Autopsy of Caylee Marie Anthony released

Grieving grandfather George Anthony stormed out of an Orange County courtroom this morning after a judge denied a request to seal Caylee Marie’s autopsy report.

It revealed that, as reported, there was in fact duct tape wrapped several times around her lower face and it was still attached to her hair.

No pictures were released.

Florida has very liberal laws which make most all documents available to the public.  A relatively new exception states that autopsy photos are not public in Florida under a law named after racing legend Dale Earnhardt, who died in 2001 during a crash at the Daytona 500.

Concerns about the possibility of Earnhardt’s photos becoming public prompted Florida lawmakers to quickly pass the exemption.

Under the law, it is a felony for people to look at or copy autopsy photos and videos unless they can persuade a judge to let them do so.

Go to Orlando Sentinel to see a copy of the autopsy report, the forensics report, and FBI report of examination as well as complete coverage of recent rulings in the case.

Autopsy Report Here:

Posted:  06.19.09


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8 responses to “Autopsy of Caylee Marie Anthony released

  1. This is probably the wrong place for this,but doesnt anyone think that twit of a girl just was not strong enough to do this alone?? Also where was this child all the time she was being looked after.maybe this so good mom was selling her well


  2. CommonSenseSays

    I thought the same thing. I think her father George knew long before as he never called the police after not seeing Caylee on June 24th when Casey showed up at the house. I have a feeling the defense is going to point the finger at the grandparent or grandparents as they helped Casey dodge the truth, coached her the whole nine yards… What I dont get is why LE there in Florida are overlooking all of this! Not only did they not find Caylee right down the road/back of her home, they overlooked several tips called in amoung many other things pertaining to the Anthony family. I truly believe Casey was involved with drugs big time hence the code names etc etc…There is something up with George Anthony also…..I think he’s more involved with this crime then meets the eye. All an opinion.


  3. Linda

    Ahhh…George and Cindy Anthony…the all-American parents. Having said that…In my opinion, they knew nothing about Cayless’s murder/death until Cindy got Casey home. I believe that people’s first reactions to a tragedy are the most honest. There are numerous reports that George interrogated Casey when she first got home and said he knew that she knew where Caylee was and what had happened to her. He was in a rage. Casey’s response was “quit acting like a cop and act like a father for once”.

    He and Cindy know deep down that Casey is responsible for Caylee’s death. They may think it was an accident and do not want to lose their only daughter, so they are living in real DENIAL.

    As much as I hold them in disdain, I can not imagine the pain and guilt they feel…if they are human they have to feel responsibility for this tragedy..and I imagine they enabled Casey to become what she has become. That will not lend to sleeping nights.

    Anyone wonder how they are living these days with no jobs? Someone is paying for something?????


  4. CommonSense

    I really would like to know where Caylee was the night she and her mother stayed at Ricardos…How could Casey go undetected and leave that house with Caylee without Ricardo knowing? Everything about this case doesnt make sense……


  5. Anonymous

    I think someone needs to do the exact same thing to her as she did to her daughter. They also need to pin back those elf ears on her as well!


  6. dee

    your absolutely nuts


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