The Pelosi pop-up at State of the Union (Video) Funny (Repost)

Some Weekend humor.  These days nothing much seems to be very funny.

Nancy, she’s been jumping up and down again.  She may have spotted a swastika.  Horrors.  🙂

See just a few photos of swastikas being used in the past few years. I wonder if she happened to catch a glimpse of these right in the San Francisco Bay area?!?


But back to a happier time:  Nancy Pelosi jumping up and down at Obama’s State of the Union address.  Now Joe is thinking “Oh, God.  Will you just stay put?!” 🙂

I’m with Hillary.  I am SICK AND TIRED of people saying it is unpatriotic to disagree!!  You go, Hillary.

Posted:  02.28.09  Repost:  08.14.09

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