President: I do not support Euthanasia

I had to laugh out loud when I heard someone say, “You know they have lost the argument when the president has to come out and say, “I do not support euthanasia.”  🙂  Now instead of the “birthers” we have the “deathers.”  Too funny.

Then I hear Chuck Todd say he thinks the administration will handle this “citizen revolt” (my words) by “hurrying up and passing health care reform and get it in the rearview mirror.”

Imagine that.  Think about that.  With Americans being called mobs and people who have never done any more than vote are saying in no uncertain terms, “We do not want this to pass, at least not until we know exactly what it means.”

If that happens and they continue to jam this thing through, any and everybody who votes for it just better pack their bags because they will be leaving Washington.

What we have is a president who promised unity, no red state, no blue state, who said in his inaugural address,”To those Americans whose support I have yet to earn — I may not have won your vote, but I hear your voices, and I will be your president, too.”  So much for that.

And if we have a president who is now going to bulldose this through, then we have a president who has more regard for terrorists in Quantanimo and their rights than he does for his fellow-Americans.

But has anybody ever seen anything like this uproar from average Americans?  It is a middleclass rebellion.  There is no way the republicans or anyone else could get these people off the couch.  No way.

I remember that in the beginning of this movement, people were just saying, “we’re going to get together on a certain date at the post office or other public place.”  People would just show up.  Now all the media shills are saying they are organized, that somebody sent out a list of town hall meetings.  Wow.  Isn’t that horrible.  A list of town hall meetings.  Horrors.  And they even encouraged people to attend.  But it really does not matter.  ACORN has been FUNDED by the United States government for years, and is Obama’s right-hand.  And isn’t it beyond amusing that the head honcho of community organizers is being “community organized?”

Everybody now is calling for debate and civil discussion, but you have to remember if the administration had had it’s way, this would have been passed before the August recess.  So they had no intention whatsoever of having any discussion.

That’s right.  We’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore.

Posted:  08.10.09


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9 responses to “President: I do not support Euthanasia

  1. Soros Supports Assisted Suicide Laws

    “Mr. Soros Provided $15 Million For The Death In America Project, Which Supports Euthanasia.” (Toni Marshall, “Enigmatic Billionaire,” The Washington Times, 11/9/97)

    “Billionaire George Soros Has Contributed $250,000 To Retain Oregon’s Assisted Suicide Law …” (Corky Siemaszko, “Dave’s Top Cop Leads Houston Ballot,” [New York] Daily News, 11/4/97),%20GEORGE%20BACKGROUNDER1.htm

    In 1995, “Soros Voiced Disapproval Of His Father’s Reluctance To Die.” “In an interview with the New Yorker in 1995, Mr. Soros voiced disapproval of his father’s reluctance to die, even though he was gravely ill. ‘My father unfortunately wanted to live … and I was kind of disappointed in him. … I wrote him off,’ he said.” (Toni Marshall, “Enigmatic Billionaire,” The Washington Times, 11/9/97)


  2. This is the foundation of the Progressive – House Health Care Bill…remember who these people’s money man is. Dr Ezekiel Emanuel doesn’t want to supply health care for useless eaters…hmmmm that would be the elderly, mentally handicapped, those suffering from dementia? This is a page book out of the NAZIS eugenicist play book. The NAZIS were socialist too.

    “Mr. Soros voiced disapproval of his father’s reluctance to die, even though he was gravely ill. ‘My father unfortunately wanted to live … and I was kind of disappointed in him. … I wrote him off,’ he said.”


    • bellalu0

      And we have people referencing Media Matters to support health care reform. And they are complaining about somebody being “organized.” It takes a gullible person to believe what they read on Media Matters.

      With Ezekiel Emanuel, Cass Sunstein, and John Holdren, czars and advisors to the president, and with Kathleen Subelius head of the Department of Heath and Human Services who will get tremendous power from this bill, it is no wonder people are a little nervous.

      With the “love” that has been shown to conservatives from the progressives, we would indeed be crazy to put our lives in the hands of these people.

      See the protocol for the distribution of the swine flu vaccine for an example of this idea that children under six months and people over the age of 65 are at the bottom of the priorities.


  3. bellalu0

    Dr. Ezekiel J. Emanuel, presidential adviser, Govind Persad, and Alan Wertheimer,wrote an article on January 31, 2009, outlining several methods of distribution of medical services. (I believe they are referring to emergency situations, vaccines, etc.) In the end he concludes that none of the 8 systems now used are acceptable and he writes the following:

    “”Because none of the currently used systems satisfy all
    ethical requirements for just allocation, we propose an
    alternative: the complete lives system.””

    The complete lives system is explained at the end of this article. Notice the objections.

    Click to access PIIS0140673609601379.pdf


  4. Bella

    I would call it “Ghoul Care” that’s what the Progressives have planned for the country. What’s the answer to medicare going broke well they are probably tired of the elderly voting conservative anyway. Didn’t Jame Carville write in his book 40 years of Democrat Rule, that they think their opposition is the elderly voting conservative, and that those voters are dying off…maybe they want to help give them a push 🙂 Brave New World. These Wankers really need to lose big in 2010, they kind of have it coming to them.

    They have a problem with this position on Health Care everyone knows they will be elderly some day, and they may trade the elderly today for their comfort at present but someday they know it will be them in this same position.

    Although the cost of this Bill will bite into everyone via taxes in the present so It is really a non starter for various generations, except the very young, who don’t think past what they are doing a few hours into the future, and think they are immortal.

    I really wonder how much of the House Legislation is getting written the way it is, to make their money man happy?

    I think Obama could be rescued from them in 2010. I know David believes he is all in. I still think he would like to be able to back off the very far left like Nancy Pelosi faction of the party. It would be so much easier for him to govern from the middle. There are already more people from the Administration showing up on Fox News. There have already been rumblings that what Pelosi and all are doing is unhelpful for bipartisan legislation, and that they are unhappy with the way things have been going since January. They might be using her for the villain to deflect criticism from Obama. In the end it doesn’t matter there are more of us than there are them.


    • bellalu0

      I just watched a town hall in Pennslvania with Specter and it was on all channels. He had it very well organized and I think he did a good job. This should dispel any ideas as to who are attending these meetings. They are going to have to back off the astroturf business. I heard Cohen I believe it was say that he checked id’s of those attending his town hall and 90 percent were people from his precinct.

      This morning, one lady had a tee shirt that said “Proud to be a member of the Mob.” Pretty cute.

      So in the final analysis, they should have had it organized from the beginning. It’s up to the one holding the meeting to make sure it is orderly.


  5. In Family History Research as in any other kind of research the first rule is FOLLOW THE MONEY – usual suspect.


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