Yahoo poll on healthcare

obamamad Support for the president’s expensive plan to extend coverage to millions of Americans while curbing Medicare and Medicaid spending has slipped in recent nationwide polls.

Where do you stand? Do you support the health care overhaul?

Take the Poll Here.

(Posted:  07.20.09 @ 12:30 p.m.)


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10 responses to “Yahoo poll on healthcare

  1. Anyone who believes any on line poll needs a brain scan because the one they have hasn’t developed properly. You know darn well that they can all be scammed by groups in support or opposition and have no connection to reality.


    • bellalu0

      Yeah, you’re right, brain scan indeed. It’s got to be bogus because it’s showing more support than opposition. Looks like the support scam groups are winning. 🙂


  2. Bella

    You can take the poll over and over again it doesn’t record that I voted already so the 79% could be one person going back and voting multiple times till it drives the percentages up.


    • bellalu0

      Ree, I just voted “no” three more times but it is still 77 percent in favor of it. As I said, looks like the support scam groups are winning. 🙂

      I’d bet that the 77 percent “against” yesterday about noon was probably more accurate. But we all know that polls are garbage, right? Especially when they don’t say what we want them to. lol.


  3. Bella,

    They say American Idol gets gamed all the time by groups with agendas…imagine anyone taking the time to game a reality tv show? It boggles my mind. But this is health care today how would we know for real how people think on this subject.

    Here ia another poll this one looks like Yahoo before the Kos Kids and Democrat Underground Huffington Post showed up to skew results.

    Do you remember when the Daily KOS posted to everyone to vote against Imus keeping his job, on online polls, it didn’t work though. That tells me there isn’t really as many of them as they would like us to believe. I really think the nutroots of the internet are using an old U.S. Calvary tactic, remember when the Indians would attack the fort, and they would put up fake troops holding weapons because they didn’t have a large number, and they wanted to look like they were many? I think that is what we have on the Internet, and I think a lot of them are paid some are fringe…but I think we would see the troll drop off if they were not being paid to propagandize on high traffic blogs, and websites. Also we don’t know how many people who post comment are coming from inside the U.S. and are united states citizens. We had Blankteevee on IT, remember and “She” Susan somebody was from Canada a Hillary Clinton Supporter…why, I don’t know, if your not American, why would anyone care about our domestic politics?

    If –

    21% Identify Liberal
    38% Identify Independent
    40% Identify Conservative

    The numbers just don’t add up in Polling the American People…..well on the internet anyway 🙂


    • bellalu0

      Yes, I remember blankteevee. Wonder what happened to her?

      But, Ree, you KNOW if anything even resembling “lack of support” comes to the surface, there has to be a much, much, bigger dissatisfaction in reality. Here’s the thing – it is now a proven fact that the stimulus plan was a hoax, basically, and is not working, so that creates just a little credibility problem even among the most loyal I would think.


  4. Bella here is an example this behavior is so well documented it seems we all anticipate wait for it to appear like clock work.


    • bellalu0

      Yes, it is very predictable. He may be turning to bloggers because from what I am hearing today, his firm grip on the MSM may be diminishing, at least on this issue. But it’s just more of the same, the bloggers are wonderful, the ones who do the bidding and push the agenda, but the bloggers are the source of all evil if they point out opposing views or want to know “where’s the birth certificate.” 🙂


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