    Jones tried to Imus, Beck by using his old org color of change to boycott his advertisers, they got 40 of Beck’s advertisers to drop him. But it’s Van Jones who is out the door.

    Glenn Beck should be one of Imus’s first guest on FBN.


  3. Ms. M

    well, does this mean the wheels are starting to fall off the bus? I can’t even imagine how the One is going to try to spin this….maybe illness, family obigations for Jones…what a black eye….I sure HOPE that people are starting to get it, we are a Nation founded on INDEPENDENT principles & do NOT need the govn’t wipping our collective asses….I sure HOPE the pundits contimue to spread the FACTS & the GOP does NOT SURRENDER….in my opinion, if ANY GOP candidate up for re-election in 2010 votes for anymore of these giveaway programs they are committing POLITICAL SUICIDE….yeah I think the “sleeping giant” is awakening, now if we can just get people to get over that short term memory loss come 2010 hehehehe


  4. Mel

    Who is the GOP leadership? I’m still waiting…this is the time for someone to lead and nobody is willing to stand w/ the people.


  5. bellalu0

    I noticed on Friday that Subaru was advertising on Beck. Anybody need a new car?


  6. There is a test coming up for Democrats and Republicans. I hope they realize the American Public is hyper energized on their civic contribution to the discussion on our governance.


  7. I won’t vote for a Progressive from either party come 2010. If the Republicans think they need to be more like the hijacked Democrat party they are out to lunch too. George Soros funds the Progressives, and it is the Progressives that are running us into the ditch.


  8. Ms. M

    well 9-12 LOOMS & imo if the GOP are smart, they’ll get the message….people can & should dictate the agenda…NO more spending, NO more gvn’t, I heard somewhere 300k positions need to be filled at the fed level…they are the only ones hiring….2010 VOTE ’em out if they are NOT doing the will of the people regardless of what party….I hope Independents run too, can’t believe kinky is running as a dem……


  9. MsM,

    I think Kinky was ahead of the curve down in Texas, when he ran as an Independent last time, he course corrected and decided to run as a Democrat this time. But what he needs to do is run on the anti corporate platform. Populism is what’s for breakfast lunch and dinner down here. This is the best opportunity for Independents there has been in a long time. I would hope people would see the old two parties are not representative of anything but self interest. Nancy Pelosi likes communist but not tax paying American Citizens.


  10. Glenn Beck isn’t the Joker from Batman depicted in Posters. Glenn Beck is the Riddler 🙂


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