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The mask is really slipping

“”It is now abundantly clear that the image of Barack Obama sold to the American electorate was tightly edited, air-brushed, and exaggerated. He has worn a series of masks — eloquent orator, brilliant scholar, centrist, and literary sensation.” [Thomas Lifson]

The new book by Chris Andersen called “Portrait of an American Marriage” about the Obama marriage didn’t seem to be anything I would be interested in.  I don’t find their marriage very interesting, but there seems to be some other things in the book that I do find compelling.

The American Thinker has something written today that Dreams of My Father was produced, basically, by a ghostwriter – namely Bill Ayers. I read a little something about this before the election, but it was all covered up. It’s getting a little bit harder for the “fringe” press and media to provide cover.

Now that kids and private citizens are doing the job of investigative reporters, the New York Times has hired someone to read conservative blogs and listen to conservative radio to try to make sure they are not blind-sided as they were with the ACORN story and the Van Jones story. I thought that was what Media Matters was for.  Oh, that’s right, they don’t tell the truth.  Pretty funny. In fact, hilarious.  They won’t release the name of said person. Undercover, I guess.  🙂

The mask has just about slipped completely off, but who does it reveal? That is the question. I’m afraid to know.

But Thomas Lifson’s article begins:

It is now abundantly clear that the image of Barack Obama sold to the American electorate was tightly edited, air-brushed, and exaggerated. He has worn a series of masks — eloquent orator, brilliant scholar, centrist, and literary sensation. All of these masks are coming off as he copes with a job for which image will not suffice.  For instance, hiding behind the eloquent orator mask is a guy who says “uhh” a lot when he is winging it, and who makes lots of factual and grammatical mistakes.

Now, thanks to Jack Cashill, the literary mask has been removed. Obama is a literary pretender. Case closed. The evidence is overwhelming that Bill Ayers ghost-wrote Dreams from my Father, the book which established Obama’s pose as a brilliant writer (and therefore a fine mind, in the estimation of many).

But according to Jack Cashill of the American Thinker Obama may not be able to take too much credit for the book:

Cashill said:

Obama boasted in Virginia last year, “I’ve written two books,” he told a crowd of students and teachers. “I actually wrote them myself.”

The media should be able to protect his reputation among the willfully blind but don’t expect to hear Obama make comparable boasts in the near future.

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Glenn Beck’s interrupted Friday show to be aired today!

Fox News Channel’s Glenn Beck hosted moms from across America, part of his 912 Project, on the Friday, September 25 show. The 5:00 p.m. Eastern show was interrupted by POTUS speaking at the G20 in Pittsburgh.

The full pre-taped show will run on Monday, September 28.

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French and American First Couples

The French and American First Couples attending the G20 dinner at the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 24, 2009.

michelle at G22

The FLOTUS is wearing Thakoon.

New York Magazine asks: “Who is the world’s most glamorous presidential spouse?”

More importantly, after this past week, I am wondering, who is the new leader of the free world?

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Could go to jail for failure to buy health insurance

Go to Jail, Go Directly to Jailgo to jail 6

I had wondered how this requirement to buy health insurance would be enforced.  Well, here it is.  First, you can be fined.  If the fine is not paid, the penalty for that could be jail –  $25,000 or a year in jail.

This is the misdemeanor charge.  If it happened to be charged as a felony, it would go to $100,000 or 5 years in jail.

Americans who fail to pay the penalty for not buying insurance would face legal action from the Internal Revenue Service, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation.

There  you have it.  This is the federal government providing health care for all citizens.  All the heck they are doing is making it against the law not to buy health insurance. And who will be in court for this? Probably the people who at this time do not have health insurance. Because if they can’t afford it now, they won’t be able to afford it if this is passed. Making criminals and tax evaders out of struggling Americans. Outrageous.

See Politico Here and Here

mmm, mmm, mmm

you lie2Did somebody lie?

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Baucus committee recesses until next Tuesday

Senate Finance Cmte. concludes first week of health care debate

Click Here to see video of what took place today.

Debate in the Senate Finance Cmte. has concluded for the week. Today, they discussed and voted on amendments to the legislation. Chairman Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT), announced that when the committee returns on Tuesday they will bring up several amendments which include a public option.

To watch a live feed of the Finance committee markup click here or here.

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Wild turkey attack in New Jersey (video)

This is hilarious.  Revenge of the turkeys.

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Obama at presidential suite in Waldorf while in NYC

Not too shabby, huh?  It goes for about $7,000 a night.

H/T:  Huffington Post

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