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Take poll on Hillary’s future

Take the poll at Newsbuster Poll on Hillary’s future

Choices Are:

Run for president in 2016

Run for president in 2012 if Obama is vulnerable

Return to the Senate

run for governor of New York

Posted: 07.29.09

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Chris Matthews takes up health care, Glenn Beck, Birthers (Update)

I’m watching FOX MSNBC so you don’t have to.

I caught a segment of Chris Matthews Hardball today (7.29.09).  Not quite as blatantly insulting as some previous shows, but they just could not resist playing the race card as they were accusing Glenn Beck of playing the race card.

We have Chris Matthews, a lady from the Washington Post, and a man from Politico.  They both seemed to be on the same side, and this time, in some points, Matthews was asking some real questions.

This is paraphrasing:

Chris says stay tuned, there will be something on Glen Beck and the Birthers.  Something about the politics of personal destruction (funny) by the republicans and “will this hurt the republicans?”  Reference to the “president’s enemies.”

The first topic was health care and from AARP person asking:  Is there something in the bill that send somebody out to counsel the elderly about how they wish to die?  This question was posed to the president by phone, and she asked him to promise her this was not in the bill.

President Obama said something to the effect, You know, I guarantee you first of all that we don’t have enough government workers to send to everybody.  But that there was something – and he thinks it’s a good thing – that makes it easier to fill out a living will.

Then a clip of Virginia Foxx  (R/NC)  on the floor of the House making a statement about an alternative bill that is “pro-life and it will not put our seniors to death by their government.”  Not the exact words, now, but pretty close.  I’m sure there’s a video of it.

Somebody said, maybe there’s a provision in there which allows you to get counseling.

Chris:  What the hell is that doing in the bill?  Why be visited every five years?

WaPo woman: It’s just an extention of something from the Bush administration.  (Funny – Back to Bush, it’s all his fault.)

Chris:  This is about health care, why have this conversation with them?  It offers fodder for the republicans to find something to kill the bill.

Something about living wills.   (Which they already do when you go into the hospital.)

(I’m just wondering how HIPA plays into this with computerized records?)

Now to Glenn Beck…..

Beck says the president has some deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture, I’m not saying he doesn’t like white people, he has a problem – is a racist. (paraphrasing)

Woman from WaPo:  Why are we talking about this guy?   He comes from the same hateful school of punditry as Ann Coulter.

Chris:  Because more people are watching him than read the Washington Post.  (Funny)

See New Daily News for back story.

Now to the Birthers:

Chris:  The republican right, the far right, questions the birth implying “this guy’s not one of us.”

The far right – something about racial overtones, trying to give themselves some degree of assurance that this country did not elect an African American.’

Chris:  Of course it’s about race.  It’s not about documentation but pigmentation.  The republicans should cut loose the caboose, cut it loose.

(Well, there you go.  And I thought it was about producing or failing to produce a birth certificate.  Silly me.  Of course, the “caboose” is full of American citizens who could probably come up with a birth certificate without too much difficulty.  Matter of fact, if one of them wants to, say, get a passport or apply for Social Security, that’s exactly what they would have to do.  Don’t think it would work to tell the federal government that you put it on the internet — just Google it.)

[Comments in parenthesis are mine.]

UPDATE: RBO has a great post bringing this whole thing together with videos, names of the guests on Hardball mentioned above and showing the role of Media Matters in the thinly veiled connections between MM and MSNBC. For whatever reason, when a person is targeted or an issue is targeted for “destruction,” they all act together, in concert. And it appear that the Washington Post and Politico are in the loop.  No blow is too low.  Once you catch on to how it works, it’s easy as pie to see. I haven’t even read MM lately, but I know from what I have seen on MSNBC that the current target(s) are the Birthers, Glenn Beck, the tea baggers, probably Lou Dobbs, and always the republicans. See the post here.

P. S. Well, calling the president a racist? Perhaps Beck could have calibrated his words a little differently.  But he says that whether he has a radio show or not or whether he has a tv show or not, they will not shut him up. Speak on, Glenn.  “Fan them flames.”

Does anybody remember the vile things Bush was called?  Ever watch Keith Olbermann?  Especially during the Bush years.  So here we have MSNBC getting all upset over Lou Dobbs or Glenn Beck?  You can’t make it up.

On Morning Joe in their Beck Bash, Jonathan Capehart (Washington Post again) said how could he (the president) possibly be a racist, he’s half white, for goodness sake.  Wait a minute.  Wouldn’t that make him a racist for a certainty with that white blood and all?  🙂  Didn’t Gates call Sgt. Crowley a racist?  And Gates gets a documentary out of it.  Double standard?  Nah.

But then I’m just a typical white person clinging to my guns and bible and it’s really hard for me to keep from acting stupidly.

Posted:  07.29.09 Updated: 07.30.09 @ 2:05.

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