Van Jones, Hand-picked Obama Advisor, reaching out to republicans

“I am thrilled that President Obama has tapped Van Jones to serve as a special White House advisor. This appointment makes me think that Obama “gets it” because Van Jones embodies a critically important political strategy for the left,” says Melissa Harris-Lacewell of The Nation on March 12, 2009.

Obama “gets it” all right.  He chose this radical and self-avowed communist, Van Jones, to advise him and he knows full well his background.

Here he is reaching out to republicans just one month or less before President Obama hand-picked him as his Green Czar AKA Adviser.  So much for Obama’s “unifying” huh?

But then Obama has been rubbing noses with, in bed with, socialist, communists, and radicals his whole life long.

This guy, Van Jones, is really hard core.  It will astound you to discover the depth of his convictions, as co-founder of Color of Change and founder of ***STORM (Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement).  Reading what’s in this document will blow your mind.  This manifesto was removed and the entire website was taken down, but somebody thought ahead and took a screen shot of it.

I’m not so concerned about Van Jones as I am the president who chose him.

(19.04.11)  ****Looks like somebody scrubbed this, too, but Glenn Beck is on the ball.  He has the entire pdf file for download:

See Previous Post.

And RBO for in depth reporting, doing what the press and the MSM refuse to do.

Posted: 09.02.09


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4 responses to “Van Jones, Hand-picked Obama Advisor, reaching out to republicans

  1. specfriggintacular

    Oh this is my favorite comment he made aside calling Republicans A$$ H@OLES……

    Van Jones: “The white polluters and the white environmentalists are essentially steering poison into the people of color communities.”


  2. Has Obama’s FCC diversity czar issued a statement yet?

    Imus signs with Fox Business News.


  3. Bella

    This web page has a poll on Imus signing with Fox Business News. People are still holding a grudge. So what else is new 🙂


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