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Man brings assault rifle to Obama appearance in Pheonix (Update)

UPDATE:  The protester, who refused to give his name, was interviewed by a man carrying a microphone and said, “I am almost always armed.”

The interview, done by Libertarian radio talk show host Ernest Hancock, was staged.

“Absolutely,” Hancock told CNN’s Rick Sanchez Tuesday. “You guys are so easy. What we wanted to do was make sure that people around the country knew that law enforcement in Phoenix, Arizona, protects our rights.” [CNN.com]

Obama in Phoenix today greeted with “angry mobs.”

One protester who didn’t want to give his name was walking around with an assault rifle – in full view.

assault rifle2

“I’m exercising my right as an American in Arizona,” he said. “I’m actually totally against healthcare in this way, in this manner, stealing it from people. I don’t think that’s appropriate.”

The man also carried a hand gun on his hip and a round of ammunition in his back pocket, all completely legal.

He said he’s fighting both healthcare and his right to carry a firearm in public.

Let’s see if Chris Matthews or Dear Rachel jump on this one.  A man carrying an assault rifle, a hand gun on his hip, and a round of ammuniation in his back pocket.  Let’s see — why is it I don’t think we will hear too much about it.  I could be wrong.  Update:  Well, I was wrong in a sense.  They did cover it but altered the tape to present the story the way they wanted it to be.  See:  http://hotair.com/archives/2009/08/19/unreal-msnbc-edits-clip-of-man-with-gun-at-obama-rally-to-support-racism-narrative/

Complete coverage here.

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Maddow grilled Armey: Are you or have you ever been…..

Listen up.  Maddow is speaking!

MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, and others have made it their business to try to malign and otherwise minimize the tea party movement and I won’t even repeat the insults that have been thrown around, especially on MSNBC, and the outright lies that have been told.

But this, in particular, just about topped it off on Sunday where Rachel Maddow appeared on Meet the Press (just a shadow of its former self) where Ms. Maddow grilled Dick Armey. She was not the host but a guest or panelist:

MADDOW:  Are you a member of the Tea Party Patriots Health Care Freedom Coalition?

ARMEY: I’m a member of Freedom Works, and Freedom Works works with many people who fight for and argue on behalf of individual liberty.

Somebody said that somewhere Joe McCarthy must be smiling.

I admit I did not watch this because I didn’t feel like throwing up yesterday, but I got this information from reading various sources.  It goes on, where Ms. Maddow further exhorts, questions, whatever she felt she should say.

Well, well and my, my.

I do not believe the tea party movement is astroturf or organized by anybody.  But if it is, so what?  One thing I do know – There was no such thing as a tea party movement, tea party coalition, tea party anything prior to the Bush Bailout.  The Tea Party Movement did not exist.  It was born in late 2008.

What I think has happened is some of these organization may have jumped in with advice and so forth AFTER the April 15th nationwide tea party.  I remember reading a list of questions from one of these groups that would be good to ask because the movement was “disjointed, unfocused, et cetera” in other words, real and disorganized.  Unsolicited advice, I might add.  So they didn’t start the movement, they did not organize the movement, and they really are not part of the movement.  They came in on the coat tails of the tea party movement, if at all.

But the points I want to make:

1.  This is grassroots

2.  It is in no way comparable to Acorn and groups of this sort.  They are the exact opposite.

3.  BUT if the tea party movement is organized to the hilt by Freedom Works or any other group, it does not matter.  You can bring people to the water but you can’t make them drink.  Nobody comes out if they don’t want to.  (It is Acorn who had ads in the paper to hire demonstrators.  They are the masters of astroturf.)

4.  It is ACORN that receives about 40 percent of its funding from U. S. TAXPAYER MONEY, with billions on the table for them in the Stimulus Package.  Freedom Works receives no money from the government.

When asked about Saul Alinsky and the type of tactics Alinsky taught, and the type of tactics used by Acorn, Mr. Armey said, “What I think of Alinsky is that he was very good at what he did but what he did was not good,” Mr Armey said. “We don’t organise people to turn up at these town-hall meetings – we don’t provide buses to get them there. But we tell them about the meetings and we suggest good questions they could ask.” More Here.

5.   Ms. Maddow seemed quite exorcised about an “image of Hitler” or a swatiska that may or may not have been at one of the town hall meetings.  (One.  And if it was there, it probably was there by way of the other side just trying to cast some aspersion.)

If Ms. Maddow wants to really get upset, she should look at these photos of signs and images of Hitler and of swastikas being carried by her side to illustrate their contempt for Bush.  I believe on Sunday that she denied this ever happened.


Interesting Trivia:  On August 10th, Ms. Maddow’s show was 8th on a list of 11, just above Nancy Grace. See previous post..

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