Just a rant about media madness

ABC’s Sam Donaldson appeared on Thursday’s Good Morning America to talk about the developing Mark Sanford scandal and loudly assert that it’s hard to forgive Bible-thumping Republicans for their sexual transgressions. He began by deriding, “The problem Republicans have, so many of them are sanctimonious.”  [There’s a audio clip Here.]

The longtime contributor continued his attack on members of the GOP who get caught up in sex scandals: “They thump the Bible. They condemn everyone else, and when they- human- they don’t have much credit in the bank for forgiveness.

First of all, this is not a legitimate argument.  If it were, then we could just as easily say that President Obama was “sanctimonious” because he promoted and signed into law an anti-smoking law.  He said he was “95 percent cured” of his own addiction to cigarettes.  But at the same time he is saying smoking is not good for you and we should try to keep people from taking up the habit.  Perfect example of espousing a belief or truth and not quite living up to it yourself.

Mr. Donaldson’s statements are based on the misconception that many people seem to have about Christianity.  It is, in fact, itself an incredibly sanctimonious attitude, and shows great disdain for others.

Mr. Donaldson is saying Republicans but he has also said “thump the Bible” so I assume he is talking about Republicans who profess to be Christian and try to uphold the principles of Christianity.

But as I said, it is a misconception to say that as Christians we think that because we hold to certain beliefs that we put ourselves above any other.  Quite the contrary.  As a Christian, the very first thing you have to acknowledge is that you are a sinner, that you are a hopeless case.  You acknowledge also that God is right.  When he says thou shalt not steal or thou shalt not bear false witness or thou shalt not commit adultery, whatever it is, you say, yes, I agree, this is God’s perfection for us.

But He Knows full well we can’t fulfill this, and that’s why he sent us a Savior.  We say, thank you, Lord.  And instead of trying to figure out a way to get away with something, we try to live up to the standard God has set for us.  In NO way are we saying that in reality we can live up to those standards perfectly.

Jesus said: “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. Go and learn what this means, ‘I desire mercy and not sacrifice.’ For I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance.”  Paul said, “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am Chief.”

The main theme of Christianity is redemption, forgiveness.  It only means that we try our best, but when we fail, and we will fail,  we have a Savior to forgive our failures and help us to get up and try again.

So to me, when someone says “I believe in family, in fidelity, in honesty,” he is saying this is what we should strive for in our lives and in our country, not that he thinks he, himself, is some perfect human being.

As to Mr. Donaldson, I don’t know what he believes, don’t care really, but it is interesting that he and others like him are the first ones to jump up to condemn because another has fallen short, fallen short of standards that he/they probably don’t even believe in themselves.

UPDATE:  I did not see it, but I was reading today how Keith Olbermann gleefully read Sanford’s emails on MSNBC  (the place for politics).  Right.  More like the place to promote the liberal agenda and savage Republicans and conservatives.  Talk about mean-spirited.   I have often wondered about the early Christians who were thrown to the lions and crowds viewed it for entertainment.  The same spirit is at work in the world today.

UPDATE:  Just saw a clip of Paul Begala (CNN) spouting off with this same argument, about somebody trying to tell him how to live.  Please.  Nobody cares how he lives, that’s for sure.  Wasn’t he the one who was preaching that sex was a private matter?  It’s time for this double standard to end.

Posted:  06.25.09  Updated:  06.26.09 @ 11:23/11:50 p.m.


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3 responses to “Just a rant about media madness

  1. glanceskyward17

    Hey–I really liked this post! Totally agree with you about Mr. Olbermann. Him along with Rachel Maddow consistently attack conservatives and Christians alike. Digusting really. Also, I really liked how you put that as Christians, we are a hopeless case. I hadn’t thought about our (inherent) sin like that…but it’s so true. To end this ramble of a reply…I’m extremely encouraged to read a blog with morals, values, and truth. Thank you.


  2. Annie

    I am so tired of hearing about Sanford and listening to the media and the guest psychologists rehashing the infidelities of other past congressmen and senators, and Presidents, and about why they all cheat on their wives ! And I have noted that they they always forget to mention George Washington’s adultry , along with many others along the way who have done the same, as if it all began with John Kennedy, or Bill Clinton ! I just wish they would stop spending so much time on how they have disrupted the lives of their families (as if we dont have sense enough to realize that ) ; instead of focusing a little more on how these guys are doing their jobs that we hired them to do for us inside their respected office postitions! I feel sorry that they all felt the need to commit adultry , but that is something that their wives have to deal with and to handle. Not the media ! I just happen to care a whole lot more about thier loyalties to the American citizens, and how they are treating us when they are sitting in those seats in congress, etc. I care more about what they are doing to defend and to mend our constitutional rights; and what they are doing to protect us from Socialism right now! And I also happen to care a whole lot more about how they are eiher voting for us ,or against us. And I care more about how they are spending or saving our hard earned tax dollars ! And I also care so much more about who they might be possibly “climbing into bed with” in the political world ! For example when those seven or 8 Republican congressmen asked Pelosi to meet them inside her secret chambers on Friday, (when they were on the fence about which way to vote) and then they soon defected to the other side by voting for the Crap and Tax bill…….well that reminded me of some kind of prostitution going on right there! I mean, THAT was the kind of infidelity that really upsets me the most ,because that affects my personal life ! And the media should be talking more about THAT TYPE of disloyalty than the other, because those votes will affect us ALL for a very long time to come ! And I want to know what she gave to them in order to buy thier votes ; and why did they lose their heads and choose to trash the trust that the American Republican citizens had in them after so many of us had been flooding their phone lines with desparate calls and pleading with them not to go to the other side …..not to go that wicked mistress called Cap and Trade ! Shame on them for selling out and for cheating on us ! And shame on the media for not tracking the scoundrals down to ask those kind of questions!
    But of course, they have been so busy with the Michael Jackson story and “cause of death” since last Friday and they seemed to think that news topped the Cap and Trade bill ! I mean, our American economy is dying all around us , and we KNOW what the cause of that death is about; and so let’s hear and talk a lot more about those issues and about what we can all do to save AMERICA from The Socialist Maniac doctors who are disecting, and sucking the life blood from Capitalism and who are aborting our America freedoms; instead of spending so much time speculting about what M.J’s doctor might have done ! Could we just stop the nonesense, please ? Our Federal reserve needs some intense investigation right now. And several other things inside our govt need immediate CPR, and so could we just focus a little more on those things , please ?

    The main stream media’s priorities have been absolutely crazy for way too many years! And I have felt that the FOX Network has been running close behind them for the past several days ! Even they been more like watching Entertainment Tonight, lately. I can only hope the media will soon let M.J and the Sanford issue R.I.P. AND JUST MOVE ON with the issues that are affecting all of our futures out here in the REAL WORLD! And here is just one example of something really news worthy that affects us all : How about the farmers who had their water supply cut off on June first by a Federal judge in Calif in order to protect the life of a fish ? I am so concerned about the 80,000 people who will soon be out of work there.I also care about the truck drivers who haul the produce to supermarkets who will soon be out of work. And I care about all of our produce being allowed to die all because of the life of a little endangered minnow ! And I seriously question that a little endangered fish is even the REAL reason that the farms have been depleted from their water supply , especially when I learned that there was plenty of water for both the fish and the farmers! So what’s up with that ? It sounds like another global warming lie to me ! I want to learn more and I want that investigated by the media ! But are we hearing any thing about these important type of stories ? Nope. I think there is something far more stinky going on there than protecting the life of that little fish ! The media should be out there right now on those farms and asking a lot more questions and shedding a lot more light on how this is affecting the lively hood of those people, as well as reporting on how so many more people will soon be affected across the United States regarding this craziness ! And why isn’t Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer doing someting to help those farmers ? After all the state of Calif’s economy is already in shambles and so why are they allowing these farms to die and more jobs to be lost ? We are talking about a major food suppy of fruits and vegetables that are being allowed to dry up, and trees that will only be able to be used for firewood ! And so WHY aren’t the reporters and the cameras there right now instead of in front of the M.J mansion , and instead of being so concerned about what is going to happen to Never Never Land ! Is the media waiting to give those Calif farms some attention only after it is too late? And after the farms have died, and afer the farmers are homeless and penniless, and after Never Never Land has indeed been totally saved !!? I have to wonder if they will have the cameras and the reporters standing in the fields only then ! And if they will be saying , “We are trying to figure out why this was allowed to happen and why we will be getting all of our produce from China now !” OR perhaps China will even own that California land eventually, and they will be given back the water rights by our govt in order to grow our food ! Aferall, I do actually recall reading a report this week that China is searching all over the world to purchase more farm land because they don’t have enough ! Surely our govt would not sell farm land to China , would they ? Interesting. Or perhaps our govt will be bailing out the farmers after their crops die and the farmers will be working for the govt ? Anyway, I cannot help but wonder, since that seems to be the scheme of things inside our govt more and more recently, to find secret ways to destroy the private sector, and then to rush in and take over absolute and total control over everything …..the banks, the financial institutions, car companies, health care, the farms and anything else that they can either tax out of business, or cut off some sort of energy supply to ! But when I turn on the news hoping to learn something more about the possible fate of those farmers, along with so many other important issues which affect the welfare of all Americans , I keep seeing another round of of M.J’s Thriller ! HELP ! YES, IT”S CERTAINLY MEDIA MADNESS, ALRIGHT !! Sorry for my long “rant” here. But talk about feeling REALLY MAD lately ! Best regards.


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