Obama spent at least $236,000 today just to make a speech!!

As President Barack Obama flies Monday to Chicago for a midday speech on health-care reform, the round trip on Air Force One will run about $236,000, according to government estimates of the operating costs for one of the top symbols, and perks, of the presidency.

But that does not include such expenses as Secret Service protection, motorcades and helicopter transports.

My goodness. He just got back from a town hall in Wisconsin.  Can’t he just make a speech in Washington?

See Chicago Tribune:

This is infuriating.

Posted:  06.15.09


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6 responses to “Obama spent at least $236,000 today just to make a speech!!

  1. Linda

    Hmmm…let’s see. How much would $250,000 help people who have lost their jobs. I bet they aren’t happy to hear this and I am glad it is being tracked.
    Fiscal responsibility doesn’t apply to the President..right? Add the $14,000 in jet fuel for their “DATE NIGHT ” plus as mentioned above the extra security costs and we have $250,000 in one night and one afternoon. I am sorry that I have to say this, but what in the hell is he thinking. He asks us to pay more taxes, berates the private sector for their outrageous salaries and seems to forget that his position should be sharing some of the suffering thousands of people are going thru due to job loss, etc. To those of you who thinks he walks on water, wake up!


  2. Linda



  3. Obama is just a waste of taxpayer money – let’s get the impeachment process started NOW!!!!! He is the anti-christ – the devil if ever there was one!!! He is out to destroy our country!!! Get rid of him now. Get rid of Pelosi too. Then, Barney Franks, Chris Dodd, Geithner, Harry Reid etc.


  4. Zero (Obama) thinks he is above us taxpayers. He does not thinking – he is an idiot!!!!! I say send him back to Kenya where he was born in a shack!!!


  5. Annie

    I’m with you, Sharon ! He doesn’t like America and he never has! And Russ, where is that birth certificate ? I still do not believe that he is really an American born citizen.
    And Linda , he is a socialist marxist and his rules about saving money and conserving energy, and living with socialized health care do not apply to him and his Czars! Their arrogant philosphy is “Do as I say, and Not as I do.” They expect only the best for themselves ! It is us hard working people out here in the trenches that must work to help the poor , and to share our wealth ……..NOT THEM !! And just wait , if that Cap and Trade Bill gets passed, American is really going down the tubes. That is his big plan……to destroy America and to turn it into a Marxist State ! I am totally convinced of that ! They are doing a lot of sneaky stuff and doing it all so quickly that it is scarey ! We really need a revolution in this country soon, before they totally destroy Capitalism and take away all of our freedoms !


  6. pogotowie wrocław

    I needed that, thx a lot mate.


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