Cable Ratings: Glenn Beck on top – Keith Olbermann on bottom

A couple of delicious little tidbits appear in the Thursday night (08.27.09) cable ratings.

Glenn Beck again tops out in the demo rankings, despite the strong arm “boycott”  initiated by Color of Change.  I sent my letters last week to the cowardly companies that responded to the thugs telling them I am boycotting them.

Secondly, Keith Olbermann is tanking.  He’s #10 in total viewers and #13 in the demo, losing to Rachel Maddow and Campbell Brown.

See Newsbusters for a complete list, including total viewers.

Here are the demo rankings (ages 25-54) Nielsen TV Ratings :

  1. Glenn Beck — 762,000
  2. The O’Reilly Factor– 757,000
  3. Hannity –691,000
  4. On The Record w/ Greta Van Susteren—623,000
  5. Special Report with Bret Baier– 446,000
  6. Fox Report w/Shep Smith–418,000
  7. Larry King Live—378,000
  8. FOX & Friends- 357,000
  9. Nancy Grace – 347,000
  10. Anderson Cooper 360—343,000
  11. Campbell Brown- 337,000
  12. Rachel Maddow Show—279,000
  13. Countdown w/ K. Olbermann– 276,000

I guess Olbermann will still be claiming he is #1 in some sub-section of a sub-section of a sub-section of viewers.  Nobody’s buying it.

Notice:   Fox always takes the top 6.

See Previous Post for Wednesday night ratings.

Posted:  08.30.09


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42 responses to “Cable Ratings: Glenn Beck on top – Keith Olbermann on bottom

  1. Chris Matthews isn’t ranked? Ed whoever had people on calling protesters at town halls wingnuts and teabaggers – he didn’t correct them. They know they are way out of touch with the public so why do they persist “Contracts” ??? they don’t want to be unemployed in this economy would another network hire them after the dismal ratings? MSNBC and NBC are obviously propaganda outfits now you can’t walk that back. They would need bought out re formatted rearranged and re branded. This is the same thing, I stated, right after Imus was fired, nothing has changed, except MSNBC is in a sharper decline. And now Imus will be their competition on Fox Business Channel, talk about having an assortment of reasons for Imus to be motivated 🙂


    • bellalu0

      Haha, I just caught the unintended (sexual) implications of my own title. Sometimes you get something right, even if you don’t try to.


    • AnnaMossity

      You are correct: MSNBC clearly IS a “propaganda outfit.” But why, oh WHY, can’t you see that Fox News is just EXACTLY as propaganda-filled and agenda-driven, just for/from the opposite (and extreme, just like MSNBC) end of the political spectrum??!


  2. Bella
    Look what curic are calling American Citizens protesting at town halls. This isn’t journalism and O’Reilly is starting to beat her in ratings.


  3. riffenberg

    Nice blog! Thanks for all the work.


  4. Haha, I just caught the unintended (sexual) implications of my own title. Sometimes you get something right, even if you don't try to.;. All the best!!


  5. jakk clark

    Glenn Beck! POSTER CHILD OF FICTION! His hurtful and devise dialogue is ripping the progress our country has fought for the last 200 years!

    I am all for freedom of speech! But Not when its a LIE! AND NOT WHEN IT PLANTS SEED FOR CIVIL WAR!



    • Sgt Major

      Hey Jakk take your head out of your ass the only person that is pushing treason is Obama and his court of comedian commies


      • AnnaMossity

        Hey, “Sgt Major,” is the reason that you recognize that Jakk’s head is up his ass that that is the location of your own head, as well? You are either misguided or blatantly dishonest when you make a statement like: “the only person that is pushing treason is Obama and his court of comedian commies.” Period.


      • Sgt Major

        AnnaMossity, you’re right. I apologize. I take back what I said.


  6. jakk clark

    Winning in RATINGS dosen’t mean you’re winning an arguement or that you’re right! It just means it’s more entertaining! KINDA LIKE AMERICAN IDOL or REAL WORLD 99…



    • AnnaMossity

      You are SO right! Being on top in the ratings means next-to-nothing, accomplishment-wise, or as any kind of gauge of quality, in a country that has had, as it’s favorite & top-rated shows, such drivel as: “Three’s Company,” “Hee-Haw,” “Mama’s Family,” “Knight Rider” etc. etc., ad infinitum (and ad nauseum!!).


  7. bellalu0

    “”A revolutionary is a person who either actively participates in, or advocates revolution, according to the goals of the revolution they propose.

    Usually, these goals are part of a certain ideology. In theory, each ideology could generate its own brand of revolutionaries.

    In practice, most political revolutionaries have been either liberals, nationalists, socialists, communists, fascists or anarchists.””

    Van Jones is a revolutionary, socialist, and communist. Thank God he’s out of the White House.


  8. Caddyshack Gofer

    O’Reilly is an idiot, Hannity is mentally challenged, Beck is a liar AND an IDIOT, and Palin is an embarrassment to herself and this country. Wake up and get real.


  9. Anonymous

    And you are, sadly, delusional.


  10. Anonymous

    And wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you in the face.


  11. Anonymous

    The reason MSNBC is rated lower, in general, is becuse they are not included, as are Fixed News and CNN, in the lower level tier of cable and sattelite . So, they have less viewers because less people get the upper tiers with their cable or sattelite subscriptions. DAH!


  12. Mel

    duh, yeah that’s it!! People can’t use their remote controls to find the different channels. MSNBC is horrible, a disgrace to journalism and that is why they are in the basement. Nobody with a brain would watch Ed Shultz or Olberman


  13. Ginger

    There is an interesting story brewing…will msnbc investigate???hmmm..

    A conservative group sent a standard press release to msnbc and they received an email response from Dateline Producer Jane Stone that read ” bite me jew boy.” The president of msnbc is saying Stone did not write that on an email, that she had only written something to the effect..”stop sending me these emails.”…but the conservative group, Americans For Limited Government, says they have the “jew boy” email and this all can be easily proven by computer technology. MSNBC is basically denying at this point. The “stop sending these emails” email by Jane Stone is online at politico/Michael Calderone’s blog, and I believe the “jew boy” email is at the Americans For Limited Government” website. I don’t think we should hold our breaths waiting for MSNBC to get to the bottom of this. The email had come from Stone’s blackberry. So, of course, someone , other than Stone could have sent it, so why not let’s hear from Stone or more investigating by msnbc? Interesting, don’t you think? Ah, these libs are so loving and all encompassing of everyone, now aren’t they?..especially over there at msnbc, yeah.

    Remember the tv show, “Mr. Ed”…??..that’s what I think of when I watch Ed Schultz which is basically about 5 minutes per week, if that much, just to see what he’s up to.


  14. Ginger

    in re: to the above post:

    check out:


  15. bellalu0

    More on MSNBC and fav boss, Steve Capus:

    Statement by Carter Clews of ALG:

    “”The increasingly hysterical responses by NBC news boss Steve Capus to the escalating Stonegate Scandal are disappointing at best and chilling at worst. Here is a man who runs what used to be a highly respected major news bureau who now finds himself conjuring up gremlins in cyberspace to defend what appears to be horrendously bigoted behavior within his own news room.
    Again, we are more than willing to help NBC resolve its internal problems, but Mr. Capus needs to work with those trying to ferret out the full story, not against, us.

    Tom Brokaw, one of Mr. Capus’s closest friends has said of the NBC news boss, “He does have a little bit of a hair trigger. He could blow. But I could always walk in and close the door and say, ‘Take a breath.’ “

    My message to Mr. Capus now is, “Take a breath, and let’s try to get to the bottom of what has now become of your once-respected news organization.”””


    Ha, Capus under the desk again.


  16. Ginger

    And hopefully, there will be no STONE unturned!!


  17. Mel

    Capus & Brokaw bff’s? Explains a lot. Capus is a sissy boy and I haven’t like Brokaw since he threw Imus under the bus.


  18. bellalu0

    Why is this death in Kentucky a national story? There was a similar case near here and they ruled it some kind of kinky sex gone wrong. It never made the news to speak of.

    Maybe the FED on his chest means he just ate.


  19. Bella

    They think it’s because of his participation as a census taker. For some reason if it is they think they can pin that on Fox News for ginning folks up over ACORN. As far as I know this guy had nothing to do with ACORN. He was found in a graveyard. Clay Co.,Ky., has troubles when there isn’t a census they have indited a group of people including a circuit court judge a school superintendent ect…they are in the discovery process of a Huge Voter Fraud in Clay Co., Ky., they say a census right now would not be helpful to the people awaiting trail it could be used to prove voter fraud…also Sparkman was found in a Graveyard? A Graveyard his folks are from Florida so what was he doing in a Graveyard. Well if he was working for the Feds and checking out who in the Graveyard has been voting while dead well……Clay Co.,Ky., has troubles when it isn’t census season 😉


  20. The Thing is there is an earlier scandal that might be related to this death. The taking of a census would be problematic to these defendants. and if he was out lookin in the graveyard for people’s names who voted after they had already passed on….

    I keep going back to why would he be in the graveyard? The News Reports he is from Florida and that is where his folks who have passed on would be laid to rest not a graveyard in Clay Co.,Ky. I know folks from SE Kentucky, I have cousins back in SE Kentucky, they know better than to mess with what is back in the hollers…just sayin Revenuers are Feds too.


  21. Bella

    This is the article that states he was warned, and that he is a native of Florida….so why was he found in a secluded family cemetery – in Clay Co.,Ky.?

    People might be missing the forest for the trees on this one. They want to blame all the anti government on Fox News re ACORN et al. ACORN got dumped from taking the census.

    The way they accused O’Reilly of causing Tiller the Baby Killers death.

    This man wasn’t a member of ACORN so that doesn’t seem to pan out. The Left just wants to pin it on Fox News, hoping they will stop beating the drum against out of control Government Taxing and Spending.


  22. bellalu0

    Oh, so they are just HOPING they can make some connection. They may not even have Fox news there. lol. I thought it was something far fetched.

    They are just desperate to cast some kind of dispersion, aren’t they? Make a connection that does not exist.


  23. bellalu0

    I mean, how stupid can they get? Don’t they know that the distaste for the government in those parts goes back a looong way and certainly didn’t just start in 2009.

    Grasping at straws.


  24. Bella,

    That’s the truth SE Kentucky isn’t Progressive country never was, I don’t believe it ever will be. They don’t trust the Southern Democrat there because they have been done dirty by those politicians over the years.

    It does show the lack of geography knowledge of Progressives again. They really are ignorant about the different demographics in this country, they write these folks off as “hillbillies” like a Progressive knows what that all entails 🙂 They are dismissive of what they don’t understand. I have said before I don’t believe Progressives are the most intelligent people in the country they just tell everyone they are. So if you say something enough times the public will believe they are highly intelligent. The truth is they are bureaucrats who can’t improvise. Their on going song and dance about Tea Party Protesters and Town hall Protesters are proof. They can’t figure out that slimming your political opponent isn’t the same as slimming “The American Voter” stupid is as stupid does. Progressives are nothing more than power grabbing intolerant bigots. I have not seen one peice of real estate in this country that was better off because of Progressive legislation. The sooner they get marginalized by the November 2010 Vote the Better.

    Between have you been listening to Bill Clinton trying to paint all of Obama’s opposition as far right wingers? I voted for Bill Clinton the first time. I oppose the Progressive Agenda.

    Bill knows better. The Democrats have been losing -shedding Democrat Voters for years. The Media just refuses to report on it. Matt Taibbi remarked on the protest vote in 2000 by Democrats who voted for Nader. This time around PUMAS were voting for McCain. The Fringe Media isn’t going to report on the sourness toward the Democrat Brand brought on by the Progressive Leadership.

    My husband got in yesterday he had a layover in Dubai he said Dubai is beautiful. He got some photos but he said, that the best time to get photos is at night. He got to his destination and said it is dirty and dusty 🙂 This tour will be better than Africa, where he was working 10-12 hour days He was the boss but the labor is very unskilled in Africa. This time regular 8 hour shifts, and he’s the boss – their supervisor- NGOs so that works out nicely 🙂 He told me this is the last overseas tour.


  25. bellalu0

    Well, said. And Amen.

    I know you are glad the hubby is back home. Last overseas tour!! Great.

    I just heard that POTUS has spoken with McCrystal only one time since he has been in office. I think we have a problem.

    I saw Bill talking about the vast right wing conspiracy. Very funny. Obama uses everybody is racist when the going gets rough. The Clintons have the vast right wing conspiracy. I noticed his face was rather flushed when he made that statement. He lied about “I didn’t have sex” better. He knows he is lying. If there is a conspiracy, it’s on his side. And that’s the truth. And the “fringe” media is its mouthpiece.

    I’m on a tour of doctors this morning. So I’ll be back later!!! lol.


  26. Bella,

    This is his last tour, he won’t home till March- for a month than back overseas for 6 more months. I worded that wrong. He told me this should be the last one, he will be done by next September of 2010. We are supposed to be going to a family reunion in Spain in July. He might have to meet us there if he can get some time off.

    The plan God help us 🙂 is by the time he gets done with this tour, the economy will be turning around, the housing market will be back on upswing so we can sell this house. We want to relocate to Colorado, his folks are retired and we want to be near by. And I want to be back in the Mountains.


  27. Bella,

    I think it is dumb of Bill Clinton to remind everyone what he lied about. He lost his law license for what 5 years because of lying – perjury. We just had Joe Wilson call President Obama a liar. I wouldn’t want people connecting those kinds of dots if I was Obama, and people end up comparing him to Bill Clinton at his most embarrassing. Bringing up the old right wing conspiracy supposed “victimization” brings up the circumstances. And as I recall Hillary Clinton, who coined the phrase, had to eat crow because of non laundered blue cocktail dress. No it’s not smart politics but it is typical of politicians, who have run out of ways to spin and smear.


  28. Mel

    Ree..your husband will be gone that long?! I thought you’d said a long while back that he had retired or was retiring so I wasn’t sure what you were talking about…thought he was going on a two-week trip or something to that affect.


  29. Mel,

    He did retire from the Army after 27 years. He is now working for the Dread Military Industrial Complex 🙂

    He was in Liberia last year, not as long a tour as this current one. I thought he would get three weeks off every 3 months but they set it up every six months ,than he gets a month off. I am hoping to get some good pics of Dubai he said it was Paradise. They were thinking of sending him to Lebanon, given the news that Iran has a before to know unknown Nuclear facility, I am glad they changed his tour.


  30. Mel

    6 months?! I know we all have to sacrifice but you and your family are doing more than your fair share. As long as he’s not in harm’s way and you can stay in constant touch. When my brother was still in the AF, I could email him and he’d get back to me w/in 24 hours when he was overseas. My sister-in-law would go vegatative for a few days after he’d leave but she’d eventually get into a routine and the months would pass…but it’s not easy on the families left at home.

    Africa is boss just returned from Tanzania where he did a church mission and he said it was brutal. He was sick for 3 weeks when he got home.

    We’ll keep you company on the net so you don’t get lonely!


  31. Ginger

    Bella said:

    Maybe the FED on his chest means he just ate…



  32. Ginger

    Ree, that’s nice that your husband is home for a while, but that must be difficult for him and and your own homefront when he is away. It’s great to have internet these days, however, when loved ones are far away and I know that helps.

    Mel, yeah, McCrystal is begging for more troops and Obama is saying, “uh, uh, well, we’re thinking about it.”…he’s got time to lobby for the Olympics in Chicago , however..
    I’m sure he and Michelle will get their way about this Olympics deal (don’t they always?.. but hope I’m wrong)…I say, along with many Chicagoans (sp?)…take it to Rio.

    Note: listening to Tammy Bruce right now and apparently McCrystal and Barack have spoken ONCE in the past 70 days. General McCrystal has said this.

    As Tammy says, she bets that Obama has and will have spoken to the Olympic people multiple times.

    John Bolton has noted we have a priority issue. That’s an understatement.


  33. Mel

    It was on Drudge about how Obama had only talked to the Gen once and it was a video conference with others no less. I don’t have a loved one in Afghanistan right now and I’m livid but imagine those whose kids, husbands, etc. are there how they must feel when the commander says they can’t win w/out more troops?

    What has BO even accomplished in his life except being elected? Can anyone tell me one great thing? I heard even Sarkozy was calling Obama’s speech last week sophomoric.


  34. Ginger, He just left he is going to be gone for 6 months. I think I keep messing up my wording. I have been chatting with him on yahoo but the time difference is 10 hours so he is working while I am sleeping. The worse part is I lost my math tutor. He was keeping our child’s math grade up – since school started. I might have to get one of those web cams, he can tutor long distance.

    Mel, I am thinking this might be a good time to start transcribing some old tax records from micro film. It is time consuming, and now I will have plenty of time. No one has transcribed early Prince William Co.,Va., tax records starting circa 1782 yet, and they are in demand. I know that sounds nerdy as hell, but genealogist get excited over transcribed records GRIN.


  35. Ginger

    Ree, oh gosh.. 6 months.. well, I probably read over your posts too fast or something, and misunderstood.. and he won’t be at home Christmas.. that is tough. Oh, that’s right he CAN tutor long distance if he has time and can work that out..the internet is amazing.


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