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Honorable mention to Joan

As an American era comes to a close, at least one of the Kennedy brothers was granted a long life, and I am glad he by all accounts did achieve some peace and happiness.  I think the country paid him his due respect in the last three days.

As we saw his three children, I couldn’t help but wonder, what about their mother?  What about Joan?  Well, I found that she did attend the services, very quitely indeed, because I didn’t hear her mentioned.

Trying “not to intrude” yet to honor the life of her ex-husband, Joan Kennedy attended the Thursday mass in the “big house” at the Kennedy compound, according to her sister Candace McMurrey of Houston, Texas.

“She feels it’s very nice to be included in the final saying goodbye to him and she appreciates being included in that, because she was married to him for 25 years,” McMurrey told ABCNews.com.

joankennedybidenJoan pictured here with Joe Biden

I watched the wake last night and there really were some hilarious stories from his friends and family.  I just heard a letter read that Ted had written to the Pope, hand-delivered by President Obama, and the Pope’s reply.  He mentioned to the Pope that he had fought against the death penalty, but he didn’t mention that he had also fought for abortion.  So I guess it was pick and choose which parts of the doctrine he wanted to champion.  Just an observation.  But nobody’s perfect and if we were perfect we wouldn’t need a savior, now would we?

So Rest in Peace, Ted Kennedy.  Hope you’re having a good chat with your mom, dad, sister, and brothers who have preceded you.

See ABC story here.

Posted:  08.29.09

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