The wedding dance – this is great (Video)

I gotta tell you, I think this is the funniest (in a good way) and the most original wedding march ever.  What a couple to come up with such a joyful beginning to their marriage.

H/T: Chickaboomer.  Thank you.

Posted: 07.26.09


Filed under Human Interest, Humor, life

5 responses to “The wedding dance – this is great (Video)

  1. OMG! That was the cutest! I saw it posted on yahoo, but I didn’t stop to watch. great post. make me wanna actually suck it up and marry the fool I’m in love with. Lol


  2. This was so wonderful to wake up to on a Sunday Mornin 🙂


  3. Man in Brandon, FL

    That has to be the most unique and BEST entrance I’ve ever seen. When I saw it on MSN I immediately sent it to family and friends and commented “you know you wish you could have or would have done this at your wedding.” C’mon!!! I tip my hat to them for their boldness. Great Job!!! By the way, that cat doing the hand stand was something else. He was gettin’ it! The whole wedding party were great sports. I could only imagine the reception. Can you say “off the hook?!”


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