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Do not use a funeral to promote health care. Lord, hear our prayer.

O.M.G. where is Bernie and Cardinal Egan?

I thought it was a little crass for Nancy Pelosi to comes out no less than one hour after Ted Kennedy’s death seeking to use his death to catapult national health care to passage, but this is almost unbelievable here.

I now know for certain that “separation of church and state” only applies to conservatives.  And it’s okay to use a funeral with little children to push a political agenda?  I think not.

“As my grandpa said so often in every part of this land that every American shall have decent healthcare as a fundamental right and not as a privilege.  We pray to the Lord”

“Lord, hear our prayer.”

And “God Bless.”


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Cable Ratings: Glenn Beck on top – Keith Olbermann on bottom

A couple of delicious little tidbits appear in the Thursday night (08.27.09) cable ratings.

Glenn Beck again tops out in the demo rankings, despite the strong arm “boycott”  initiated by Color of Change.  I sent my letters last week to the cowardly companies that responded to the thugs telling them I am boycotting them.

Secondly, Keith Olbermann is tanking.  He’s #10 in total viewers and #13 in the demo, losing to Rachel Maddow and Campbell Brown.

See Newsbusters for a complete list, including total viewers.

Here are the demo rankings (ages 25-54) Nielsen TV Ratings :

  1. Glenn Beck — 762,000
  2. The O’Reilly Factor– 757,000
  3. Hannity –691,000
  4. On The Record w/ Greta Van Susteren—623,000
  5. Special Report with Bret Baier– 446,000
  6. Fox Report w/Shep Smith–418,000
  7. Larry King Live—378,000
  8. FOX & Friends- 357,000
  9. Nancy Grace – 347,000
  10. Anderson Cooper 360—343,000
  11. Campbell Brown- 337,000
  12. Rachel Maddow Show—279,000
  13. Countdown w/ K. Olbermann– 276,000

I guess Olbermann will still be claiming he is #1 in some sub-section of a sub-section of a sub-section of viewers.  Nobody’s buying it.

Notice:   Fox always takes the top 6.

See Previous Post for Wednesday night ratings.

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Howard Kurtz says Glenn Beck attacked Van Jones Because of boycott – Wrong

Here’s a good example of how the mainstream media misrepresents —

This time it’s CNN:

From Newsbusters:

“Howard Kurtz on Sunday  accused Fox News’s Glenn Beck of attacking White House “green czar” Van Jones in response to the advertiser boycott implemented by Color of Change, an advocacy group founded by Jones.”

Now, this is a lie, or Kurtz was ignorant to the fact that Glenn Beck discussed Van Jones’ radical background on July 23, 2009, and again on July 28, 2009.

It was in response to these programs that Color of Change started their call for a boycott of Beck’s show in an email dated July 30, signed, “– James, Gabriel, William, Dani and the rest of the ColorOfChange.org team – July 30th, 2009” See the email here. (That’s James Rucker, the other co-founder of Color of Change and the present Executive Director and previously with MoveOn.org.)

Now, let me see, does July 30th immediately follow July 23rd and July 28th?  I think it does and that makes the Color of Change boycott the retaliation.  That’s the same Color of Change co-founded by Van Jones, now in the White House.

But here’s the beauty of it, Glenn Beck’s ratings have skyrocketed since the boycott, because the viewers are speaking.  His show has rated #1 in the most important demographic, 24-54 ages, in both the Wednesday night show and then again on Thursday night of this week.

See Newsbusters for Thursday numbers and my previous post for Wednesday night ratings.

But I think it’s much more important to ask:

What part of  Glenn Beck’s programs  about Van Jones is not the TRUTH?

Unless Mr. Kurtz will address the substance of what Glenn Beck brought forth and tell us what part is not true, then that’s the end of the story.

Van Jones really is a self-avowed radical and communist and Van Jones is an advisor to the president.

And I guess the most important question of all is, Why is President Obama choosing such far out radicals as his advisers?

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