Here they go again on MSNBC talking about the “crazy tea baggers”

I’m watching MSNBC so you don’t have to.  I saw this somewhere but it said watching Fox so you don’t have to.

Here we go again:  MSNBC about the birthers.

They say it’s “scarey” and “racist” and it’s just “crazy tea baggers” and people like Lou Dobbs.  The word crazy about 10 times in a few sentences.  It’s not even so much about the issue, about any issue.  It’s the ma.nip.u.lation.  I hate manipulation.  And suggestion, mind control.  I guess they think if they say the tea baggers are crazy, the birthers are crazy enough it will make it so.  But truthfully making it so is not the objective.  Making everybody think they are crazy is the objective so when they speak they will be disregarded, even if they are bringing up valid issues.

The so-called news people on cable tv really have no right to call anyone names.  They really don’t.  These are American citizens they are berating.  No wonder they don’t have any viewers left, they are insulting 2/3 of Americans.  People can do what they want to do.  How is it news anyway?

Now someone is coming down on law enforcement on MSNBC.  They think they are so smart.  Unbelievable.  This man is saying that Gates will be there and knows exactly how to help the president smooth this over and that’s what he will do.  And the two of them are going to instruct Crowley on how he should have handled it.  As I have said – Crowley, DO NOT GO.

Next segment (Tamron Hall and Donny Deutsch) and guests:  “republican wingnuts, wing nuts (3x), desperate, paranoid, nutty tea baggers.”

Ridicule.  Lay them low.  Call them names.  Give them a pill — preferably the red one!!  🙂  Saul Alinsky’s rules are really taking hold.

Oh, well.  This is funny:

And by the way:  Where IS the birth certificate? 🙂  That is the question.

Posted:  07.28.09


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17 responses to “Here they go again on MSNBC talking about the “crazy tea baggers”

  1. Every time I get angry or depressed over how the MSM and the Liberals do their best to defame Americans, I think about the growing likelihood that this will all end in revolution.

    Then I remember who is armed. Then I remember what happened to the oppressors and their shills in the French Revolution. Then I feel better, much better.


  2. There are 4 different kinds of birth certificates Hawaii statutes could use -issue? This is confusing there are 4 different ways to report a birth, and have it recorded and certified in Hawaii?


    • bellalu0

      Ree, common sense would tell you that he would have released except for the fact there is something that he is trying to hide. It just makes no sense otherwise, so which kind is it?

      I think this is probably the most interesting of the statement of the lady K….””prohibits the release of a certified birth certificate to persons who do not have a tangible interest in the vital record.”” And she goes on therefore…..

      Therefore, what? Therefore HE HIMSELF IS THE PERSON WITH TANGIBLE INTEREST and the one who could get it.

      So many worrisome things. And now congress has passed some resolution that is in honor of Hawaii’s birthday or something and in it is a whereas that says he was born in Hawaii. So Chris Matthews says that settles it once and for all and forever.

      He hopes!


  3. Bella take a look at the comments, I am a racist still for listening to Imus and being a Malkin fan. Star date July 2009 zombie obots still calling anyone who disagrees with them racist.


    • bellalu0

      Oh, boy. Pretty narrow minded in my opinion. But I watched MSNBC all day today and it is really amazing how hateful and insulting they are in program after program. They are really trying to beat down any dissent. But I think it is not going to beat down. Just makes people more determined.


      • Just sit back and make a list. If and when it all falls apart – not before, please – refer to the list for targets to be consigned to the flames.


  4. Bella

    The Obots don’t have a lot of places they can troll anymore, Logistics Monster just dumped one into the snowbank that last thread I posted. They have made themselves unwelcome to most blogs so they only have the open threads left, that’s why the last thread on Imus Truth is still going- they have no where else to troll. That’s my theory.


  5. Bella

    I just watched it on PJ Media they need it to go viral.


  6. In your somewhat convoluted ramble, you make a good point about the hype spread by TV news dumbing down the nation. But I’m surprised you inferred that the Birthers might have a valid point and asked, “Where is the birth certificate?” Maybe you should turn off the Dumbing Down Machine and read the news a little closer? For the birth certificate, try


    • bellalu0

      Sorry about the ramble. But thanks for the comment. Sweetheart, I have read, in fact, wrote a post referencing their site and stating they had thoroughly investigated the matter. It just keeps coming up. I was responding to what was a major segment on cable news just last week.

      And I kinda’, sorta’, seriously doubt there are many people who read the news any closer than I do!

      I’m just saying, there are some anomalies here and why would the birth certificate not be released by the only person who can obtain a copy, the president? Why would he spend thousands of dollars to resist doing so? Just makes me wonder why.

      So “Where IS the birth certificate?”

      But, note, I said this morning that it should be dropped. Who cares if the President of the United States is not a citizen? LOL.

      Besides, this is a distraction from the very real outrage in this country about the direction we are going. Did you see Sebelius and Specter in that town hall meeting?

      And how about this?


  7. Bella

    If this was the opposition they would be screaming from the lamp post for the original long form birth certificate to be produced. If AMERICAN CITIZENS demand it be produced they’re dumb or crazy where have I read and heard that before LOL. Of course your writing style has to be attacked, you are not Worshiping “The One”

    Do you remember what they tried to do to Sarah Palin, via her youngest child Trig? They were DEMANDING that the hospital where her child was born, and the doctor release his Medical Records. Now that’s for a Toddler not running for anything and not the current President of the U.S. that is bound by the Constitution of United States of America, after all he put his hand on a famous bible and swore an oath to the same Constitution.

    Do you see the double standards? Now expect an Obot to show up and explain why demanding a baby’s birth certificate is alright and necessary but not a person an adult running for the highest office in the land.

    Birther Gate indeed.


  8. bellalu0

    Well, I’m in Lou Dobb’s camp, I believe Obama was born in Hawaii, so why don’t they just provide the long birth certificate just for the heck of it and stop it in its tracks? Simple. End of story.

    By the way, I just learned this morning that Lou Dobbs in a Harvard graduate with a degree in economics.


  9. Bella,

    That’s what I have said, just produce it, put it to bed, and be done with it. What political advantage is there in keeping this going?

    I think it is kind of funny as in enjoyable. I like reading all the speculation it’s fun to what if. To Family Researchers discussing a vital record, and interpretation is what we do for fun, we love working a document over. The first thing one of us will usually do to support our argument…. well we get a copy of the original, and share it with everyone. Then everyone can add their input. Yes I know it is nerdy, but it’s what we do, we have long detailed discussions over records and historical documents just ask history chaser GRIN.

    First we judge “Weight” the weight you can place on a record. A birth certificate, and marriage certificate are the two best vital records, because the individuals are present when the document is created. Although like in the case of my Grandparents both the Newlands and the Kenneys had their last names mis spelled on documents My 2d Great Grandmother Lousia Sabin, had her name mis spelled Sichen on her daughter my Great Grandmother’s marriage certificate. Out of the three documents, I give the least weight to death certificates, because the person who gives the death info doesn’t always know the info to fill in the specifics. My 3rd Great Grandfather Oliver Owen Hogeboom’s father was David Hogeboom…his son Jay C Hogeboom listed his grandfather as Winfield Hogeboom well maybe Winfield was his middle name. He put his father’s wife’s name for his father’s mother…so maybe the clerk said name of mother and he gave his mother’s name? I have a copy it’s a mess. I have two vital records from Hawaii as I mentioned before a marriage and death certificate they cost me $11.00 a piece

    My Great Grandfather Charles Lovejoy McDaniel died, his eldest son Irl Isaac McDaniel gave the info now Charles Lovejoy McDaniel’s mother was Mary Jane Center but his mother died before any of his children were born, he only knew his Grandfather’s second wife, who was Margaret M (Lawler) McRoberts, a widow herself, so Irl Isaac McDaniel stated on his father’s death certificate that his mother was Margaret Center….

    I can tell they already made mistakes transcribing the live birth document that they keep waving around from fact check org. In 1961 they didn’t use “African” as an ethnic identity. Who knows what else they decided to clean up on the document?

    We don’t need transparency from the President, who promised The most Transparent Administration Evah. What are the American People crazy, they don’t have a right to constitutional accountability.
    But absolutely lets invade the private medical records of a special needs baby/SARC.


  10. bellalu0

    Imagine this: Try getting the proceeds of a life insurance policy by telling the insurance company, I went to the funeral, I have seen the death certificate, and I’ll just send you this death announcement from the paper. I’ll then post the death certificate up on the internet so you can see it.

    And don’t hold your breath until you get the money. lol.


  11. bellalu0

    “”In Kenya, she plans to meet with President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga, encouraging them to proceed with their intention to rewrite the country’s constitution. The East Africa country was hit with a wave of violence a year and a half ago following flawed presidential elections.””

    I remember that name: Raila Odinga.


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