Health care bill HR 3200 – complete text

HR 3200 dated July 14, 2009, Introduced by Dingell, Rangel, Waxman, Miller of California, Stark, Pallone, and Andrews

“”To provide affordable, quality health care for all Americans and reduce
the growth in health care spending, and for other purposes.””

“For other purposes?”  Now what does that mean?

Throughout this bill, tremendous power is vested in “The Secretary.”  I’m still searching to find where it tells us Secretary of what. — Okay.  Here it is:  Secretary in this bill refers to the Secretary of Health and Human Services.  SEBELIUS.


If you use “open in separate window” you probably will stand a better chance of getting this to come up.

No wonder they don’t want to read it.  And no wonder there is confusion and misinformation.  It boils down to a matter of trust and I don’t trust any of them.

Here’s a post that illustrates the near impossibility of understanding the language of this bill.

See Previous Post.

Sebelius says, “Don’t let the details distract us…..”

Posted  08.08.09


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14 responses to “Health care bill HR 3200 – complete text

  1. It is important that we make sure that these types of events are broadcast by the media. We need to make sure that the American people see the entire debate – the pros and the cons.

    Open, honest and complete, that’s coverage we must demand.

    This is two important for ANY side of this debate to hijack it, to paint the others as thugs, terroists, or worse Nazi (Pelosi). If we cannot have open debate on an issue of this importance, what is the Bill of Rights about? Freedom of Press, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Speech — they cannot be just words on a piece of paper.

    Now is the time to cash in what we have fought valiently for and memorialized in every monument to our fallen soldiers, at Arlington National Cemetary and many of the other institutions such as VFW, American Legion and the like.


    • bellalu0

      Nobody has laid out the pros and cons of the plan that Obama said would be passed before the August recess, adding, “I mean it.”

      Well, it didn’t happen and if there is ever a time to fight it is now. What condensension for the president to try to reduce the debate to whether to take a “red pill or a blue pill.” He is saying, “Trust me.” I learned a long time ago not to trust any man who said, “Trust me.” lol


  2. Supposedly this spells it out? Not really it’s another just trust me speech:) would you buy a used clunker from this man 😉 There are some interesting comments. One I read was: when Obama says that the government won’t run health care insurance, is that the same as he doesn’t want to run GM LOL!


  3. Elizabeth

    Wow! I like your web-site. If I share any of what I read here, what do I say when someone says, “Where did you get that?” Who are you.

    I really just want to see the actual text of H.R. 3200 to check out some of the claims that I think are true that are circulating around. Can you help?


  4. Leah Davis

    God help us all…the %$^& welfare recipients are all for Obama the media hungry pied piper who will all lead us like lemmings to the sea to be drowned in his over the top far reaching over excess of government control. Wake the Hell up! Contact your senators and congressmen those who haven’t been bought yet. And beware. Oh yes, the cash for clunkers program is really working, LOL! Car dealers are still waiting on their re-imbursements from the government. Do you really want the government in control of your health care? Seems to me like “big brother” is getting too big for his britches! I go along with the comment that “I don’t trust any man who says ( TRUST ME!!! ) Yeah, right!!!


  5. Mrs. C.D. Frey

    How dare Mr. Obama tell me with his “straight face” I will be better off with HR 3200 than I am now! My husband and I do not have all the health care we would like to have, BUT, I can read and seeing what HR 3200 stands for makes me heart sick, indeed.


  6. I did some research recently to find out why I feel this HR3200 will be a fiasco for Americans. First of all, they claim Medicare is going bankrupt. I wondered why since the government initiated the Medicare Advantage plans (which we “had” to purchase since our doctors refused regular Medicare). I called both Medicare and our Advantage plan and asked who was paying for our medical bills. I was told that all the Advantage plans get is a small part of our Medicare premium and for that they must pay all our medical bills. We end up having to pay two monthly premiums so we can have the government’s joke for a Medicare plan, the Advantage plans pays our bills and yet MEDICARE IS SUPPOSED TO BE STILL GOING BROKE! WHY?? iF the gov can’t do better than this for Medicare, how can we expect it to take on HR3200?? BTW, I think they should use their time to take care of the problems with Medicare and find out WHY it is going broke if the other companies are paying the bills? I write to my senators and reps but all I get is the regular “we are glad to hear your concerns” crap but no answers. If HR3200 passes I hope all sane Americans see it for what it is and take acton with their voting powers and their voices. We can’t allow the Constitution to be ignored by certain politicians in Washington.


    • Anonymous

      If I understand it correctly, it’s the Advantage plan that is going to be eliminated.

      But I agree with you completely, if the medicare program has been run in such a way that it is going broke, why in the world would anybody believe they could successfully run a program about 100 times as big. Those who are 65 and over are just a drop in the bucket to what they are proposing. It just makes no sense. And think about the waste and fraud that is likely to happen and if they can’t control it in a small program, you know it will be rampant in a large one.

      Plus have you seen the diagram of all the departments that will be created? That will all cost a fortune.

      And I don’t like the tremendous power that will be given to the Secretary for HHS. (Sebelius).


  7. Rita Wilhoite

    CONGRESS SHOULD DISCLOSE THE DETAILS OF ITS PRESENT HEALTHCARE COVERAGE. The proposed plan allows Congress to keep its present coverage. Wow! Would most American switch their insurance coverage for the insurance of Congress? Congress should offer its coverage at the same cost to all American citizens. Then, and only then, should citizens trust the public option touted by President Obama and Congress.


  8. marvin purser

    What paranoia about the Democratic agenda. If everything the Republican rednecks say is in this bill was, every democrat would lose in the next election.
    Not one of you Republican rednecks have ever copied/pasted one single paragraph in the bill to back up your accusations.

    Oh, by the way, Social Security and the Federal Transportation System is Socialism too! Get a life!
    The Government is of the people. That’s democracy. by the people, that’s Representation.
    and for the people: That’s all the people, so that’s socialism! Every program the government does that affects us all is socialism.
    Which one of you read the Social Security bill before it was passed years ago? Did your parents gripe that it was socialism and we were going down the tube? Puh-leeeeeze!
    and “Obama Care.”: Congress did it, not Obama!
    And they did it with the required number of votes
    just like the Republicans did to start the Iraq War!

    Why would you think that you are being Bush-whacked now?


    • marvin purser





    particularly troubling is the section allowing ‘approation of monies needed to implement this bill, they don’t even have to go to congress, just take the money


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