Man brings assault rifle to Obama appearance in Pheonix (Update)

UPDATE:  The protester, who refused to give his name, was interviewed by a man carrying a microphone and said, “I am almost always armed.”

The interview, done by Libertarian radio talk show host Ernest Hancock, was staged.

“Absolutely,” Hancock told CNN’s Rick Sanchez Tuesday. “You guys are so easy. What we wanted to do was make sure that people around the country knew that law enforcement in Phoenix, Arizona, protects our rights.” []

Obama in Phoenix today greeted with “angry mobs.”

One protester who didn’t want to give his name was walking around with an assault rifle – in full view.

assault rifle2

“I’m exercising my right as an American in Arizona,” he said. “I’m actually totally against healthcare in this way, in this manner, stealing it from people. I don’t think that’s appropriate.”

The man also carried a hand gun on his hip and a round of ammunition in his back pocket, all completely legal.

He said he’s fighting both healthcare and his right to carry a firearm in public.

Let’s see if Chris Matthews or Dear Rachel jump on this one.  A man carrying an assault rifle, a hand gun on his hip, and a round of ammuniation in his back pocket.  Let’s see — why is it I don’t think we will hear too much about it.  I could be wrong.  Update:  Well, I was wrong in a sense.  They did cover it but altered the tape to present the story the way they wanted it to be.  See:

Complete coverage here.

Posted:  08.17.09  Update:  08.19.09 @ 9:10 p.m.


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13 responses to “Man brings assault rifle to Obama appearance in Pheonix (Update)

  1. MSM22

    hey GIRLS! or should I say IHO’S! I quite AARP when they pushed that divided we fail crap during the last election….Imustruth is a mess I see but was so glad that Ree posted link to your cite Bella! Am still in NY, weather has me wilting…….my best to both of two of the original IHO’s!


  2. bellalu0

    Ree, That’s a good site. I love his emblem “certified fishy.” I heard they pulled the plug on that lol. They kinda look like a fish out of water themselves, sort of flopping around all over the place.


  3. bellalu0

    Hi, MsM, thanks for dropping by. The heat is on in more ways than one, and can you say wishy/washy?! One day it’s one thing, the next day, no, no, it’s something else, then, no, nothing has changed, changing three times in three days. They are eating their own. lol. And, oh, don’t I just love it to see the people say, enough! “Angry mobs” LOL

    The vultures have gathered over Dobbs and Beck, but I think it only helps them. Hope they stand strong, they’ve got public opinion on their side. Lots of people are beginning to wake up and it all began back in April of 07. (Has it been that long?) All I hope is that the Imus/FBC thing comes to pass.

    MsM, bookmark so you can check in with us often.


  4. Bruce

    The laws in each State are different. You can bring guns to any rally unless it is concealed and you do not have a carry permit. Now this wouldn’t go over in New York. But in the State Obama was in it is allowed, as long as it is a legal weapon. Another point: This person was not in Obama’s Town Hall meeting thus he was not doing anything illegal.

    What is our President afraid of? Americans that believe in the second amendment to the constitution? Good Grief!


  5. bellalu0

    Hey, Bruce. Good to see you!!


  6. Hey MSM good to see you, I won’t joining AARP and my father in law said he was paid up in advance but his membership runs out next year and he isn’t renewing. He did get a invite from the NRA for a special rate for joining so he signed up and paid dues for the next 3 years. We really like our second amendment in our family.


  7. You all will love Monica Crowley’s latest, she is writing about the Democrats circular firing squad.


  8. Sammy

    All obama will do is outsource anyways. Just think about the all the lobbyists flocking to Washington DC because of obama’s reckless over-spending of $2 TRILLION in just 6 months, which alone is increasing the National Debt by 20%.

    Politicians take people’s money and reward the large corporations, in this case companies in the health care industry, since they have the money to more effectively lobby politicians. In the end smaller businesses will be hurt.

    Politicians will only reward companies that will be in their best political interest. Honestly, when can you really trust politicians since they are basically professional liars, and being president just means you are the best liar of the time. Why not just give the money directly from the people to the companies and take politicians in government out of the equation?

    obama is going to recklessly spend TRILLIONS of tax payers’ money just to give insurance to about 25% of those who do not have it. Over 50% of people’s income go towards taxes, just imagine how many more people will afford health care insurance if their income is almost doubled because of dramatic tax cuts.

    Competition is what is needed. It lowers prices of products and services, along with developing new innovations. All of which will benefit consumers. You need to remember that monopolistic tendencies can also apply to government.

    The reason why the cost of insurance is high is because politicians in government mandate insurance companies to increase their premiums to pay for ridiculous things. In addition, politicians put up regulations so that Americans are not allowed to get insurance from another state and use the coverage in their own state. This reduces competition making it more expensive for people to get insurance. On top of that medical professionals are not allowed to freely practice their profession in any US state without taking a long and tedious licensing process. This again increases the cost of medical insurance.

    In the end, the problem with most economic issues is too much government intervention of the economy by politicians, who will only tend to do things for political self interest. Just like how obama nationalized GM to pander to its unions. Politicians can barely run government, yet people think they can run a multi-national auto manufacturing company?

    The solution is SMALLER government, LESS spending, and LOWER taxes.


    • bellalu0

      No surprise. I just read something about this being a set-up by a talk radio or something just to see what they would do with it. I’ve got to check it out more.


    • bellalu0

      She said, “white people showing up with guns,” while showing this clip and blah, blah, and I think Chris Matthews had a similar segment using this same clip not disclosing it was an African American man carrying the gun. MSNBC is trying so hard to manufacture “racism” it isn’t even funny. I believe nothing would make them happier if something did happen.

      They are really scraping the bottom at MSNBC. They are also 26th in Neilsen ratings for cable. Whereas FOX is second only topped by USA channel.

      I heard another guy (I believe is was Marc Lamont Hill) say that the town hall protests were racist because — and here’s the tortured reasoning: that the people were mainly older and therefore because they had lived long enough to remember another era of race in our country, that they are protesting because the president is black.

      Well, let it be known that I’m protesting his WHITE half only. lol. And his radical policies. Alan Keyes for president . I ask you Chris and Contessa, would you vote for Alan?


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