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Senator Boxer is called racial and condescending

Senator Barbara Boxer (D-California) is getting racial and condescending, according to Mr. Harry C. Alford, President and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce in this hearing today of the Senate Environmental  and Public Works Committee, of which Senator Boxer is chairperson.

And he’s exactly right.  He’s  trying to talk energy and she really is condescending to him – classic racism from a liberal.  This is a Must Watch.

See More Here.

This couldn’t help but bring to my mind Ms. Boxer’s taking an Army General to task for calling her “ma’am” instead of Senator.

Maybe the Senator is getting a little testy because her state is bankrupt!!  And she can hardly blame George Bush since she has been in office since 1993.  🙂

Posted:  07.16.09

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