Should Crowley meet with President and Gates? (Poll) Updates/Videos

Posted:  07.27.09 Updated 7.27.09 @ 1:58 p.m.  Updated:  7.27.09 @ 4:37 p.m.

Please vote.  There’s 1 vote so far AND IT’S ME!!  LOL. (Now there’s more – thank you thank you.)

UPDATE: Representative McCotter (R/Michigan) calls for an Obama apology – a real one.  He agrees with me :).

Hear audio here.

The issue is really the power of the presidency coming against a citizen. We’re talking about Cambridge, Massachuetts, a liberal stronghold. I just learned Cambridge has a black woman as a mayor, and I knew that Massachuetts has a black governor, and the President of the United States is black.  So I just don’t get it.   You mostly hear statements like: “There is a history of racism in this county, especially in the deep South….” and I think we get a bad rap. Massachuetts definitely is not the “deep south” and yet and still there is this high profile racial incident. I haven’t heard of anything like that around here, but then nobody would have heard of this had the President not inappropriately injected himself in it.

Old saying: It’s not what you know but who you know. True. But the president should realize he’s not in Chicago. 🙂 A teachable moment. For him.

Lord, Here’s a little insight into the thinking of Professor Gates. Chip on shoulder. Or maybe boulder on shoulder.

Old saying: Get the plank out of your own eye so you can better see how to get the speck of dust out of another’s. Quote of One of considerable influence.

UPDATE:  Video/audio of 911 call and dispatch released:

We still haven’t heard what Professor Gates had to say.

H/T:  RBO.  Thank you.


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4 responses to “Should Crowley meet with President and Gates? (Poll) Updates/Videos

  1. Bella I can’t decide when does a regular Joe get to meet the President of the U.S.? From what I have heard, it sounds like he voted for Obama so I am guessing they will meet. I think it is a waste of air time but the Media loves to create news out of nothing at all 🙂


    • bellalu0

      Ree, I would not go because it is already a known fact that the president is taking the side of his good friend Skip. Why would I want to go and have the two of them “teach” me how to do my job? Talk about being called on the carpet!!

      As Bush said, “A dictatorship is not such a bad thing — as long as I’m the dictator.”


  2. Bella

    I am getting the impression that Sgt Crowley is an Obama supporter so he would be going to see the man he might have voted for? I don’t see how having a beer with the both of them solves racism in America. Wasn’t firing Imus supposed to solve racism in America LOL!


    • bellalu0

      I think Crowley is an Obama supporter. I heard one of his female colleagues say she voted for and supported Obama but she would not vote for him again. I heard Tony this morning weighing in on it.

      They say there will be a meeting, still think it’s a mistake. lol. Maybe if he brings along the two officers there with him as well as an attorney it will be all right.


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