Green Czar, Van Jones, co-founder of

Connecting some dots from Van Jones to Color of Change. org who is out for the destruction of Glenn Beck.  [However, it is not working because his audience has increased, and he is in third place on cable news, only behind O’Reilly and Hannity.]

It turns out that Van Jones is co-founder of with James Rucker who now serves as its executive director. Van Jones is in the upper echelon of Obama’s White House, serving as the Special Advisor for Green Jobs on the White House Council on Environmental Quality, a division of the President’s Executive Office.

Green Jobs Czar – Van Jones

Title: Special Adviser for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality
Salary: unknown

• Will focus on environmentally-friendly employment within the administration and boost support for the idea nationwide
• Rose from near obscurity in the Oakland, Calif., grassroots organizing scene to the leader of a national movement to spur the green economy.
• Founded Green For All, an organization focused on creating green jobs in impoverished areas
• Also co-founder of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and Color of Change, which includes Bay Area PoliceWatch, a group devoted to “protect[ing] the community from police misconduct”
• Published New York Times best-seller The Green Collar Economy: How One Solution Can Fix Our Two Biggest Problems, in October 2008
• Started career as a prison-reform advocate in Oakland, Calif., lobbying for reform of the juvenile justice system and youth-violence prevention programs
• Has law degree from Yale
• 2007: worked on the Green Jobs Act with then-Rep. Hilda Solis (D-Calif.), who co-sponsored the bill in the House
• 1993: was arrested at the Los Angeles riots that followed the acquittal of cops in the Rodney King beating. “I was arrested simply for being a police observer,” says Jones, who had just graduated from Yale Law School and was working with the Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights in San Francisco.
• 1999: was arrested in the 1999 Seattle protests against the World Trade Organization
• Excerpt from a Nov. 2005 interview in the East Bay Express:
Jones had planned to move to Washington, DC, and had already landed a job and an apartment there. But in jail, he said, “I met all these young radical people of color — I mean really radical, communists and anarchists. And it was, like, ‘This is what I need to be a part of.'” Although he already had a plane ticket, he decided to stay in San Francisco. “I spent the next ten years of my life working with a lot of those people I met in jail, trying to be a revolutionary.” In the months that followed, he let go of any lingering thoughts that he might fit in with the status quo. vanjonesyoung2“I was a rowdy nationalist on April 28th, and then the verdicts came down on April 29th,” he said. “By August, I was a communist.” In 1994, the young activists formed a socialist collective, Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement, or STORM, which held study groups on the theories of Marx and Lenin and dreamed of a multiracial socialist utopia. They protested police brutality and got arrested for crashing through police barricades. In 1996, Jones decided to launch his own operation, which he named the Ella Baker Center after an unsung hero of the civil-rights movement.

See RBO for detailed coverage of Glenn Beck’s research on Green Czar, Van Jones.

Never, ever, has there been an administration such as this one in the United States of America.

Watch Glenn Beck on Fox @ 5:00 for more.

Posted: 08.25.09


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17 responses to “Green Czar, Van Jones, co-founder of

  1. Pastor David

    It is sad, that in a time we should be rejoicing about the how far we have come from the racial indifference we are right back into it. Why? Because people like Van Jones and Mark Lloyd, Conyers, Rangel, Sharpton, Jackson and Mr. Obama who seem to think that they are in some way victims of racial indifference. The fact is that these people, these black people are and have proved to be more racist and bigots than white people. Just because you are black gives you no right to demonize and vilify true and honest Americans. It’s a shame that these people here have no love for America and continually demean this country. They step on the blood of patriots, spit on the flag of freedom and present themselves as true defenders of the people. Listen, black people are not a protected culture. What has taken place since this incompetent, spineless wannabe president has been in office, is more racial division than unity. He called for changRe but what we got was a charlatan. His appointees like Van Jones, Lloyd and Holdren has shown nothing more than a distaste for the American way of life and its freedom. You want to be something other than an American then move to another country. You want to call yourselves African-American rather than being an American move to Africa. The only people who are racial bigots are people like you. Lincoln, who was a white man, freed the salves. Here was a man that gave his life for the freedom you are striving to deny true Americans. The only consolation I have is that this will only last four years and no more. WE THE PEOPLE ARE TAKING BACK OUR COUNTRY FROM THE TERRORIST THAT RESIDE AT THE WHITE HOUSE. I AM PASTOR DAVID AND I WILL FIGHT TO FREE THE PEOPLE.


  2. Mel

    Right on, Pastor David! We the people are mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore. This Van Man identified himself as a Communist and he’s allowed to work in the White House? It is unbelievable. Obama has always surrounded himself w/ radicals (Wright, Ayers, Rezko, et al). Why people are all of the sudden shocked is surprising to me…imagine many just were not paying attention last year but thankfully,Obama has awoken the sleeping giant…better late than never!

    I’m a little worried about the Swine Flu but am more afraid of this PC Virus that has infected so many Americans. Americans willingly giving up their freedoms? for what? All we have is our freedom and if we lose that, this country is over. If we lose our right to free speech, we lose our voices. That is this Admin’s goal – to control us from cradle to grave.


  3. bellalu0

    Fox Business Network has announced, after weeks of speculation around the industry, that radio host Don Imus will be joining the network starting October 5th. Imus signed a multi-year deal with FBN to simulcast “Imus in the Morning” weekdays from 6-9amET along with his radio syndication. The announcement stated that Imus will be incorporating more business news into his format.


  4. Mel

    Great news, Bella! I’m up earlier than ever since my son’s school now starts at 7:30 and although I’ve grown to like Fox & Friends, I’ll be thrilled to watch the boys again (w/ out Karith and let’s be honest, Imus is not getting any younger and won’t do this forever)..even get FBN on HG. I hope Bernie is on TV again.


  5. bellalu0

    Mel, I hope they get it set up like they had it at MSNBC, or similar. We’ll see.

    Did you hear a pro healthcare protester bit off the finger of an anti protester? He picked on an old guy with glasses and got in his face and then there was a scuffle.


  6. bellalu0

    Must have been Mike Tyson. lol.


  7. Mel

    The radicals are scary, bitter, angry people who lack any common sense..why I stopped posting at IT. I love a spirited debate but they never want to discuss the issues or defend their views, they only want to attack, insult and shut us up. I guess it did work at IT.


  8. bellalu0

    Yeah, it did work in a sense. I just decided it wasn’t worth it because you’re right, for them it’s all about being nasty. I went over there last night for the first time in a long time and there were three posters. Guess who they were. So I don’t think they really shut us up, we just moved on to other venues.


  9. bellalu0

    I think they are making a mistake by announcing this big speech a whole week ahead of time. Expectations will be so built up and if it’s anything like usual, he’ll just go on and on and uh, uh, umm, and when it’s over you won’t know any more than you did to begin with.

    I guess he’ll come out and threaten like he did before, “We’re going to get this done before the August recess, and I mean it.”

    Didn’t quite work out, did it? I don’t believe he can talk in specifics, only in empty hopes and changes.

    Too many people have read this bill to be fooled.


  10. Mel

    We could take back IT if we wanted…but I like your blog better.

    BO won’t stop at anything to get this passed. Some say he would rather be a one-term Pres as long as he gets as much of his radical agenda passed which explains the RUSH. Why rush something so big so fast, especially with the state of our economy right now.

    He’s just not that interesting of a person to do all these speeches. I have not figured out what is so exciting to so many about this guy – the media still giggle at his every word. I still don’t find him charming, interesting or smart. I read how he’s still smoking like a chimney too which is so unattractive.


  11. Mel

    Congressman warns of dictatorship
    (Athens Banner-Herald, Georgia) Rep. Paul Broun says Obama already has or will have the three things he needs to make himself a dictator: a national police force, gun control and control over the press …chills me to the bone.


  12. Mel

    They say if he doesn’t give the left what they want (Socialized Health Care) they will tear him to pieces. In which case he would be at the mercy of the opposition party to save him. Would the Republicans save Obama we can’t have a lame duck President for the next 3 1/2 years. I still don’t understand how so many Independents voted for Obama…maybe they thought Biden was a fall back guy? The Left will eat their own, and it’s not pretty to watch.


  13. Mel

    Hey Ree. A sign of the times? My mother-in-law, a life-long Dem from Massachusetts, sent me all of her Obama stuff – her invitation to the Inauguration, magazines on his election, NYT when he was elected – to sell on Ebay (if I can even sell them)! It didn’t take long but many who voted for him are very, very disappointed. They thought they were electing a conservative Democrat in the style of JFK and they’re seeing this radical who has surrounded himself with self-described socialists/communists. To tell you the truth, I feel sorry for her because she really believed in him.


  14. Mel, I just finished a post about the Progressives destroying the Democrats. I used to be a Democrat I know what regular average Democrats think like and they don’t think like the “New Left”


  15. Pastor David

    Van Jones is out the door. But wait until you read why he is out the door. He is claiming that the radicals against health reform mounted a furious battle against him. In his twisted mind he thinks he is just a target to derail the healthcare enslavement act. How dumb does he think the American people are? Van Jones is out because, like others that still reside at the White House, he hates the American way of life. He hates anyone not of his color. He hates people who are free thinkers in a society that encourages free thinking. He hates freedom of choice. Mr. Van Jones is a God hater and hates anyone that expose him for what he is, a radical terroristic individual. You cannot run from your past. You cannot say your sorry and then be set free from the hateful choices you have made. You cannot put the blame on Americans that have had all they can take from the Islamic regime that has taken America hostage. Mr. Van Jones will not go quietly. Mark my words he will surface with a vengeance against the American people. The ACLU, ACORN, MOVEON.ORG and organizations such as these will mount a campaign so vicious that the racial divide will become a chasm. All the racial bigots will come to the surface such as the not so Rev. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, Conyers and the whole bunch who only see their color and seems to me to seek for the annihilation of the white race. We have not scored a victory yet, that comes in 2012. We have taken back a small piece of our freedom. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN. I AM PASTOR DAVID AND I WILL FIGHT TO SET THE PEOPLE FREE.


  16. Mel

    Obama: Legalize illegals to get them health care… headline on Drudge.

    What did I tell you – he is going to make sure the illegals take over the country, get everything they ever needed


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