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Chris Matthews: Bill Clinton is “The Voice of God”

Just when you think you have heard everything…..

I think Chris Matthews has completely gone over the edge.  He compares Sarah Palin to Howard Stern but goes a step further and says Bill Clinton is the “Voice of God.”  I read it, but had to listen to the video just to make sure that’s what he said.  He did.  At least twice.

Referring to a clip of Clinton:

MATTHEWS: That is the Voice of God sir, David Corn. That is the Voice of God because it’s the voice of truth and experience. I completely buy what he said, completely.

See Newsbusters.

Do you think the thrill is gone from his leg? He may need an intervention.

I do have to agree that a little leadership experience would be more than welcome right about now.

Posted: 08.31.09


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