President Obama is really funny

President Obama does well as a stand up comic.

I guess he thought Wolf Blitzer was at the annual Radio & Television Correspondents’ Dinner last night, but Blitzer was in fact filling in for Larry King Live which was on at the same time as the dinner.


OBAMA: He’s the only man — the only other man in America with his own situation room.(LAUGHTER)

OBAMA: People assume that mine is cooler. But this is not the case.(LAUGHTER)

The Brian Williams joke was laugh out loud funny.

OBAMA: I have to admit, though, it wasn’t easy coming up with fresh material for this dinner. A few nights ago, I was tossing and turning, trying to figure out exactly what to say. Finally, when I couldn’t get back to sleep, I rolled over and asked Brian Williams what he thought.(LAUGHTER)

Another good one:

OBAMA: Look, it’s nothing personal, but this dinner conflicts with my date night. I was supposed to be going out with Michelle for Thai food…..

in Bangkok.(LAUGHTER)

And meanwhile CNN, Larry King Live is being hosted by Wolf Blitzer, where an in-dept analysis of the event is on going.  Click link for a complete transcript of the show.

And in stark contrast, we then break away to:

BLITZER: This is a potentially very significant moment in the history of Iran right now. Let’s get the latest on what’s going on, because it’s a very fluid and dramatic situation.

Makes me feel so proud that the President of the United States can really deliver a joke and that he has such good timing,  you know, and all that stuff.  But he’s had lots of practice.  Watch video of a rehearsal session done for his appearance on the Colbert show in May.

Posted:  06.20.09


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6 responses to “President Obama is really funny

  1. I thought his best quip recently was the one about putting the Federal Reserve in charge of regulating the financial sector and indeed US government. The man’s a hoot!


  2. I thought when he started selling cars was pretty funny they say the best comedy has an element of truth in it…yeah that’s a knee slapper…sigh


  3. Most Famous Community Organizer EVAH.

    I am playing around with ACORN’s new name Change to COI you know our President is the most famous community organizer in history, I believe? COI – ACORN’S new acronym, no problem.


  4. bellalu0

    Ree, that seems to be the administrations MO as well. If something is not going over too well, just change what you call it.

    The press conference in the rose garden (but moved inside because of the humidity) yesterday was very telling. A few tough questions, a few flashes anger and irritation showing through the cool facade, and rambling, rambling answers amounting to no answers at all. What is the word? obfuscation.

    I do reckon if three terrorists were being waterboarded on the streets in Iran, the leader of the free world could come up with more moral outrage. He basically came down on the side of Ahmadinejad, or the regime, as he put it.

    And the state department has invited Iranian diplomats for a Fourth of July celebration at points around the world consisting, I guess, of typical July 4th American favorites like hotdogs and barbecue pork. 🙂 😉 Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue.


  5. Obama is very initiative. If only these initiatives did not bring us over to second Irak.


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