Obama talks tough on health care – we will get this done and “I mean it”

Sounding a lot like my dad, Obama says, “we will reform health care THIS YEAR and not add to the deficit, and I mean it.”

My goodness.  Slow down, Mr. President.  I don’t think we HAVE to do anything.

“That is why those who are betting against this happening this year are badly mistaken,” Obama said. “We are going to get this done. We will reform health care. It will happen this year. I’m absolutely convinced of that.”

Obama was stern about his insistence that any legislation he signs must rein in health care costs a direct rebuttal to comments this week from Congressional Budget Director Doug Elmendorf that the House and Senate health committee bills could add to the federal deficit instead of reducing it.

“I’ve said that health insurance reform cannot add to our deficit over the next decade, and I mean it,” Obama said. “Let me repeat: Health insurance reform cannot add to our deficit over the next decade and I mean it.”

Do you feel something being forced down your throat?  I sure do.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0709/25091.html#ixzz0LYbfhnop

Posted:  07.17.09


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7 responses to “Obama talks tough on health care – we will get this done and “I mean it”

  1. Why Obamacare Can’t Work: The Calculation Argument



  2. bellalu0

    Now the president is calling a discussion on something as big as health care “talking and tinkering.”

    Hold on just a minute here. Start by getting medicare and medicaid fraud under control before you put every single citizen in the US under a similar government controlled system.

    I just read that the government lost or taped over the moon walk video. Now, really, folks, do we want them in charge of our medical records?


    What is unforgivable is all the money that is wasted on frivolous projects in the so-called stimulus plan which has gone to grow government and to pet projects and not stimulate the economy. If they had done something to put money in the pockets of the people, I guarantee you the economy would be improving by now.


  3. bellalu0

    “”The hard truth is that care will be rationed, and that’s something the Obama administration is unwilling to admit. Indeed, as Mr. Cohen writes, “if we aren’t willing to take even limited steps to conserve resources, we shouldn’t be spending any more money elsewhere.”

    Cost control first before universal coverage, and therein lies the central contention of the debate.””



  4. bellalu0

    There are warnings signs that the president and his allies are looking at government-run rationing of care for the oldest and sickest.

    What does Obama mean when he talks about “difficult decisions at end of life,” as he did on ABC, or “reining in costs,” as he did in his NYT interview?

    Using his late grandmother as an example, Obama said the following:

    “”The “question was,” Obama said, “does she get hip-replacement surgery, even though she was fragile enough they were not sure how long she would last?”””


    He told us he wanted to redistribute the wealth, he told us the founding fathers had a huge “blind spot,” he told us he thought the U. S. Constitution was “flawed,” he told us his cap and trade plan would cause electricity rates to “skyrocket,” and he’s telling us just exactly HOW he is planning on cutting costs in the health care system.


  5. Bella

    Remember the old saying be careful what you wish for because you just might get it….that’s what happened to Obama/Bidden voters 🙂


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