President is already pressuring Senate to pass cap and trade

On Thursday:

The president said the [cap and trade] bill will spark a “clean energy transformation” of the U.S. economy and “make possible the creation of millions of new jobs.” “Make no mistake,”   Obama said. “This is a jobs bill.”

A jobs bill?  Think carefully about what President Obama says.  A jobs bill could mean “a jobs will be lost bill.”  That statement can mean just about anyting he wants it to mean.  The key words here may be “make possible.”  A lot of things may be “possible” but will they actually happen.

He went on the say that in California, 3000 jobs will be created and in Michigan 2,600 jobs will be created – not even 6000 jobs.  That’s a far cry from “millions.”  But how many jobs will be lost; how many jobs will go overseas?

Can we have a little common sense?

On Saturday:

Hailing the House, President Barack Obama put pressure on senators Saturday to follow its lead and pass legislation to limit greenhouse gas emissions, helping usher the U.S. into a new age of energy efficiency.

Here’s the problem.  The country is struggling with huge economic problems, printing money, borrowing money from China.  We can’t afford this “new age.”

Can we have a little common sense?

Plus, we cannot afford to have electricity rates skyrocket which Obama says will happen under his plan.  (In his own words, video below).


61 percent of Americans say the stimulus did not work or actually hurt the economy.

76 percent believe that the stimulus money is somewhat likely to be wasted.

Posted:  06.28.09


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8 responses to “President is already pressuring Senate to pass cap and trade

  1. What passes for the POTUS is an enemy of America. Of course he’s pressuring the Senate to pass legislation destructive to the nation he lives within and rules over.

    The sooner Americans realize that Obama and the Liberals are not Americans and not anything other than our sworn enemies, the sooner we can take such steps as a necessary to rid ourselves – hopefully in perpetuity – of their subhuman filth.


  2. Annie

    I would encourage everyone to listen and to watch the YOU TUBE video/ commentary entitled : “Benedict Arnold Obama” regarding the Cap And Tax Bill. It’s Very POWERFUL, and says it ALL !! There is a picture of a much younger Obama there as well, which is interesting! Perhaps those were the days when his mentor was his Marxist friend of his father’s ???


  3. bellalu0

    I believe this is the you tube Annie is referring to:


  4. bellalu0

    Warnings are being sounded everywhere but just as they were when campaign promises were made that no new taxes would be placed on those making less than $250,000, “not one dime,” they are being ignored. Many, many said, don’t believe it!

    And now, already, we are hearing about another stimulus package and taxing of health benefits (heard it today, a few minutes ago). What did Axelrod just say? We can’t take anything off the table. And the MSM as trying to soft pedal it, saying things like, “well, he’s trying his hardest,” he doesn’t really want to, but he has to raise revenue somehow.

    The warnings are sounded. (They were sounded that the housing bubble would burst, too). Yet we are plunged headlong. In six months the government owns the banks, the auto industry, they want healthcare…..socialism?

    Increasing electricity and energy is just like taking your fist and hitting every single person in this country in the stomach. NOBODY is spared. Food and electricity (and shelter) are the bottom line for all of us. Can you live without electricity? Think about it. What will you do if you can’t pay the price and your electricity is turned off? I just heard there is some provision in the bill to “subsidize” those impacted by having less disposable income due to energy increases, but it only applies to a narrow group of people, I think those who already qualify for benefits, which once again, the very poor are covered, the rich don’t have to worry, so it all falls on the middle class (which will become the poor if all goes as planned).

    But down the line when the predictions all begin to come true, we will again begin to hear, well, we just didn’t see this coming. blah blah blah.

    The first stimulus did not do anything to help the economy and is not doing anything to help the economy, and now we need another one!! Did I say back then that would happen? All the money would be gobbled up and the country would still be in recession. I think I did say that. This government we have is robbing the national treasury and coming back for another heist.

    Are they going to get away with this?


  5. Bella,

    Pastor Manning was on a local radio station this morning. He wants Obama to resign, he wants a petition started demanding he resign. It was an interesting interview because Rev Manning stated I don’t know how to word it correctly because he can’t resign from an office he doesn’t have a legal right to hold. Talk about angry, he went on about Obama’s 4 fathers. Barack Obama Sr., Frank Marshall Davis, he called his a Black Bolshevik, then Soetoro a strict Muslim followed by Rev Jeremiah Wright. Manning doesn’t believe that Obama’s middle name is Hussein he thinks if we ever did get a look at the real birth certificate in the vault in Hawaii that it would show that isn’t his middle name….The Radio guy stated he doesn’t think these four men did have the same influence on Obama as much as his College Professors who were leftest. There are still gaps College transcripts missing.

    Mannings’s position these are the 4 men who formed Obama’s viewpoint of life. He also stated he thinks that Frank Marshall Davis might actually be Obama’s real father? I would think all of this would be settled by now.

    I don’t know but none of the complaints that were made during the campaign have gone away.


  6. bellalu0

    Rachel’s Holy Mackerel Story:

    Rachel Maddow HERE making fun of Kissimmee, Fla, and Melbourne, beautiful east coast Floridian city where my brother lives, because congressman Bill Posey is trying to get a law requiring a birth certificate for all candidates for president.

    Of course, this is the MSM means of trying to make anybody who would dare make such a suggestion as a “tin foil hat” wearer and a “birther” probably even a dreaded “teabagger.” Right out of the Saul Alinsky Rule Book, ridicule, ridicule, ridicule. That way you don’t ever have to address an issue.

    Why do you think MSNBC and Maddow find it necessary to do this? Why does she waste air time making Mr. Posey look crazy?

    Could it be that IF such a law were to pass that any candidate for president would have to present a valid birth certificate, EVEN a candidate for reelection?

    The truth of matter is, what Mr. Obama has presented is not not not a valid birth certificate. I wonder what would happen if I presented such a bogus document for a passport application? Or to get a duplicate driver’s license? Or even to get my child admitted into public schools?

    They would say SORRY we need something from the bureau of vital statistics with the registrar seal on it!!!

    So why so concerned? Just pay the $10 and get the BC from Hawaii and all is well.


  7. bellalu0



  8. noah

    This bill is about the trillion-dollar business of trading carbon credits. The whole concept of buying carbon credits as a large user of energy is that they allow you to excuse yourself and your inefficient energy use into a virtual state of compliance for a price. You buy the credits, you use them to lower the carbon requirement, and you get a pass.

    You do not really comply in the sense of a clean-air, real-world, anti-pollution reality. You just used the monopoly money that the carbon-cops sold you. They sold it to you so you could buy them off. But the actual level of pollution and carbon-emissions are not reduced.

    It’s a bit complicated. That’s the idea. Once you figure it out your jaw hits the floor. The “trade” in cap and trade is where Wall Street comes in. And it’s where they make out… like bandits. Again.

    You see, the federal government seems to want a country full of energy-efficient entities. That is the hook. They only seem to. What they really want is your money. But they realize you are tired of giving it to them. That’s why they’ve hired Wall Street to do the job in the form of carbon-credit trading. While everyone is busy worrying about health care, they’ve farmed out to the private sector the one thing government does well: stealing money from the people. Do not let this bill pass the Senate!


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