Ron Paul on health care reform (Video)

Ron Paul was right on the economy.  So now that this health care issue is at a boiling point, it might not be a bad idea to listen to what he has to say about the health care proposal that’s in the pot.  In a nut shell he says it will make things “much worse.” He made these statements on CNN in June, but they are even more timely now.

(Things are constantly mysteriously disappearing from You Tube/Google.  I replaced the one above that was removed, but I’m not totally sure it is the same interview.)

My opinion is that since government money drives up the cost, instead of saving money, this is actually going to cost more.  And I think it is really about health insurance, not health care, and forcing every single person in the U. S. to buy health insurance. Government control, and government rationing of care – and that is why it is important to slow this thing down and get the DETAILS before the people before anything is rammed through.

Here is a link to a good question posed to Senator Cardin (D) of Maryland about the $2500 FINE per year if a person does not have health insurance.  I heard someone refer to this requirement as similar to it being against the law if a driver does not buy auto insurance.  I can just see people hauled up into court on violations, with expenses and costs piling up against those who don’t have the money to begin with.  This would be the hardest on those who make just a little too much to qualify for any assistance, making things even harder for them.

Posted: 07.21.09

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