Chris Matthews: Bill Clinton is “The Voice of God”

Just when you think you have heard everything…..

I think Chris Matthews has completely gone over the edge.  He compares Sarah Palin to Howard Stern but goes a step further and says Bill Clinton is the “Voice of God.”  I read it, but had to listen to the video just to make sure that’s what he said.  He did.  At least twice.

Referring to a clip of Clinton:

MATTHEWS: That is the Voice of God sir, David Corn. That is the Voice of God because it’s the voice of truth and experience. I completely buy what he said, completely.

See Newsbusters.

Do you think the thrill is gone from his leg? He may need an intervention.

I do have to agree that a little leadership experience would be more than welcome right about now.

Posted: 08.31.09


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37 responses to “Chris Matthews: Bill Clinton is “The Voice of God”

  1. Ms. M

    yeap that is why this country is in the shape it is in, imo….when a trouser snake that signed NAFTA/GATT into law is compared to the voice of God….whose God I ask, certainly not my God….maybe Wall St’s golden calf, yeap he signed legislation that deregulated Wall St. too….God forgive us & help us!


  2. Mel

    I refuse to watch anything on MSNBC ever – don’t want to boost their ratings, especially with the corruption with their ties to General Electric. We have those digital boxes so they know what we watch.

    Anyone going to the Tea Party on 9/12 in DC? I cannot believe the people I know going…people who used to be liberal like my brother-in-law. I’m not sure if I’ll go but I’ll go to one of the parties again – actually met great people last time.


  3. Mel

    Ms. M – yes, IT became too unpleasant…


  4. bellalu0

    Mel, I wish I was going to D. C. I hope it’s huge!!

    There are so many things to protest, it makes my head spin. The trillions in spending, the czars, criminalizing the CIA while not even prosecuting the thugs at the polling place in November, the release of the bomber….and that’s just in the last week or two. It’s even worse than I had feared it would be.

    There’s a link between Gadaffi, Louis Farrakan, Jeremiah Wright, where Gadaffi gave Farrakan a bunch of money to “influence” elections in the USA. Ever wonder where the endless stream of campaign money came from?


  5. Mel

    It does make your head spin, how fast our country is being stolen! I took my son to the doctor yesterday – a nice, quiet office, and had to ask the doctor his thoughts about the Health Care Bill. He said he was concerned, to say the least, about their ability to care for their patients…that the well-run office would likely become more like of a hectic, stressful clinic, over-run. He’s a young guy and I wonder if he’ll stay in medicine as it is not what these guys had planned for themselves.

    I went back to work so my family would have health insurance and I am happy to do so. I’m working more hours than ever and am happy to have a good job. I want to be in charge if something happens to one of us – want to be able to make decisions as a family, not have the gov’t decide our fate. My parents are in their 70s and I worry about their access to care as they get older. Of course, we need reform – stop covering the illegals, tort reform, catastrophic care for those in need but that’s about all I want. The illegals are sucking the country dry – we just had a school open off Island that is MAJORITY HISPANIC! The scariest thing I heard is how the gov’t will have access to all our finanial info – bank accounts, tax returns, etc.


  6. bellalu0

    Did you see this Klassy Kennedy? Can you imagine how many days this would be back to back on tv if it had been a Palin child or a Bush child? In the funeral procession, no less.


  7. bellalu0

    I am really wondering what the doctors do think about this. The thing that bothers me is that they can’t control a relatively small program like medicare and medicaid. Can you imagine how out of hand this program would be and there would be nothing you could do about it. If you have called a government office of any kind lately, you know that you cannot get to a person to talk to and they won’t return your calls. Just think if you had a question about a urgent medical situation.


  8. Mel

    Barack Obama is worse than my worst nightmare last year. He’s surrounding himself w/ the shadiest of characters, these Czars for everything. The good thing is I’m finally in the majority – his numbers are tanking.


  9. Ms. M

    Bella, in regards to the middle digital, I will say classy hands, bad hair day tho…..others do deal with grief differently….

    In regards to what dr’s think about this, esp if they are GOOD ones: I had a good Dr, always running behind….I mean it was nothing to wait up to an hour past your scheduled appt BUT that was because he gave ALL patients QUALITY CARE….he had an old fashioned bed side manner in dealing with your concerns….before you left THAT app’t you knew what was most likely up & were on your way to feeling better….he explained things, drew pics, discussed prescriptions & alternate forms of dealing with YOUR problem….& WHAT the most likely causes of it were….needless to say he left private practice well before this “debate” started as he stated even if he treated 15 medicaid patients a day, the gvn’t payment was NOT nearly enough to cover OVERHEAD….mal-practice insurance, rent, payroll….he is NOW practicing med on convicts in a PRIVATE contracted prison, where he works 9-5, will get a pension, does not need to carry mal-practice insurance….life is good for him & the cons, while I have gone thru dr’s in the SW & the east coast to deal with the symtoms of my hypo thyroid condition, NOT just the TEST RESULTS….I am now on a third less of my dossage of the natural thyroid meds due to the test results….however I am still moody, forgetful, losing my hair, itchy skin, can’t lose weight….still have the symptoms but according to the “quality care givers” I now have, am on the right dosage….you see my old dr looked at result but prescribed by symptoms as well….I felt better, looked better, functioned better… my old dr was a relatively young guy too, who was either physic & saw what was on the horizon, or just did what was best for him & his family at the time….but I remember him & I talking about how SW clinics were not given the same amt as other health dispensers & medicaid payments was a real problem for his fiscal bottom line & whether he could afford to stay in private practice or not!


  10. Is Chris Matthews High? 90% of our currency is tainted with Cocaine, the concentration in D.C.

    How else does anyone explain Chris Matthews? He wets his pants every time some Liberal spews incomprehensible political goo aka Carney jargon.


  11. I want them all to take a drug test the lawmakers, and Olbermann and Matthews, hey send all of MSNBC employees through drug testing.

    Zuo presented his findings Monday at the biannual meeting of the American Chemical Society in Washington, D.C. – the city that ranked highest in the survey for coke contamination.

    Fully 95% of the Washington bills sampled had cocaine on them. Of the 17 US cities tested, clean-living Salt Lake City had the lowest levels of contamination.

    Read more:


  12. Mel

    Ms. M, sorry to hear about your ailments. Are you still antiquing? I took the summer off from Ebaying but am getting back into it since my husband’s making no money in the mortgage industry – every dollar counts. Keep on plugging along as life is too short to let anything get you down. My uncle’s 44-year-old wife is dying of cancer. She just left for the Anderson Cancer Center in TX for a last ditch experimental treatment but they don’t expect her to be here much longer. She has had excellent care – fast tests, no waits for chemo/radiation, went to Duke for further testing, etc. unlike Canada and the UK where it’s normal to wait months to get even the simplest of tests done under rationed healthcare.

    One part hidden in the Bill is how they’ll have access to all of our bank accounts, tax returns, etc. which will help determine your treatment. The libs who had strokes over the Patriot they don’t care that Obama wants control over the internet and is setting up his own personal ‘civilian national security force.’ It’s unbelievable. Social Justice is what they’re calling what’s going on..


  13. Mel

    cocaine..still very popular w/ all ages..Bill Mays couldn’t keep his nose clean!


  14. Ms. M

    Mel, well I am of the belief that the greatest “social experiment” went down regarding full & absolute control of all citizens starting with TARP….now we are hearing (as we suspected) BANKS didn’t need that money, were forced to take it & the gov’t is profiteering too….gotta love that Credit card legislation that passed with NO TEETH….did not do a thing regarding interest rates these crooks can charge….yes I am still antiquing, am in relatively good health & no kidding am NOT going back to a dr….doing research on high altitude vs sea level & the effects on the thyroid….dr’s think I’m nutz but I must say in NY, I lose weight (still consume the same foods & amts) have more energy, my hair doesn’t fall out, am more focused….

    while there I did hit a few yardsales…didn’t do any auctions (time constrains) but you should see the very oversized 1912 print I got of men’s attire of 1912…way COOL! got an adorable kids chair, a Victorian gravesite vase, a primative shelf, & a dovetailed wooden tool box with inserts, only problem NO original hardware, changed out to new….worth more than the 5 bucks I paid for it however! GOOD to be at the IHO REUNION!


  15. Ms. M

    Ree, your thoughts on 2010? I am of the belief if the R’s can focus on the gift being delivered on a platium platter….my fear is tho it may well be just the pendulum of power swings with only talk the talk, whilst not walking the talk….Christ on a cross, I wish they would come up with some NEW BLOOD willing to put their ass on the line for the constituents……I am hearing things about the Marine ? in Calif? & of course if Rand Paul runs for Congress in Kentucky I will be sending a big FAT check! Father & son goes to Washington, has a real nice PATRIOTIC ring to it!


  16. Ms. M

    Chris Matthews is the voice of an idiot….& no I do not watch MessNBC, haven’t since the “racist” was fired….I got DEEP convictions LOL!

    It is too bad has been hi-jacked by, excuse my french, by two twits & one twat….but as my grandmother use to say, “you cannot argue with an idiot” & another favorite was “you can’t polish a turd”


  17. bellalu0

    Well, Dr. Obama has spoken. Wash you hands, sneeze into your sleeve (get plenty of rest, drink a lot of water, and walk slowly.) lol


  18. bellalu0

    We used to have an old doctor and that was his answer to everything. Walk slow and drink plenty of water.


  19. Ms. M

    Bella, he didn’t walk slowly away from that podium, now did the ONE? hehe This guy has got to learn he is a PUBLIC SERVANT & stop trying to make serfs out of his “subjects”…..


  20. bellalu0

    Rich man, poor man, beggarman, thief
    doctor, lawyer, merchant….priest?

    The One in all his glory:


  21. Ms. M

    consumers have to reduce their debt level by 35-45% before they can start spending again….Hey prez where is the consumers bailout? Can you imagine the spending spree if every adult consumer was sent a check for all the funds that were given away? did trade in my 05 for an 08 while in NY….got a great deal with no cash for clunkers & I know some family most likely got an affordable, dependable automobile that gets great gas mileage…..FREE free trade! brother still waiting for tax incentive on new home purchased in Jan…heard from IRS expect a call on eligibility in October…..Isn’t HUGE BUREAUCRACY GREAT?


  22. Mel

    Did you hear how Obama is after the school children now – doing a countrywide infomercial next week! He wants to indoctrinate them as young as possible into his own little army. Thankfully, my brilliant 12-year-old son has decided he favors his Mom’s politics over his Dad’s and he’s become very well informed on our President and all of the issues.’s-Address-to-Students-Across-America-September-8-2009

    The 9/12 Tea Party sounds like it’s gaining steam – wonder if the media will cover it this time? Remember, last time not a word except on Fox.


  23. Ms. M

    Mel, Greta is covering it…checked it out last night & yeah it is growing! Thank God the sleeping giant is awakening & people of all stripes are talking & questioning exactly what the hell is going on….I consider us ahead of the curve due to due diligence in the take out of Imus….what kills me, is either persons ignorant of history or ignorant that it doesn’t repeat itsself, or it couldn’t happen here exist…(lil sis comes to mind) I believe it to be extremely naive to not even question some of the creepy parallels to another “leader” that had a whole nation in the palm of his hand before he destroyed everything….


  24. bellalu0

    I will have to say the one good thing about the Imus situation is it really opened my eyes to the manipulation of the press and especially cable tv. I have watched it get worse and worse since then.

    I do believe the tea party movement has opened the eyes of a multitude of people to that same thing. Ordinary Americans wake up to find themselves maligned as some kind of idiots. It could be a really good thing in the long run.

    The media will cover the 9/12 thing if they are forced to, but they will really sift it to find something negative they can report on. I clicked on CNN for a few minutes today and I heard Sanchez going nuts over some obscure pastor somewhere they were able to find who was saying some outlandish things about hating Barack Obama. Ricky was loving it.

    So they have no shame when it comes to pushing the agenda and making anybody who opposes it look bad. They will go so far as to try to stir up some trouble if they can so they can get the camera shot. So I’m sure everybody will be on the lookout for these tactics.

    I heard Glenn Beck say he was covering the 9/12 protest. I believe I heard him say that, if I’m not mistaken.


  25. bellalu0

    I wonder if the “Voice of God” had anything to say today? lol


  26. bellalu0

    Spitzer wants to make a come–back. (HaHa)


  27. bellalu0

    Rachel Maddow had the swine flu. Did somebody forget to wash their hands??


  28. Ms. M

    Bella, Spitzer was a good Atty Gen for the sad state of NY, why he went for the Gov was beyond me….I guess we could look at their screwing working girls less time to screw the working class hehehe! got my house on the market in upstate, in all probability for 50% less than what it should be, just hoping I can cash out something for it, even after I send Timmy his cap gns, which is going to be a major youch…..anybody getting any credit card offers? ain’t those loanshark variable rates GREAT? boy didn’t we get some ‘relief” in credit card reform…..NOT!


  29. Mel

    Ms. M, good luck selling your house – things have picked up slightly where I live but the prices are down over $100k average from a year ago. I haven’t used a credit card in a year and a half, only my bank card. We took several vacations all pre-paid or w/ cash, no problems renting cars, checking in hotels, etc. My big gripe is my electric bill – almost $300 a month this summer and I don’t live in a mansion. I called to ask why the bills were so high and they laughed about how high they’ll be next year after Obama’s Tax & Cap Bill. I can’t imagine paying $400 a month to keep my house 78 degrees…but I live in the Low Country of SC and the humidity is brutal.


  30. bellalu0

    MsM, maybe you should contact Charlie Rangel and he can help you forget that you sold the house, or even that you Have a house! As they say, no wonder the politicians don’t mind raising taxes because they are not paying any. They have been screwing us for a long time and most of us didn’t even know it.

    It is beyond gratifying to me to hear these people at the town halls trying to bring these crooks to accountability. Sometimes a good holler is the only thing left when nobody is listening. They may not be listening yet, but they are darn sure hearing.

    Would I ever love to be on that bus to Washington, D. C.


  31. Mel

    Rangel, Boxer, many crooks in charge that it’s too hard to count but they’re never held accountable. I am hopeful that we can vote ’em all out in 2010 but you can never under-estimate the stupidity of Americans who are more interested in Dancing w/ the Stars than their own futures.

    Parents across the country are freaking out about Obama speaking to the kiddies next week and a threatening to pull their kids out of school. What is the chance he will simply be pushing good study habits, commitment to education, etc. vs. his agenda? People have no trust in our leader because we still don’t know him.


  32. bellalu0

    MENT OF DEFENSE.—The Secretary of
    Health and Human Services shall consult
    with the Secretary of Defense in identi
    fying individuals described in this para
    graph. Page 473

    I found this buried in hr 3200. What does the Department of DEFENSE have to do with Health Care?


  33. Mel

    You’re reading it but Obama still has not!


  34. bellalu0

    Oops, that page 437. Also on 435. The Secretary of Defense shall establish a meth15
    od for identifying individuals described in paragraph (1)
    16 and providing notice to them of their eligibility for enroll17
    ment during the special enrollment period described in
    18 paragraph (2).’’.

    Problem is who are the individuals described in paragraph 1? Haven’t figured that out yet. But regardless, the Department of Defense? That’s crazy.


    I think what they have planned now is to cook up something in the Senate try to pass it before anybody has a chance to find out what’s in it.


  35. Mel

    That’s been what they did w/ the stimulus – nobody read it and they passed it in the middle of the night. That should be enough in itself for the lot to all resign in shame.


  36. Mel

    Forgot about Imus Times…looks like Chan doesn’t appreciate Bruce. Yikes.

    I had to go my doctor and it was a very nice experience…$20 copay…no long lines, no rationing…then I went to the Post Office and what a freaking disaster. If people really want Public Healthcare, think Public Housing, Public School, etc. Who would choose Public Housing??


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