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Chris Matthews: Bill Clinton is “The Voice of God”

Just when you think you have heard everything…..

I think Chris Matthews has completely gone over the edge.  He compares Sarah Palin to Howard Stern but goes a step further and says Bill Clinton is the “Voice of God.”  I read it, but had to listen to the video just to make sure that’s what he said.  He did.  At least twice.

Referring to a clip of Clinton:

MATTHEWS: That is the Voice of God sir, David Corn. That is the Voice of God because it’s the voice of truth and experience. I completely buy what he said, completely.

See Newsbusters.

Do you think the thrill is gone from his leg? He may need an intervention.

I do have to agree that a little leadership experience would be more than welcome right about now.

Posted: 08.31.09


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Do not use a funeral to promote health care. Lord, hear our prayer.

O.M.G. where is Bernie and Cardinal Egan?

I thought it was a little crass for Nancy Pelosi to comes out no less than one hour after Ted Kennedy’s death seeking to use his death to catapult national health care to passage, but this is almost unbelievable here.

I now know for certain that “separation of church and state” only applies to conservatives.  And it’s okay to use a funeral with little children to push a political agenda?  I think not.

“As my grandpa said so often in every part of this land that every American shall have decent healthcare as a fundamental right and not as a privilege.  We pray to the Lord”

“Lord, hear our prayer.”

And “God Bless.”


Posted:  08.30.09


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