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The sleeping giant is rolling over – Angry Americans are everywhere! (Videos) (Updates)

On July 30th I posted three videos Here, two from Missouri at Claire McCaskill’s town hall and one from Raleigh, North Carolina, where President Obama held a town hall meeting, which was last week.  Now here’s one held by Kathleen Sebelius and Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania, all mostly about Obamacare, and I believe this one was yesterday.

Looks like those “crazy teabaggers” are everywhere, doesn’t it?  Oops, I do believe these are Americans who are sick to death of the government we have been getting.

we_the_people WILL NOT SHUT  UP!

Did you hear Specter say it was just so hard to read all those bills, they have to do things so fast?  Looks like Ms. Sebelius is getting a little irritated, too, and her arrogance is showing.

The silent majority speaks.  The sleeping giant rolls over.  And 2010 is right around the corner.

This is a good one below – Long Island, N. Y.  “Throw the bums out”

Posted:  08.03.09  Added 2nd video 08.03.09 @8:32 a.m.  Added last vid 08.03.09 @10:04.


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Kenyan birth certificate surfaces – take a look at this one (Updates)

Well, as Nancy Grace would say, “Bombshell ta.night.”

A Kenyan birth certificate of Barack Obama  has appeared on the internet.

Note:  This is not the same document that was declared a counterfeit last week.

And just as you think this thing is dying out.  This guarantees to keep it alive indefinitely.  What is ironic and kind of funny is that now instead of trying to say the Hawaii birth certificate that is online is authentic and all that is needed, the Obama side will have to shift gears and try to say why the Kenyan birth certificate is not valid.

I’ll say one thing, this looks more convincing than the Hawaiian one.  It has a signature, a seal, name of a hospital, but no doctor.  It also has a book (44B) and page number (5733)  at the bottom and that is extremely important, and there’s a “I do hereby certify” with a signature.   But if you could go to Kenya, that book and page number should take you right to the original document, if it exists.  The only thing I see that looks a little strange is the creases.  It was folded in an odd way.

Take a look at it Here.  (This is the web site of Orly Taitz, the lawyer who represents the military guy who refused to report for duty and then the government withdrew his orders.)

UPDATE: Ummm, I don’t know.  Taking a closer look, there is something behind each and every word in the background that does not appear in the document overall.   Looks like somebody could have taken a real document and imposed the words on it?  Don’t know.  It’s pretty good though, pretty darn good.

UPDATE:  Watch this.  It’s really amazing how I can see this as Shuster and Tamron Hall ganging up on Orly Taitz and not letting her talk, ridiculing her, et cetera and Huffington Post can see it as a melt down on her part.  This is the highest form of intimidation by the very unprofessional media.

And suddenly Ann Coulter is the end all and be all of what is and is not crap?  I would call it desperation — MSNBC quoting Ann Coulter. Just too funny.  Huffington Post.  They have also listed the flaws in the bc Here.

But, hey, drop it.  We should just drop it.  Who cares if the President of the United States isn’t a citizen?  🙂

Posted:  08.02.09  Update:  09.02.09 @ 5:58 p.m.  Update:  08.03.09 @ 7:56 p.m.


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