It’s Official: Imus to Fox Business on Oct. 5th

Fox Business Network has announced, after weeks of speculation around the industry, that radio host Don Imus will be joining the network starting October 5th.


Imus signed a multi-year deal with FBN to simulcast “Imus in the Morning” weekdays from 6-9 am ET along with his radio syndication. The announcement stated that Imus will be incorporating more business news into his format.

See Ree’s Blog for details.

Posted: 09.03.09


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7 responses to “It’s Official: Imus to Fox Business on Oct. 5th

  1. Bella

    Fox News is running Imus promo for Fox Business debut Oct 5th


  2. americanruby

    I think this is great news.. finally, I have the channel! I never was able to view Imus on RFD, but have kept up with the radio show via being a member of his website.

    Ree, do you have a facebook, page?

    I’m trying to get my American Ruby going again.. just got lazy about this summer, I guess.

    He to Mel!


  3. americanruby

    sorry, I meant “hi” to Mel.


  4. bellalu0

    Hey Ginger, it’s a reunion!


  5. Hi Ginger

    No I don’t have a facebook page. I have so many websites now. With genealogy I am involved with Melungeon and Calvert, I have a lot to keep up. So I have not added anymore websites ect…

    What is the official website like as a member? I am sure Fox Business News will put something up for them too ? I am guessing on that last one but it makes since.


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