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Where Is the birth certificate? No. 2

Chris Matthews just laid the “Birthers” low again.  I include myself in that category because I’m not particularly satisfied with the certification of live birth on Obama, the phony looking one which Chris showed again, the same one that’s on the internet, not anything new.  He held it up and I still don’t see a seal or a signature.  What would be so hard about getting one with a seal on it?  Here it is.  Now, honestly, does this look real?  Why does the background extend beyond the border?  And where’s the seal and signature?  It could be on the back I guess, but not likely since there’s plenty of room on the front.  I did notice the one he put up has rounded corners for what that’s worth.


He started out by calling all who question the proof of birth…..I can’t remember the word he used at the very beginning. Maybe I will remember it.  Some really derogatory word though.

Then Howard Fineman of Newsweek came on and in his, oh, so serious voice, he made his contribution to this fine piece of jounalism and said that he had seen “this kind” down at a tea party in Kentucky when he was there, the “rocks at the bottom of the river when the water is low.”  Chris then says the birthers are the ones, when they take the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, would answer yes to questions like, “is someone following you? is somebody trying to kill you?” – the “full mooners” – “the ones with psychological problems” – “the erogenous zones of insanity.”  This is some very extreme language.

I think they are coming for me!!  🙂  straight jacket2

See video of the Chris Matthews segment today.

But, seriously, he was putting up the birth announcement from the newspaper.  This is interesting but anybody can put anything in any newspaper as a birth announcement.  They don’t check to see if there is even a baby.  It just isn’t proof.  Try using a birth announcement printed in the paper to get your passport or even a duplicate driver’s license for that matter.  It just won’t fly.

It is not crazy to ask these questions.  My question is why do they all get so exorcised by the questions?  Again, Obama could put a stop to it in a flash.  He has the burden of proof.  I believe Chris has had something on it almost every single day.  Do they protest too much?

Chris told Gordon Liddy he would present him with something the other day that would convince Liddy.  So where is that evidence?

All I want to know is:  Where’s the birth certificate?  And where is my tin foil hat?  🙂

At the White House press conference today:

Q.  “Is there anything you can do to make the “Birthers” go away?  Robert Gibbs:  A.   “No.”

Matter of fact he said he “had it put on the internet, what more could they want?”  Haha.  Google it.  Now that is the proof right there.  Anything can appear on the internet.  Too funny.  But Gibbs said it all “made up fictional nonsense.”

Video of Gibbs press conference of today in the “august briefing room,” (July 27, 2009), is below.

See previous post here.

Interesting:  Campbell Brown of CNN and Keith Olbermann (guest host) are also reporting on this.  Worry, worry, worry.

NOW THE PRESIDENT OF THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER IS CALLING FOR LOU DOBBS TO BE FIRED over the birth certificate issue!!!   O’Reilly is not too favorable of Dobbs either.   But says Lou will not be fired.   Boy, just as I said, these people are getting all bent out of shape over it.

But, hey, if everybody wants to have a president who is not a citizen, have at it.  It’s okay with me.  🙂

Obama birth certificate why the controversy won’t go away (hilarious).

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Should Crowley meet with President and Gates? (Poll) Updates/Videos

Posted:  07.27.09 Updated 7.27.09 @ 1:58 p.m.  Updated:  7.27.09 @ 4:37 p.m.

Please vote.  There’s 1 vote so far AND IT’S ME!!  LOL. (Now there’s more – thank you thank you.)

UPDATE: Representative McCotter (R/Michigan) calls for an Obama apology – a real one.  He agrees with me :).

Hear audio here.

The issue is really the power of the presidency coming against a citizen. We’re talking about Cambridge, Massachuetts, a liberal stronghold. I just learned Cambridge has a black woman as a mayor, and I knew that Massachuetts has a black governor, and the President of the United States is black.  So I just don’t get it.   You mostly hear statements like: “There is a history of racism in this county, especially in the deep South….” and I think we get a bad rap. Massachuetts definitely is not the “deep south” and yet and still there is this high profile racial incident. I haven’t heard of anything like that around here, but then nobody would have heard of this had the President not inappropriately injected himself in it.

Old saying: It’s not what you know but who you know. True. But the president should realize he’s not in Chicago. 🙂 A teachable moment. For him.

Lord, Here’s a little insight into the thinking of Professor Gates. Chip on shoulder. Or maybe boulder on shoulder.

Old saying: Get the plank out of your own eye so you can better see how to get the speck of dust out of another’s. Quote of One of considerable influence.

UPDATE:  Video/audio of 911 call and dispatch released:

We still haven’t heard what Professor Gates had to say.

H/T:  RBO.  Thank you.


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