Chris Matthews and Lou Dobbs have segments on the birth certificate issue

The following are videos of Lou Dobbs, CNN, and Chris Matthews, MSNBC segments on July 23. 2009 on the “birth certificate issue.”

This is pretty interesting how riled up people get when anyone asks “where’s the birth certificate?”  It’s amazing the extent to which Media People will go to cover on this issue.  They are so “flabergasted” saying it’s the republican party who is trying to “pull down this great man.”

It’s just a matter of providing documentation.  The whole matter could be put to rest in a flash.

E. Stephen Collins (with Chris) and Roland (with Dobbs) are beside themselves over this.  Notice the Looney Tunes at the end of the Matthews clip.  🙂  Too funny.  Nah, no bias there.

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Posted:  07.24.09


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4 responses to “Chris Matthews and Lou Dobbs have segments on the birth certificate issue

  1. I don’t get why they just don’t show it to some Republicans in office and let them testify witness in the President’s behalf. I mean what could be so damning in a person’s birth certificate? He was born a woman LOL!


    • bellalu0

      Ree, because they are going to such lengths to keep from showing it just makes me wonder. What is the problem with maybe showing it to republicans, like you said, or having a resolution brought before congress like John McCain did. That would end it.

      Roland Martin is livid about it. He says: he’s the president so why should he have to show anything. But if they pass the law that everybody will have to document their qualifications to run for president, which sounds reasonable to me, he would have to comply with the law upon a run for reelection.

      It’s pretty simple to present a document, do they protest too much? If he was born a woman, then by golly we have the first black president and the first female president and the first transvestite all rolled into one. lol. It’s all good. lol.


  2. Bella, they do protest too much, and it makes no sense. The document all over the internet is a document that claims there is a document. Okay than show the document to people from both sides of the isle, and be done with it. There was some noise about well the original birth certificate was discarded when they digitized? That’s confusing because I am sure it is on microfiche if that is the case pull it up – snap a copy of it. I sent off for my husband’s grandfather’s death certificate, he died in Hawaii in the 1930s I had no problem getting a copy of the “Death Certificate” I got a copy of his 1918 Marriage certificate in Hawaii too COPY not a document telling me what was on the Certificate….Last trip to Hawaii my husband and his dad made this was for when his brother was in change of command of a Hawaiian battalion, they got me photos of his families resting place. My point is if I can get copys of Vital Records, Birth, Marriage and Death, from the 1930s and the teens, why wouldn’t anyone be able to get a copy of a birth certificate from 1961? And why wouldn’t they want to put this to bed once and for all? It cost like $11.00 to get a vital record from Hawaii.

    The document of live birth has PC father African, that isn’t what the original would look like so already someone hasn’t transcribed the record accurately.


  3. bellalu0

    Ree, the death certificate you received from Hawaii, how does it compare in appearance to what’s on the internet as BHO birth certificate? Have you noticed how the background extends beyond the border on that internet document? I am just a stickler for details and I would drop it if I saw something that was convincing. I haven’t heard about the records being “discarded.” That’s a new one.

    I checked into it some time ago and Obama himself or a relative would be the only ones who could get the document and at the time I looked it up, it was about 10 or 11 dollars. But as Roland Martin said on that program, “he’s the president of the United States” and I am sure he could get one as a courtesy, right? One quick phone call I am sure would cause them to search in the “vault” and come up with one.

    I have never heard of an agency that’s only job is to keep vital records would discard them. But, hey, maybe that’s another argument for keeping our medical records out of the hands of the federal government. 🙂


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