Obama rolls out the Ten Commandments

How low will he go?

As part of a major new initiative from the faith community, Mr. Obama on Aug. 19 will participate in a call-in and audio Webcast with at least 25 faith leaders — from evangelical Christian, Jewish, Muslim and other religious traditions — to aggressively encourage their congregations to support health care reform. [Huh?]

Obama:  “I know there’s been a lot of misinformation” about health care reform, Mr. Obama said. “There are some folks that are, frankly, bearing false witness.”  These fabrications, Mr. Obama said, are distracting the country from its “core ethical and moral obligation… that we look out for one another.”

So if all else fails, play the Jesus card — or maybe it’s the Mohammad card — no, I guess it’s the Moses card.

“Give me Jesus on the line.”

And during this message, I heard him for the fourth time state there were 47 million people in the U. S. without health insurance.  That could be easily construed to be misinformation. See Previous Post. But I guess Dr./Rev./President Obama is exempt from the false witness thingy.   I wonder if he had the Reverend Jeremiah on the line?  Maybe he could pop out and say GD America a couple times to the Hallelujah chorus.


Now, that would be against our core ethical and moral obligation.

Another commandment comes to mind – Check out #5

Honor your father and your mother: that your days may be long on the land which the LORD your God gives you.

And where the hey is the ACLU?

Read the The Whole Story Here.

Posted: 08.19.09

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